Saturday, 31 January 2009

30th, 31st January ... 1st, 2nd & 3rd February 1980

Wednesday 30
Only in lectures for an hour today
Told the Business Studies lecturer what I thought of his lectures (he was rubbbish and I must have been feisty then too lol)
Sat & chatted to the Sociology lecturer for 1 1/2 hours about my application for Marks & Spencer.
Came home at 2.00
Ironed and put the dinner on (oo what a good daughter !)
Watched TV & did some copying up
Went to bed at 11.00
Sam hasn't rung yet
He has gone to see the Pretenders in concert (lucky thing)

Thursday 31
College at 9.00
Made beefburgers = ok
Went swimming at 1.00 with Chez, Ann B & Debs
Had a great laugh
Sat in Reece's coffee place for rest of 'avo
Came home at 5.30
Did some copying up of work & planned my revision timetable
Sent Marks & Spencer application
Phoned Sam
He said the Pretenders was really good.... swine!!

Friday 1
Had my hair cut at 9.30 by Barry = ok
I am having it permed on the 22nd
Went to all my lectures (see how rare it was I even diarised it !! lol)
Except Sociology this morning (huh??)
Went to the Y.M.C.A. at 4.00 with Ann B & friends
Then went to the Railway in Ainsdale til 9.15.
Me = tired & I have got a headache
Sam phoned at 10.00
He was at the Swan
Got a letter off him too
Bed at 10.15

Saturday 2
Worked 9 - 6 = boring
Did stock all morning & worked in London Street all 'avo
Got home at 6.15
Watched TV and copied up some Sociology notes
Had a bath
Wrote to Sam
Great way to spend a Saturday night !!
Phoned Sam at 6.30
He had been boozing all afternoon

Sunday 3
Got up at 11.00
Washed Basil's cage
Brothers girlfriend came round at 3.00pm
She bought me a bag for my birthday
Worked all afternoon
Did some of Sociology essay
Did a Business Studies essay too
Watched 'The Sicillian Clan' = good
Alain Delon is very sexy!!

Washed my hair
Sam phoned at 11.00 = chatty as usual - honest !! (Honest must have meant 'not!' back then ... )
I would so have loved to have seen the Pretenders in concert back then :(
On the 2nd February they were knocked of the top spot in the UK charts by The Specials ..The Special AKA Live!.. an EP of a few tracks .. definitely a boy sound .....
  1. "Too Much Too Young"
  2. "Guns of Navarone"

Side B

  1. "Long Shot Kick De Bucket"
  2. "The Liquidator"
  3. "Skinhead Moonstomp"
I was sent this on e mail by my cuz.. I so wish this is actually true lol ..

Kids drawing at school

Dear Ms. Davis

I want to be very clear on my child’s illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint. I work at a home Department and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm. This photo is of me selling a shovel.

Mrs. Harrington

hey we have had snow today too ... but I have not been pole dancing, maybe a bit of skating on slush but no pole ;-)

The pup was distraught at the state of her water bowl this morning..

My Michelin Man in the garden (yes he needs a good bath) was 'huh what happened?'

never leave your wellies outdoors

& wherever possible don't attempt to go to work in a blizzard!!

Coffee Morning ....

Those lovely people over at Fuel My Blog sent me another product to test a couple of weeks ago.
I realise that market research is vital to any business on the planet & I love testing products ... so all in all .. Result!!

I opened the envelope and I was met with the most fantastic aroma.... fresh coffee ... mmmmm

Yes I was asked to product test coffee, how perfect ... But I can assure you this is no ordinary coffee!!
No indeed .... it is from The Coffe Bean Shop.

The one I was sent is 'Daterra course ground~ Special Reserve'. Despite my wide taste in coffee I can actually say I had never heard of this variety.
The information sheets that accompanied the product told me this :-

'This coffee has a delicate bold flowery aroma (yes I could tell this through the packaging ... mmm), which carries on through to an unforgettable aftertaste. Its bold , yet round and smooth - this coffee has an exciting chocolaty ( did some one mention chocolate??) finishing flavour. Velvety body and sweet acidity. This coffee has the bitter - sweetness of a dry red wine and the aftertaste of a chocolate liquer.'

Also it 'is a very limited edition coffee'.......


Generally at the weekend I put on the coffee machine and fish from it thoughout the day ... but since I got this wonderful free sample I have been maxed out each weekend ... so today was the first opportunity to try it .... SO....

Coffee?... check!

Favourite coffee cup?... check!

Coffe machine?... check!

Fill & wait!!!

Friday, 30 January 2009

weekend interlude..

I had so forgotten that we are at the last Friday of January .. how fast did that go?? I am still in Christmas holiday mode!!
Last Friday ofthe month means T-shirt Friday with lovely Nurse Myra

Nothing could ever compete with her loveliness ....she is a shining star in blogworld without a doubt.

Ok my T-shirt today is a fav of mine .... The Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid
On my first visit to Madrid I visited there (2 firsts .. Madrid and a Hard Rock Cafe, yes we have one here in Manchester but it doesn't tempt me one iota... however, in Madrid.. with the simpering heat .. superb!! ) I just love that city.. long term plan is to live over there....

2nd weekend interlude

PurpleFrogCat has started a 'Purple Saturday'...

I was worrying about 'stuff' purple to post .. but hey my kitchen is lilac with purple pictures!! Result !! phew lol (Purple is the new black btw! be there or be square)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

27th, 28th & 29th January 1980

Sunday 27
Sam woke me at 10.00
went for a walk around the village
Stayed in all day
Watched TV & listened to records (aww dear vinyl on a radiogram lol)

Fi rang
Sam left at 7.30
he rang from Lime Street Station (Liverpool) at 8.15
Had a bath for 1 3/4 hours
Read some of 'The Yorkshire Ripper' by Michael Nicholson
Bed at 11.30

Monday 28
Got up at 8.00 feeling absolutely knackered
Came home at 12.00
Sam rang
He said he was very busy at work
Got and application form from Marks & Spencer
Cookery cancelled as lecturer has broncitis
Ann B & I came home at 3.30
Sam rang at 4.45
AnnB left at 5.15
Played with machine (before you say anything it was my sewing machine .. I think?)
Wrote thank you letters
Phoned Sam
he is being ever so nice (mmm???)

Tuesday 29
College at 10.00
Skived Business Studies
I will have to go in tomorrow or there will be trouble
Sociology lecturer is writing a reference for me
I think it is for the Midland Bank (gawd just think I could have been a banker!)
Finished at 5.00 today
Bought Bazil some toys
Sam phoned at 9.30
Really pleased to hear from him
He is working in Dudley tomorrow

Thought I would look up the Yorkshire Ripper after reading my diary. It would seem it was 12 months later (in January 1981) that he was actually caught so the book I was reading was just the theory behind the mass murder.
He is thought to have attacked approximately 23 women from 1969 to 1980, killing (that we know of) 13 of them.
I remember some of the story's at the time but figured as he was over in Yorkshire we were all safe, I hadn't realised that 2 of his victims were murdered in Manchester.
I recall the tapes played on the TV of someone claiming to be the Ripper and when caught claimed God had spoken to him through the radiator and told him to kill them (or was that just the Sun columnist??). Forensics were nowhere near as good as they are today ... but there was some catalogues of errors involved too .... he managed to killed two girls whilst on police bail for drink driving..... if they had DNA testing back then this would probably not have happened.
There is loads to read about Peter Sutcliffe, this one has loads of stuff.
On one site I read, although he is serving 30 years (i.e. life), he is due for parole board in 2010... surely not..............

But so not to end on a depressing note (as we only do happy on here) ... just check out BlazingMinds blog and Wordless Wednesday ... I am in awe that she chose a photo of mine .....Thank you sooo much K ;-)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

25th & 26th January 1980

Friday 25
Went to college for 9.00 with one hell of a headache (erm not surprising as it was my 18th the day before)
Met Sam at 10.00
Walked round town (Southport)
Met Fi at 12.00 for dinner
Ordered 'Perspectives in Sociology'

Went to see 'Alien' at 2.00
= a bit weak at the end but was good
Went to Formby Railway (pub) in evening with Stan, my brother & of course Sam
Got back at 11.20
Watched a horror film 'Tales from the Crypt' until 1.30 = I am knackered

(oo how scary lol)

Saturday 26
Went to work at 9.00
Left Sam in bed
It was freezing cold at work as usual
Got a card off the manageress and £1 from the owner (hey big spender!!)
Got home at 6.15
Sam arrived here at 7.15
Arranged to meet Stan at Art Centre at 9.00
Then went to the Grape Escape and the Fox & Goose
Came home at 11.00
I am so, so tired
Oh well there is another Birthday done.. I have had a great weekend
Got some lovely pressies .... a watch, some L'Occitane en Provence soaps and hand creams (beautiful, I so love their stuff and I am often found stalking their shop in Manchester), the 'Jackie Album Vol 2.... had such a laugh on Friday night with Annie Mouse dancing to the tracks lol , a beautiful Radley purse (great website) & Strictly Come Dancing - The Workout ... hee hee I think that may just finish me off .. plus loads of other bits and money too to spoil myself silly :-)
Thank you everyone it has been such a perfect weekend

Back to work tomorrow :(

OH I must say a really big THANK YOU to whoever is in Fountain Valley, California .. this person is reading my blog from the beginning... WTG I do so really hope you say hi on here :-)

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Saturday, 24 January 2009

24th January 1980

Thursday 24
My Birthday - 18th
Got up at 8.30
Jumped on Sam to get him up (steady on now !! lol)
Opened me pressies
Got a really ace sewing machine off Mar & her fella
A Sekonda watch off Sam
An alarm clock off his sister
A sewing box off his mum & dad (which I still use)
£7.00 off relatives & lots of cards
Went to college at 10.30
Hit the Houghton Arms at 11.30
Art Centre at 12(it was Claire's 18th too)
& then drank & drank
Next few hours a bit of a blur
Got back to Fi's (somehow!)

Went for a meal at the 'Little Gourmet ' = ace
Got a silver initial on a chain from brothers girlfriend
Got loads of lovely pressies from people at college
It was a great day
Thank you everyone :-)

God only knows how I made it from drunk as a Lord to eating a meal fairly 'together' with the family hee hee

Friday, 23 January 2009

23rd January 1980

Wednesday 23
Got up at 9.00
Got a Sheaffer pen off Sam's Grandmother
A boxed Key off my cousins in London
a card off Bev
Went to Tech at 11.00
Couldn't find Ann B so went to Liverpool on me tod (translated 'alone')
Bought a coat for £39.99 from Topshop (That was one helluvan expensive coat ??)
It's sort of camel colour (can't think what it was like at all?? It was probably hideous!!)
Met Sam at Lime Street at 6.30
Went to the Snooty Fox with my brother, Sam , Fi, Andy and Rob E.
Home at 11.20
I have been off work today and have spent most of the day cleaning... what a waste of a days annual leave ,,, hey ho

Just waiting for Annie Mouse to arrive and I am taking Teen to a sleep over.
Not seen Annie properly to have a good old gab to since before Christmas .... so it is pyjamas, pizza, chick flick and chocolate.... oh did I mention wine ???

When I was doing the 70s my niece bought some 80s knitting patterns for me which I did pop up on here ... I thought it would be 'nice' to see them again all together and realise that the 80s was a bit of a strange fashion decade

Thursday, 22 January 2009

22nd January 1980

Tuesday 22
College at 10.00 am
Went to town for dinner as usual
Fi had her hair trimmed
Cookery was cancelled (I had not realised, until I read my diary, just how many of my lecturers didn't happen .. along with my skiving off it is no wonder my exam results were rubbish!!)
Got home at 3.30
Had a bath
Watched TV & copied up loads of Business Studies notes
Sam phoned at 8.15
He was in an extremely good mood
He is as changeable as the wind
Looking forward to seeing him now tomorrow
Can't say I was yesterday!

I have just been looking at my Flickr account to see what recent activity has been going on and to upload some images onto FuelMyBlog Flickr Group. Well I had a WoW moment. Most of my piccies have one or two views .. Layla has a few more as does my cat Wally .. but this photos has 443 views...... It is untouched, it is how it was taken.. I do love it as it is of one of my favourite places to visit .. Liverpool's water front .. it shows the development in the area along with the old and the new plus it being a windy day ... 443.. wow............... do join up on Flickr & the FMB group, you know you want to ;-)


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

20th & 21st January 1980

Sunday 20th
Woke up at 10.00
Basil sang all day
It gets on your nerves after a bit (oh poor Basil .. he was just so happy)
Did Sociology essay from 3 - 5.30 & 7.30 - 9.30 = knackered
Sam phoned at about 4.00 and again at 10.00
His parents had gone to Warrington to visit relatives
Tina is being a divel trying to get the bird
(Tina was our old tabby cat, she would have been about 13 then .. she lived until she was 21..The bird, however, drove her bananas.. a case of so near yet so far lol)

Monday 21
College at 9.00
Handed in 'Is Sociology Inevitably an Ideology'
(hey I got a 'B')
Nutrition was cancelled
Came home at 3.00 with Fi
Sam phoned at 9.00
He wasn't all talkative or responsive.... I give up!!
Tidied and rearranged the front room
Washed and ironed for everyone (god I sound like Cinderella!!)
Watched a scary film (huh I don't 'do' scary films) until 12.40

here is a bit of an 1980s quiz ( I got 70%).. if it doesn't work from here try this and click on quiz on the LHS of the page

Sunday, 18 January 2009

18th & 19th January 1980

Friday 18
Only went to 2 lectures today
Talked to the Sociology lecturer for 2 hours
He can be 'human' when he wants to be (I liked my Sociology lecturer but he was one of the most sarcastic guys I had ever come across .. have met plenty though later lol)
Got boots reheeled £1.37
Home at 4.30
Phoned Sam at 7.45
He was in a delightful mood
I don't know why he takes stuff out on me?
Attempted more of my Sociology essay
Watched a silly American film
Bed at 12.30
Sam went to see Toyah Wilcox in concert

Saturday 19
Worked 9-6 as usual
£7.30 wages
Worked in London Street shop
Bought some file paper
Met Fi for lunch
Day passed quickly
Sam phoned at 7.15
He was in a better mood than yesterday - just as well
He was off to a postman's retirement party !!
Baby sat 7.45 - 1.30am
Kids = Ok
Me= Knackered

The new number one in the UK on the 19th January 1980 was The Pretenders with ' Brass in Pocket'.. fabulous song

Sam went to see Toyah Wilcox. On more than one occasion I have been toldthat I look like her. Not sure I do though.

Here are some others over the years that I have been told I look like.

I must admit I saw Linda McCartney in Harrods with all her body guards. Our eyes met and I had that fleeting 'doppleganger' moment ... I think she did too .. because as she walked off she turned back to look at me again !!

So who is your 'doppleganger'?

oh p.s. was there nothing on TV on Friday night ? My stats had dropped then suddenly ....

Thursday, 15 January 2009

15th, 16th & 17th January 1980

ermmm! I think my 2 bothers may agree with that !!

Tuesday 16
2 years 1 month (the amount of time Sam & I had been dating)
Went to college for 10.00
Sent loads of applications for jobs
Skived Business Studies
Came home at 5.00 = knackered
I suggested I would like a canary
Mums fella took me to Formby & I got one for nought (quick translate .... nothing)
cos he knew the man
He's (the canary) is a scruffy brown canary called ... BASIL!! (I named him after Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers)
Phoned Sam to tell him
he thought it was so funny
Basil is my pressy of my brother
Now Basil looked a little like this but with way more brown. I loved the fragile bones of him. He tweeted so loud when I walked in the room and if I had toast would go mental.

Wednesday 16
Washed my hair before college (god I do that every day now .. wash my hair oh and shower before work!)
Chatted to Basil (yep I was crackers then too)
Walked around town for an hour
Bought a bird cage and cookery stuff
Went to Fi's all afternoon
She drove me home ... GULP!! (had she passed her test??)
Did some Sociology
= difficult essay 'Is Sociology Inevitably Ideology?????'
Sam phoned
Chatted for about 10 minutes
He is at Market Drayton on Friday

Can't believe I still have this essay (I blame my Mum when she cleared out her loft of stuff .. I expect my Teen will be saying the same in 30 years lol) However, I must agree with Sir Keith Joseph in the 70s in some of what he said ,, although I have no political persuasion at all ............. maybe it is being middle aged I now agree? Anyway I got a B for this essay ..

Thursday 17
Cooking at 8.30 this morning = knackered
Came home at 4.30
Did some copying up of work
Phoned Sam 3 x but the house was empty
4th time his mum said he was out at the pub
He phoned back at 11.00
he was in a very obnoxious mood
It annoys me when he is like that (good you are learning!! )

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

13th & 14th January 1980

Sunday 13
Woke up at 11.00
Had a walk round the village
Fi rang
I am having my hair permed on Tuesday by Claire (no don't do it!!)
Stayed in all afternoon
Sam did some of his Q.S. (Quantity Surveying) work
He left at 7.30 - boo hoo
He phoned form Lime Street station
Watched 'Ryan's Daughter' = excellent
Washed my hair
Went to bed at 12.00

Monday 14
Got to college at 9.20 cos of stupid trains
Came home at lunch time
Sam rang he said it was snowing heavily there
It's not fair it never snows here
Paid £1 off my jeans (I had an account at the boutique I worked at and for £1/week you could £50 worth of clothes interest free)
Got home at 4.00
Sorted out what I am cooking on Thursday
My brother came home from Copenhagen at 8.00
Wrote off to 8 jobs
Phoned Sam
Wrote to 'J'
Had a bath
Bed 11.10

I have joined a night school course tonight (not that I need any more activities really ... I work full time, I have a house to run, I have an art exhibition in March, I blog and my hall, stairs, dining room and kitchen are in need of a lick of paint)
But it is free and it is about chilling .. and gluing and sticking for 2 hours a week ... it is a scrap-booking course.
I already do some of this already but thought I may learn some new techniques .. but my initial reaction after tonight is probably not but the group seem an enthusiastic friendly bunch of gals.

This art form is certainly taking an up turn in interest, the Victorians were fabulous at it.
For those of you not familiar with it, it is a way of displaying photographs with added extras. I love digital photography and viewing them on a PC so you can see the finest of detail but I also love looking at photos in an album too.
I started putting old family photos in an album for my Mum when I was off work after my shoulder operation last year.

It looked pretty bland so I did a bit of decoration on a page or two... better but still not good enough.

I intend to start again by scanning all the photos, touching them up a bit and this is my project over the next 10 weeks .. I will let you know the results.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

10th, 11th & 12th January 1980

Thursday 10
Had a test this morning in cookery = ok
Looked up careers in the library
Quite a boring day
came home at lunchtime
In the evening I took up the hem on Mums dress = difficult
Phoned Sam
He was at the Woolpack
He phoned back later
Looking forward to seeing him tomorrow
Fi rang cos everyone was out in her house
Almost finished sleeves on sweater

Friday 11
Didn't go to college in morning
Altered mums dress
Went in for Business Studies at 12.00
Home at 4.30
Finished Mums dress
Washed my hair
Sam arrived at 7.20
He'd got a lift off Dand from Lime Street Station to Formby
Went to Southport with my brother & sam
Went to the 'Houghton', 'The Art Centre', 'The Coronation' & 'Rummies' (all bars !!)
Got home at 11.10
Watched the O.G.W.T (The Old Grey Whistle Test) til 1.00 = excellent
Bands on where Police, 999, Siouxie & the Banshees etc

Saturday 12
Worked in London Street shop all day = good
£7.30 wages
Sam went to see Liverpool (1) v Southampton (1)
Got home at 6.30
Mum had gone to a 'Masons Do' (oh I remember now the dress I altered was a long fancy dress as she used to go to Ladies nights (apparently ladies festivals now) ... all toasting and ballroom dancing)
Went to town to the Grape Escape (wine bar) & the Sundowner (night club)
Had quite a good time as we've not been out alone for ages
Got home at 1.45 am
My 2 old cats have been very patient after the arrival of the pup
this was how they looked when the ball of fluff arrived

But it would seem that they have been plotting

But I think the dog has out bidded everyone

There is a new post on Dear Teddy ... please pop along and check it out..... a beautiful cause that involves knitting ......................

Friday, 9 January 2009

7th, 8th & 9th January 1980

Monday 7
First day back at college & I missed my train (ahhh nothing changes?)
Got to Sociology at 9.20
Bought a pair of burgundy shoes cos my others fell to pieces
(They were very similar to these)

Also bought KC & the Sunshine Band 'Please don't go'
Came home for lunch
Went back for Nutrition but it was cancelled
Me & Fi came back here & watched 'Saturday Night Fever'
Sam rang
He got a B+ in his QS (quantity surveying) correspondence course
Posted my letter to him
Wrote to Corinna (my German penpal)
Watched 'Thunderbolt and Lightfoot' = great

Sam rang again
Went to bed at 11.30

Tuesday 8
Got up at 9.20
Sam phoned form work at 9.30
Fi had the morning off (so it would seem I had too )
Went to Chez's for dinner
Cookery was cancelled because lecturer is ill
Got home at 3.30
Knitted and watched TV
Naughty, naughty!!
I should be revising
Rang Sam at 9.00
He said he had got my letter (wow that was quick mail)
Went to bed at 11.30
I have finished the front of my sweater

Wednesday 9
Got up at 9.20
Had a bath & washed my hair
Got to college at 11.00
Cookery lecturer was in today
Came home at 2.00 (gosh that was a tough old day lol)
Fi came home with me
Bought 3 balls of wool £1.77
Fi did the rib for the 2 sleeves (I was obviously rubbish at doing the rib!!)
Tided the front room
Got a nice letter of Sam & he phoned as well
Did some college work in evening
Watched 'Fawlty Towers' ( Fawlty Towers has to be one of my ever favourite TV programmes, quintessentially Barking, Brilliant British humour at its best. Here are some classic quotes from the programme and here too also a clip of it here.)
Sam rang at 9.00
Went to bed at 11.45
Well I made it it ... yes I made it through the the first week back after Christmas break.
I managed to complete 2 days hours in one day yesterday thanks to the rail network in the UK.
I had to go to London yesterday for a meeting.... on the way down the train was late due to a vehicle hitting a railway bridge, so the train had to reverse. Got to my meeting 1 1/2 late.
On the return my booked 17.40 train left without any passengers... yes you read that right 'without any passengers'!
It was showing on the board that it was being prepared with no platform number then it disappeared from there. When I enquired what had happened I was told it had gone...

'gone?' I asked...
'yes if it has gone off the board it has departed' was the reply...
'so a train left London en route to Manchester without any passengers?' I asked
'yes that would seem what has happened' was the reply

You know you couldn't make something like that up could you?... surely someone somewhere with half a braincell on the departing train thought... 'gosh it is quiet on this train tonight ??'

Got home at 21.45 (after leaving home at 07.00) .... tsk !!

TGIF :-)