Wednesday, 30 April 2008

30th April 2007 ~ Blog Day Afternoon

Monday 30
Got up at 9.00 Sam left at 10.30
I'll m
iss him we have had such a great weekend
Went for a 3- course meal
at Tech = 70p
It was reall
y nice
Bought a big T-shirt £5.35 (I bought a lovely T-shirt on Saturday it only cost £5!!)
& Bright Eyes - Art Garfunkel

Phoned Sam,
he got home ok xx<3>

Tra la la la it is my first blog birthday.

I am in a state of shock that I have been around with my diaries for a whole 12 months!!
It is strange, as I galloped thr
ough the 70s early doors thinking I wouldn't keep it up but wanted to get through my diaries at the same time.

These are my 1st posts ... here & here .... oh & here

Obviously I have enjoyed it and decided to slow up a little. Once I get to the end of 1979 I will travel back again to 1977. I lost that
diary so posted the year through memory and internet research... but now I can revisit, but after having a skip through it ..... it is sooooo cringing to read!!

So how did I get to be on here? Well you can blame & for that. ( oh through out this post just click on the pictures for the culprits :-) )
I mentioned the diaries and before I knew it her
e I was/am.
In April 2007 I made a huge career change. Stopped working silly o'clock hours and went 9 -5. Most certainly I couldn't have blogged in my former role as I would simply not have had the time.

In July 2007 I joined FuelMy Blog. Bill
had told me about it but had no idea what it was about. Then one weekend I had a mate staying. I was telling her about the world of blog and was showing her the sites etc...... I nipped up to the loo and she sneakily posted a comment on Daddy Papersurfers site anonymously (on my behalf... yes alcohol was included in this equation) ..... the rest as they say 'is history'!
DP opened his cupboard and coerced me to join in and I have been in that darned cupboard ever since with DP,
Sylvie & B4by, a llama and some guest visitors !! (you should pop along it is decorated lovely .. it has that feminine touch!)

During my time blogging I have won a few competitions.... a T-shirt 'I am a big Deal', I got something from Kevin's cupboard ... read here for a while (ok a day) I tried it!!, a fabulous handbag from Laga in a competition arranged by LindaC through FuelMyBlog and so much more
that I am having trouble explaining to my Teen why I get all these parcels through the post from around the World (it would never do for her to discover I was far wilder than she is at the same age!!)
One of the best things that I have won is for my blog to be published in a book ... that really is an amazing prize through Blog2Print... something I must work on (must select what pages I want to be printed and sort
out my typos lol)

Have I mentioned yet the Fanzine
that I started following Daddy Papersurfer's launch... following a mad idea by Ms D.Ranged? Well yes 70s has an exclusive view of DP's past and present... if you click on his blog you will see all the Fanzine's listed on the right hand column.... what an eye opener that has been & me a former Sunday School teacher!!

Now the friends I have met! ooops before that I must mention something else LT and FAI her Granddad ... that is me and FAI is my Granddad what a star he was & I am hooked on family history :-) & Random Place of Mind my bezzie mate Sunny
Back to my blog family & friends ....there are many & if I don't mention you it is no slur on you .. it is probably I am pushed for time to link everyone. So apart from those mentioned already here goes (& no particular order at all ) ....

Nursey Myra gorgeous gal with no internet just now but what advice she will give you !!
Dear Frac (also Secretary to the fanzine.... such a hard task!!)
Crofty (we were drinking in the same pub at the same time in Manchester & probably rubbed shoulders at the bar but never recognised each other!!)

Auntie Dar.. what can I say except another gorgeous gal on blogsphere and at home
Sugar Queen from the US of A .... pouring sugar and all things so lovely on us all

Penfold the son of DP (although denial on his part .. Penfold that is .. have to say he is solely responsible for the virus that is DaddyPapersuferitis though ... tsk!)
The lovely TnB (now hooked with said above ... awwww a lovely tale of blogluuuurve across the interweave :-) )

Mystic Veg .. what he can't do with veg isn't worth knowing
The Reverend from Elvis's home land
Cowgirl Betty .. a rootin' and a tooting from ... erm New York!!
Diane a great Norvern lass who decided to wimp out down Souff (you know I don't mean that!) & does the most amazing books... love 'em
BenSparks a wonderful dedicated photographer .. who is running a great competition
John C... what can I say about this amazing bloke who although speaks the same language as me ... I have no idea what he is on about????.. he is from Florida though!! LOL

Again if you have not been mentioned I do apologise... but you are either on my blog friends list (featured on 70s land) or I have posted on your blog ....

Now I have to just finish .. that another icon of blogsphere started her blog on the very same day that 70s did ... so Happy Blogday to you :-)
. Olga the Travelling Bra
May 'the Posse be with you'

The most hilarious irony of Olga & I starting our blogs was, on the 30th April 2007 it was a ....'One day blog silence'. Obviously we both accept the true meaning of the day for those for whom it was meant.. but Olga & I silent??? surely not a chance :-D

Oh and this is not spell checked ... Grammar Police .. easy cop guv!!

Thank you everyone for a fabulous year

70s x

Monday, 28 April 2008

29th April 1979

Sunday 29
Got up at 1.30 pm = knackered (no wonder!!)
Went to Manchester at 4.10

Took Ange (who???) to get train to Wolverhampton

Had an ace meal & left at 8.30 pm

Got home at 10.30
Sam goes back tomorrow

(how much energy did I have then... working all day, partying until 4.00 am then trolling around (Yorkshire, Manchester) and not getting home til 10.30 pm the next day... ahh! those were the days lol)

Just thought I would share what reading material I am on at the moment. I have just finished Philip Pullman's trilogy ~ Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife & The Amber Spyglass. Fabulous stuff.
I promised a friend I would next read her recommendation. I have had a couple of her books since Christmas as the journey through Pullmans dark material took a while as I only read on my 15 minute train journey to work & back.

So what was my friends recommendation? She knows I am publishing my diaries on here so she lent me 'Diary of a
Chav' by Grace Dent. What a comparison I hear you shout!!
Well I tell you I laughed out loud on the train this morning, it is soooooo funny.

Shiraz Bailey Wood is a 15 year old Essex girl whose Nan bought her a glitzy pink diary for Christmas. She has a sister named Cava-Sue & her brother is Murphy. She is thankful that her Mum maybe past child bearing age as she has been drinking Peach Lambrella.
They own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and her Mum spends her time either watching Jeremy Kyle or in the 'bookies'

Quote from her mum to her sister
'Help your bleedin' self Jamie Oliver! There's fresh vegetables in the freezer!'

Some of the things that have gone on in the first few months of the year are hilarious. It so reminds me of my time in school - bad nicknames for the teachers, fancying boys, hanging out on street corners in a hope to see them, fights at school, gossip....... & I see my Teen so much in her.... not that we live in Essex or that she is a Chav (although there was a worrying time where she looked like turning that way - velour tracksuits & bling ear-rings... thank goodness it was only a short phase!!Phew!!)

This is what made me laugh out loud

Teacher (Polish supply teacher nick named Jar Jar Binks) ~
'Are there any queries?'
'Yeah Miss, Sean Burton! ' I shouted and pointed at Sean in our English set who dyes his hair blonde and has a pink Bebo page and always goes on about Kylie Minogues Showgirls DVD and wears spot concealer.

If you want an easy read and a giggle the Chav diaries are a must LOL :-)

Sunday, 27 April 2008

27th & 28th April 1979

Friday 27
Skived Business Studies (what again??)
Went to Cheryl's house

Ironed my dress, it looks ace
Sam arrived at 7.30

Went to Snooty Fox

He has gone to the 'Brick til 2.00 with my brother & Mike ... naughty boy!!

Saturday 28
J's Party
Work 9.30 - 4.30 £19.50 wages (must be for the week!)
Tony picked us up at 6.15

Got to Brighouse at 8.00
Party = ace
Bed at 4.00 am

Not too drunk just tired
Do at Black Horse Inn = lovely
just like an old cottage

From the Jackie Annual 1976.................. for Sylvie

What a sexy photo of David Essex

There is just something so chilling and beautiful about a song sang in French
I love the Champs Elysees too it is a great place to sit, have coffee and watch the world go by. In August, on my way to Madrid, I am stopping off in Paris and hope to be able to do this. Doubt I will have time for the Eiffel Tower though!

The Alcazar is still there but looks a litle different to David's day I imagine

Friday, 25 April 2008

25th & 26th April 1979

Wednesday 25
College 9 - 11
Home for dinner

Kate's Dads uncles funeral at 2.00

Sam never phoned at lunch time

Went to Fi's
Tried to hem up a dress

Fi = grumpy
Phoned Sam = in a better mood than yesterday

Thursday 26
Stayed at Fi's last night
Came home at 10.00

Watched 'Tarzan goes to India'

Made chicken merangow = nice (that could be Chicken Marengo!!)

Fi rang

She has done the button holes on my dress

Sam phoned
He is probably coming over tomorrow

Been having a trawl through You Tube

Remember when Snickers where Marathons.... I said last week to my teen 'do you want a Marathon?' It was met with a 'huh!' and that look only a teenager can give...

1972 in America.... it was a Snicker

How would we have got through the 70s without K-Tel

Now doesn't this make you want to rush out and buy one ... well my mum's partner did!!!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

24th April 1979

Tuesday 24
Boring day at college
Bought buttons for my jacket
Went to Fi's

Sam phoned

He says he may have to work Satu
Miserable bugger

I was really looking forward to Saturday

A while ago I featured this girl... Wendy and the
before and after ..... yes no one could tell the difference!! Someone should have told her to have a hair cut and that may have helped!!

I have been trawling through the Jackie Annuals and see that she is their top model (so different to Britain's Top Model not to mention America's Top Model that my teen is hooked on!!!)

Wendy is featured in twice for knitting patterns
her hair has still not been sorted................

I wonder what she is doing now??

p.s. the knitting patterns are available upon request !!

& for those of you who are worried that you maybe spending too much time on the net?? There is a great invention just off the press....... phew !!

Monday, 21 April 2008

21st , 22nd & 23rd April 1979

Saturday 21
Worked 9-6 £4.50 = shattered
Met Fi at 11.45 for dinner
Bought a pair of stockings 49p

Rang Sam

He worked til lunch time

Miss him a lot

Baby sat 7.30 - 12.30 = £2.00
(god what a long day for only £6.50???)

Sunday 22
Got up at 12.30 (no wonder after all the working hours I had done!!)
Sam phoned at 4.00
He worked from 8.30 - 8.10 pm (oh my what was all these long hours about ??)
Fi phoned
Nearly finished my jacket
Buttons to do and sleeves to hem
Phoned Sam at 10.00pm
He sounded really tired
Really love him x

Monday 23
St. Georges Day
Mum's Birthday (70s ed Happy Birthday Mum.....she is 77 today)
Got Mum £6 Marks Spencer voucher

College = ok

Wrote to Sam
Bev broke her ankle for the 4th time (gosh I bet she is having great time with rheumatism now lol)
She is no longer going out with John

Bought Jane's present (who is Jane??)

Finished sewing my jacket
Phoned Sam = nice xx

Blogger is playing up so I can post what I wanted to post !!!! :-(

Happy St Georges Day

Sunday, 20 April 2008

20th April 1979

Friday 20
Worked 11-5
Not very busy

Bought a pair of white m
ules £2.99

Sam phoned at 8.00 pm

He worked 9 - 9pm

He phoned me again at 10.00 from home
Fi phoned

Last week I posted a few from

Here are the rest

I wonder if they are brothers. Not found a lot about this band except they were Scottish and split up in 1979. This album cover does look familiar though

nice tune

This article appeared in the 1978 Jackie Annual. It would seem he was married then. But I suppose saying you want to kiss your wife is not a thing teenage fans want to hear! Tragically in 1979 his wife was killed in a car crash ( I do seem to remember that!) . He married again in 1984 and has 6 children

They had similar hair do's!!

Again??? Who is this bloke?? Ok can you tell the difference ?

awww but Rudolph is so cute :-)

& last but by no means least

A local Southport lad. Sailor, singer song writer who won Opportunity knocks in 1977. He was voted in for 13 weeks.
He only lived about 1/4 mile from my house & I do remember cycling up there with my mates to his house to see if we could catch a glimpse of him. Never did! Although (& don't tell anyone) I snogged his brother at a disco eek!!
As you know I lost my 1977 diary but found it again. I have just had a quick flick through ... because I would have written about it.... can't see it so it will have to wait for '1977 ~ the revisit'

But you know what I did see Saturday 7th May 1977

' Liverpool with 'J'. Bought a bag, patch to put on it, art equipment, ribbon & a sketch book. Saw my Auntie, her daughter & her two kids. Saw 'Our Kid' '
Annie I actually saw Our Kid would you believe it ???

Anyway back to Berni Flint.... he got to number 3 in the UK charts on 23/4/1977 with this song. Still know all the words lol