Friday, 29 June 2007

Summer of '74 ~ week five day 4

Tuesday 27th August

Went to Liverpol with Mum and Kate. Had dinner in the Market, went to TJs and Owen Owen.

Bought 'Another Time Another Place' by Bryan Ferry (he is so cor!)

(A great album even now, ok not everyones cup of tea, but Bryan was a fav of mine I grew up with Roxy Music. Love is a Drug, Avalon etc and such a handsome chap, classy and sophisticated, such a cool dude I thought, come on who else could look so good wearing a white tux like that?)

Also got a Peace Pendant, a yellow jumper and a maxi pinafore dress

(oh the height of fashion, I just hope the yellow jumper wasn't to co-ordinate with the maxi dress :-)

Summer of '74 ~ week five day 3

Monday 26th August

Went to the Pier Head


That is all that is written I am afraid! No mention of any activity, no going out on the ferry across the Mersey. A lot of my childhood memories are about day trips across the Mersey to New Brighton and to Llandudno, feeding the seagulls our butties and running riot around the boat, exploring where we shouldn't have been and getting chased by 'the man!!' As an adult the waterfront in Liverpool is one of my favourite places to be.

Summer of '74 ~ week five day 2

Sunday 25th August

Got up at 8 o'clock and went to church. Bought sunday papers and went to the Outer Limits shop for some sweets. (It was called the Outer Limits shop as it was the only place we knew to buy the cards of the series, I remember being facinated, albeit a bit scared, of the black & white scifi monsters..... erm well I was only little when they first came out)

Walking back Mel and her mum drove past, she is back from holiday, I hope she doesn't call round I can't stand her.

Stayed in all day, listened to records and did some of my scrap book (interesting, I remember doing a scrap book later in the 70s but not this early....... I wonder what happened to that??)

Summer of '74 ~ week five day 1

Saturday 24th August

Got up at 10.00 and Kate called round with her dad.

Went to the Southport Flower Show. It was raining a bit when we got there but it got so hot ater on. Bought some Busy Lizzies for mum bought a hotdog and a bottle of pop .

Went round town for a bit, saw Petite Phillipe.

Came home on the bus. Left the Busy Lizzie's on the bus (dam!!!!)

Went round to Kate's Aunties, she and her man friend were stuffing their faces and we were starvin'

Got home at 10 o'clock

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Summer of '74 ~ week four day 7

Friday 23rd August

Sweet Concert 8.00 pm

Went to Sweets concert it was a smash. Kate and I danced and sang all the way through it.

Brian wasn't there it is because he has fell out with th 'De Gang'

Me and Kate where involved in a sneak in with Biggsy, Cobra, Si H & Yos as they did not have tickets.
Saw Phil there he looked a lot happier, he was with two girls and he was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

Went back stage to see if we could see Sweet but couldn't and Mum had come early to pick us up. Got home at 12 midnight

Summer of '74 ~ week four day 6

Thursday 22nd August

Got up at 8.30 am. The gas man came.
Went to the shop.
Jackie came round and we played in the sandhills. Had a good laugh.
Didn't see Brain today :-( but I hope to see him tomorrow at the Sweet concert

Oh get lost moth before I swat you !!!!!

Summer of '74 ~ week four day 5

Wednesday 21st August

Got up at 10.20.
Did shoppin'. Jackie came.
Went to the flicks. When we were on the bus Phil got on. He didn't look too happy. He was by himself.
When we got to the flicks it didn't start until 4.25 we got there at 1.40, so we phoned home and went to the fairground.
We saw Brian (swoon, swoon). I offered him a piece of chewing gum and the cheeky beggar took the lot, but he did give me some back. I think Jackie fancies him aswell but she can 'HANDS OFF'
Got a couple of free rides on the Caterpillar

Got home at 6.00 in so much trouble as I was late for tea

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Summer of '74 ~ week four day 4

Tuesday 20th August

Got up a 9.15 am. Mum stayed off work as she was going to the doctors.

Had dinner Jackie and her sisters came round. We played in the garden for a whlile.

We went out and were playing hide and seek on the sandhills near 'Witches Path' & 'Witches Den'.

Me and Jackie saw Brian (swoon swoon). We shouted 'Bri, hey Bri'. He was about 70 yards away.

He was with that lad and girl again.

Jackie went home

Si H delivered our newspaper again.

Walked round the village with Kate. saw Pat H, Si H, Yos & Cobra. Cobra asked me (I ask you!) to go out with him. Oh NO! Bloody Cheek (he was obviously not on my top 10 list!!)

eeeek there is a beetle in my room HELP!!!

Summer of '74 ~ week four day 3

Monday 19th August

Got up at 9.20 am. Went to town to get tickets for Sweet.

Come back and went to Jackie's. We played leap frog.

Came home at 5.30 pm. Had tea.

Jackie came. She played till 8.00 pm (interesting time... this transition observation from child to growing up? Buying tickets to a concert, yet still playing leap frog and 'playing out')

While I was phoning Kate I saw Brian walk past our house with a girl and a lad. Bu I can't decide who the girl was with!

Whilst waliking home (from where? ) saw Ian (no idea who this is?). He walked me to Mums friends house to tell her Mum wasn't going into work tomorrow.

Came home and did some dancing in the the lounge (this does make me smile as my teenager does this too!)

Summer of '74 ~ week four day 2

Sunday 18th August

Got up at 11.45. Called for Kate. Went to her Aunties to tell her all about last night. (I remember this Aunt of Kate's she was such a cool lady, took time to listen to the ramblings of 70's teens and she made great home made lemon drizzle cake!)

Came home had tea. Listened to the top 20 at 6.00 pm. We went out.
Mum and Kate's dad went to see the Bruce Forsyth Show at the Floral Hall.

Saw Brian and he walked with us up to Weston Road.

He said he hates Mel, & I don't blame him she is such a ********************* (yes I had crossed it through what I had called her obviously in fear of being caught swearing)

Summer of '74 ~ week four day 1

Saturday 17th August

Went to a wedding do.

Danced with Jack. He is a funny lad. He don't ask he just indicates with his eyes (wat a smoothy lol)
I wore my new purple maxi pinafore dress with a white blouse and I had my hair demi waved this afternoon it cost £2.50, bought some Charlie perfume for the do. (god I probably looked a b****er I most likely had big purple eye shadow to match)

I danced with Kate's Auntie Betsy and Uncle Harry and Kevin (I have no idea who these pepole were but I have this mental image of older folk giving it whatever on the dance floor... a bit like Billy Connolly's sketch about hemorrhoids where folk danced with their buttocks clenched lol !! If I could find it would post it! Reality check & horrible thought though........... I am probably a similar age now to what they were then................ )

Arrived home at 1.15 am