Saturday, 31 May 2008

31st May 1979

Thursday 31
Sam back at work
Went to meet him at lunchtime & after work
A bit boring waiting for him
Went to the Woolpack 8.30 - 11.00
Bed at 12.00

I have been preoccupied to night as it is the final of Britain's Got Talent (Oh and the final of Nancy... but that is recorded so shhh!)
I have dipped in and out watching some of the shocking entries in the early stages but I must say that the line up tonight for the final was pretty darned good.

Who is going to win? As the judges said it is between 5 acts. For me it is 3.

These guys just have me toe tapping big style and make me giggle

Can you believe this girl is only 12 years old? What a gorgeous voice of an angel. This is from her original audition.

Just wish I had learned the violin at school... how cool are these girls?

I have no idea who will win ... I couldn't chose between these 3

Friday, 30 May 2008

30th May1979

Wednesday 30
Got up at 10.30
Went to the post office and drew out £5.
Went to Uttoxeter = 98p return (why on earth did I write that down???)
It absolutely poured it down all the time
Bought a watch strap & some books
Got back at 4.45
Watched Notts Forest 1 v ? 0 (looked it up - Nottingham Forest beat Malmo F.F.O. in the European Cup final ~ a European soccer championship final for my American readers )
Bed 11.30

Well following the Monday quiz the Reverend has let me know he is an Aries.

Let's see what is revealed...............................

He's often the ring leader in any crowd, with a very excitable, lively nature, quick to get into and start arguments, but quick to say when he is in the wrong and make the first move to put things right!
He's impulsive, and falls in and out of love rather too easily until he is a little older. So, if you've got your eyes on him you may need to be extra patient and loving.
Remember that Arians often come back to an early or first love, later on- and if they do, this romance is bound to stick! Just don't expect your friendship with this boy to lead to big things by way of expensive present, glittering evenings out etc. He's simply not impressed by money or the things it can buy, but he will give you a great time, just with that lively personality of his!

As it is Friday I thought I would root out some vintage 1970's British humour and no selection would be complete without Benny Hill.... how did he get away with it??? This clip made me giggle as it is dubbed.

Just loved the Pink Panther films

Strangely when I put in '1970s comedy' as a search this came up hee hee... oh well here is Donny (swoon) with sister Marie and some toe tapping for you on a Friday night:)

Thursday, 29 May 2008

27th, 28th & 29th May 1979

Monday 27
Go to Stafford
Got up at 7.00 am

Got to Stafford at 11.25

Sam's mum had a booze up

Went to the Woolpack

Sam told me about what happened between him and G

I was really upset

He is very sorry (mmm I bet he was!!)

Went his next door neighbours for a drink

Bed 11.45

Blondie- Sunday Girl number 1

Tuesday 28
Went to Northampton
Saw Sam's Aunt & Uncle and their new baby = lovely

Went to Woolpack

Bed at 12.00

Wednesday 29
Went to Stafford
Got a pair of sandals £3.99 & a 'boob tube' £1.99

Got back 5 ish

Walked to the 'Hollybush' at Salt (what a lovely looking English Country Pub it is)

Had a peppermint & pomegranate drink = lovely

Had a long, long natter with Sam

& here are the long awaited results for Monday's quiz

Annie Mouse got a 'B' boyfriend.
Aquarius -
He is very easy to spot as he stands out from the crowd and often has something quite distinct about his appearance. He maybe unusually short or tall, or have red hair or a beard, for instance - and he doesn't mind others thinking he is different!

You're probably the kind of girl who likes to be different too, or you could just be a gentle, loving, homely girl who wants to cuddle up and look after him !

Either way you can expect an interesting fun packed time with your Aquarian - he won't get into a rut easily, is full of ideas and plans and will take you along with him. He's often musically incline, but whatever his talents, he'll appreciate someone who is as individual as he is- and that someone is definitely you!!!

(hate to say this I married a fellow Aquarian and just lets say he was non of the above but he was on the cusp though!!)

Fascinating that NurseMyra, Diane, B4by & I all chose the 'E' boyfriend...

he may be the best looker you'll ever set your eyes on - & that's going to mean a lot of competition for you to beat! (70s ed. how spooky!!)
But he's worth it because he is a real charmer, has a nice nature and an eye catching flair for clothes. He'll appreciate anything you do to improve yourself as although he's very masculine, he has a very keen eye that is bound to notice if you've done your hair in a slightly different style or have got a new pair of jeans.
But remember he will also notice when your eyeshadow has smudged and your boots have gone down at heel, so be prepared to work hard at your own looks and grooming when he is around.
Librians are specially sensitive to things like scent too, so find out what his choice is and use it liberally.

And here is Sugar's choice - boyfriend H

It's well known that this is the luckiest sign in the whole zodiac and you'll often find that Sagittarians seem to have more than their fair share of the goodies - good looks, job, money, friends!
You name it that have got it! This means two important things for any girl who fancies him: firstly, he is seldom hard up for a good time, so no point playing it cool! While you are waiting for him to remember your phone number, he's probably off somewhere with somebody else! Secondly, he likes everything to be fun, so the minute your romance starts looking too serious or too difficult, he'll be off with an easier girlfriend (70s ed. Oh my word Sugar ... he doesn't sound too good!!)
Keep it simple, keep it happy ... and you'll keep your Sagittarian boyfriend. Unlike some others, though, he isn't intentionally unkind and he won't two-time you behind your back. He may be hard to hold on to but at least he is honest (70s ed. that is a bit of cold comfort sorry Sugar!!)

There are obviously 12 results and of course I am not going to type them all out.... but for the boys, if you share with us goddess's your zodiac sign, I will pop up on 70s what it says about you ;-)

Simply wonderful Blondie ... I helped get it to number one

Monday, 26 May 2008

26th May 1979

Saturday 26
Mrs ****'s birthday (Sam's Mum)
Work 9 - 6pm £5.90
Told them I am leaving
Busy most of the day
Bought a straw bag £1.99
Fi went to a dinner dance with Jim
Baby sat til 1.00 am
Sam went to a party
Something has gone on with him and G (female!!!!)

A quick but complicated quiz ......... for a Bank Holiday evening

70s came out with an 'E' seems reasonable
Results tomorrow

Sunday, 25 May 2008

25th May 1979

Friday 25
Only one lecture at college today
Other's were cancelled (you know my Mum mentioned only the other day the fact that many of my lectures were cancelled when I was at college (she is 77 years old) ... you know with out these diaries I would never have remembered .. worrying? .. you bet!!)
Bought Mrs ****'s pressie (Sam's Mum... how respectful was this then, I called Sam's Mum Mrs ****)
Wrapped it
Sam rang
Had a bath at 11.00 pm

I have had a busy old day so will just leave you with these from 1979

Saturday, 24 May 2008

24th May 1979

Thursday 24
General Studies A Level Exam
Exam in the morning = really difficult

In afternoon not so bad

Posted Sam's Mums birthday card

Stayed in and did some of my meat project (no comment !! lol)

Phoned Sam

Miss him xx

As I am sitting here typing I am listening to the Eurovision Song contest which is on in the next room. It has always been a 'must watch' since I could ever remember ... listening to it like this reminds me when I was so much younger and sent to bed before the end and would listen to it under the covers on the radio.

In 1979 it was held on the 31st March when we came 17th (how we got that high in the ratings with that rubbish who knows lol .... see here

I am sitting here and have heard a few 'cattawallings'..... I must say Finland's entry is dire!!

Our entry this year is a boogie about song blasted out by Andy Abrahams ... I do like it, it gets my disco feet tapping ... go Andy go!! (but I feel the Euro political voting may scupper you)

The track has the same effect as it did with me as a really young 'un (5 years old) bouncing up and down on my bed to this Eurovision winner. No I am not going to go and bounce up and down on my bed... but there again???? lol

Friday, 23 May 2008

23rd May 1979

Wednesday 23
Didn't go to needlework (oh what a domestic goddess in the making ... ok I didn't go but at least I had signed up for it as it was extra-curriculum & not part of my A-levels)
Went to Fi's to do some college work (huh!!??)

She then went to the pictures with Jim H

Phoned Sam
Stayed in
ed to revise some General Studies = hard. (now General Studies was always seen as an easy A-level to hitch on to your main core studies... maybe i found it hard because it was so 'general' or maybe it was the fact I had done absolutely nothing to get to the exam....)

I was sent this e mail tonight

Ever really fancied having a genuine Chinese meal?
How far would you go??

First take a cable car
Then follow the path

Watch out for diners on their way back

A few handy foot holds for your safety

Are we nearly there yet??


I wonder if they do deliveries???

Thursday, 22 May 2008

22nd May 1979

Monday 22
Boring day at college
It rained & rained & rained

Came home at 1.30 (hardly a full 'boring day at college'!!)

Did some Sociology

Fi was at a school in Leyland.

Sam phoned

He had been to Dudley again & sounded tired
Can't wait to see him on Sunday

Thursday 22 2008
Got up at 6.30 (hit snooze too many times!)
Had a shower and washed hair

Got dressed, dried hair, walked the pup
Woke teen

Made breakfast
(crumpets and la vache qui rit cheese, sounds so much better than 'Laughing Cow' it is always referred to as 'la vache' cheese in our house)
Straighten hair put on makeup

Made Teen's sandwiches

Kicked Teen and mate out to school

Got 8.45 train to work

Meeting 9.30 - 12.30
(one of those meetings where you have no knowledge of what is about to be discussed so have to listen to everything that is said... great view of Manchester out of the window 16 floors up btw lol)
Back to office

13.00 out to lunch

met Sam
Coffee in Carluccio's (Sandwiches were served at the meeting so wasn't hungry) Had a good old natter (family, mutual old friends etc amazed his gran that he visited in Manchester is still with us aged 91. We laughed about this blog and I told him there was worse to come lol)
14.15 back to office
Sam off to Hastings
Left office at 17.30
17.45 train late as per usual.

Home and back out to Tesco
1 hour and £80 later got back home

Cooked a Chinese sir fry for tea (organic chicken, mange tout, baby sweetcorn, bean sprouts, mushrooms in an oyster sauce with ginger and egg fried rice.. all from raw ingredients of course)
Phoned Mum
Chatted to Annie on e mail .. trying to persuade her to make a blog (the gif image doesn't work here .. it should have Cliff's face popping up over the sign)

Visited loads of blogs that I have neglected to do of late (may not have commented on some but have popped along for read)

Wrote this !!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

21st May 1979

Monday 21
Skived off Sociology
Saw the cafe owner & have decided to go back to work in the outdoor cafe
Can't have 2nd June off Trueform (shoe shop .... all those shoes how could I think to leave??)
Sam phoned twice
Changed 'Peaches & Herbs'cos it was scratched (ah the days of 45's!!)
Wrote to Sam

I have a love/hate relationship with the Peaches & Herbs song. I have had some good 'slowy' dances to it over the years but I don't like the song at all. It is boring and tedious!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

1st 5 minutes....

That is tricky one as I am sooooo never awake in those 1st 5 of the day.
I will ignore the days where I hit snooze, hit snooze and hit snooze again then rush in a panic as I have, well hit snooze too many times!!

Ok a normal day
Phone alarm goes off at 6.00 am to some god damned awful polyphonic sound called 'waves' (if you have a Motorola mobile phone you will ID with what I am saying here) at 6 am it is truly a rebel rouser.

With that sound, like Pavlov's dog (aka my puppy not Pavlov's coz she is 70s puppy!) is up the stairs. Jumps on the bed demanding a cuddle and a tummy rub.
Ok I am now 1 1/2 minutes in

I bend my body into the 'get up ' position and puppy bounds off to snuggle up with my Teen.

Stumble into the bathroom and step in the shower (cover your eyes please!)

Wrapped in big bath towels I venture down stairs.. unlock the kitchen door.

Fall over the 2 cats who want feeding NOW!!

Switch on the kettle as I pass (fast boil)

& ahhh a cup of Earl Grey .. all is right with the world!!
(oops 0.5 minutes over!!)

If you want to know my 1st 5 mins in the office !

Walk through the doors .. nod, wave and say hello to work colleagues (sometimes it is a bit of a grunt depending how manic the journey has been and whether I have spent the entire 15 minute journey with my face squished into someones back pack after waiting 1/2 for the ever late rush hour express).

Plonk my bag on the desk whilst hitting the PC screen to on & Control- alt-delete, user name & password (darn it I changed it yesterday.... open diary and check the change................ yes I know, I know I shouldn't write it down ... but I have at least 20 PW's for this and that) whilst taking off my coat.

Pick up cup.
'Anyone what a brew?'

Gather up anything from 2 - 10 cups
Head for kitchen

Make brews.. 1 x decaff coffee, 1 x fruit tea, 3 x tea 1 with 2 sugars etc etc

Sit at desk
& ahhh a cup of Earl Grey ... all is right with the world!!
(bang on 5 mins ;-) )

This post is for & Fuel my Blog

17th ~ 20th May 1979

Thursday 17
Didn't go to college today cos cookery was cancelled
My brother went to Lancaster (what is with all this Lancaster attraction??)
Bought a green blouse £4.99

Went to Fi's

Phoned Sam & he was in a lovely mood .. honest!!

Grumpy beggar!!!

Friday 18

Some lessons cancelled
So didn't go to college

Except for an hour (Huh??? So I did go to college... doh!!!)
Bought Blondie Sunday Girl 12"single £1.79 = great
Sam came = in an ace mood
Went to the Railway
Then came home with some ale

Bed 1.30 am

Saturday 19
Work 9.00 -5.30 £7.40
Met Sam at lunch time & at 1/2 5.
Went to the Houghton for a drink
Came home

Went the Ken S's party= ace
Loads of ale
Fi is going with Jim H
Stayed at Fi's

Sunday 20

Got up at 8.00
Sam left on the 9.05 train to Liverpool
& 10.12 train to Stafford
Went back to Fi's

Stayed for dinner
Jim H came round and gave me a lift home
Got 2 t-shirts from the catalogue
Sam phoned
He didn't get back to Staffs until 12.45.

He went to Donnington Park in the afternoon to watch F3 (Formula 3 racing cars)

Today it is the lovely Sylvie's birthday and last week (although she kept it hidden) it was dear Fracs too

So wishing the girls or if you like (in teen speak 2008) 'Da gurlz'
A really Happy Birthday xx

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Interlude ~ Fanzine Frenzy VI

Welcome to Fanzine VI
(can't be
lieve a whole month has passed since Fanzine V)

In this last month, I hope you don't think that 70s has been idle on the Fanzine front!!
Nothing could be further from the truth. There has been lots of research going on into 'the phenomenon that is DP'.
So much in fact I hardly know where to start?

One area I have been researching is the Papersurfer family tree. We all know the immediate family quite well by now the lovely TG, Penfold & Tiggz but what about the ancestors.
What astonished me was the lack of historical information about the Papersurfer clan on the interweave so I had a change of plan and visited many museums and libraries across the UK to amass the information I needed.

Imagine my excitement when a few weeks ago I popped into the local museum (they were exhibiting some caveman images found on the remote islands of Saint Pierre & Miquelon off the coast of Canada) and I spotted this!!

I know the quality is not good but surely this has to be a DP ancestor?... look at those primitive markings. I see a llama, a Mac & sandals! Or is it just 70s wild imagination and lack of sleep making me read too much into this??

If it can be confirmed what a scoop this is .... Daddy Papersurfer has deep Canadian roots. ......DP + Canada OMG who would have thought it??

It certainly would explain the remarkable unique relationship he has with his lovely secretary Fracas. So what do you think readers ??

In the city library they have a fine collection of Roman artifacts and information.
This wall was discovered on the South coast of Britain dated 410AD.
Etched into the rock is the name Vetus Ruga Varro Papyrasurfus. (translations are featured at the bottom of this post). It appears to resemble Roman era vandalism so small you probably c
an't see it

When I researched more I discovered other family members that included Flaccus, Brocchus, Ahala, Asellio & Bibaculus.
The story goes, as the Romans left the Papyrasurfus family decided to stay on in their beloved Brittania because they liked the weather so much.
It has to be an ancestor, as Daddy P does have a passion for sandals...... oh almost forgot this artifact was unearthed too ..... more evidence of pea-brain existence and the goddess tormentus

In the 1086, the name Papyrus Headfod Gemenged appears in the Doomsday book.

This said person was a nobleman but not that noble. King William decreed that everyone had to pay their taxes to the him in order to prevent private armies being funded but Papyrus decided he did not want to pay up. He was a mean 'old git' (not my words it is historic fact!) . So he disguised himself as a 'surf' and fled England's shores. It is not known where he fled to but the next time we come across a connection is in 16th century in France.

France in the 16th Century was renowned for it's great literary creations, skillful words games and elaborate sonorous and graphic experiment.
I came across many great works whilst paging through musty old books & suddenly I noticed the works of a Monsieur Surfer
de Papier who was prolific in his work circa 1540.
I just have to share some of his writings.

Cet oiseau de France, ma vie augmente utilisant tous ses charmes
Son esprit, son talent, ses cheveux oranges ses bras forts et de velu

a classic to a fellow peer

Les Codgers du monde unissent
Nous savons toujours que nous sommes de bons problèmes venons seulement pour passer Quand les gens parlent hors de leurs fonds.

about a paper Queen

La reine du papier est ici je voient

À Londres elle a été sans moi
Son stationnement est pantalon

Il commence ses harangues
Ainsi par chemin de fer elle va - oh yippee

& finally to the man himself from one of his fans

vous savez toujours à, ainsi à vous je dis qu'un grand vous remercie
! livré par camion, t'envoyant ma GRANDE étreinte, en arrière sur mon deux peu de pieds,
je me sens ainsi raccommodez bon ! maintenant je peux sortir et jeu, comme vous avez pour faire mon jour ! !

What talent? You may well ask?
(btw you may need Babelfish)

In 1892 a character known as Pops Red Eye got involved with the Wild Bunch when they robbed a bank in Kansas. It isn't precisely known how he got caught up in this mess. His neighbours described him as a quiet man whose only vice was having a tot of Red Eye down the local saloon.
Pops (later given the name 'Smiler' due to is lack of teeth) soon had a price on his head.

By 1895 the Wild Bunch had been caught but not Pops. He was never found but legend has it he lived the rest of his life out in a secluded cupboard somewhere on the Continent.

& that is all I have managed to find so far.

We know he has other possible relatives as we saw that in the last Fanzine ~ Gertrude Poppersufferer & Maplesurfer. Maybe that is where I should concentrate my search
If anyone has any information or theories about Daddy Papersurfer's family tree please let the Fanzine know and we will feature you in our next edition.

I said earlier there wasn't much of historical interest on DP on the interweave. But I did come across some 'cute' photos of him as a boy, aww that face only a mother could love!!!!

Normally I would end the Fanzine with a letter or two but none caught my eye this time unlike some of the photos of beauties. All of them wanting, in fact begging me to give them DP's address so they can see the phenomenon that is DP in the flesh. I don't think it would be fair to give it to them, as the torment they would feel camping outside his abode hoping to get a glimpse would be too cruel for words.

Stop Press.... Stop Press.... Stop Press..... Stop Press..... Stop Press..... Stop Press....Stop

Photo just in ......DP's Presidential support continues


Vetus Ruga Varro Papyrasurfus - Old Wrinkly Block-head Papersurfer
Ahala - Armpit
Asellio -Keeper of donkeys
Bibaculus - Drunkard
Broccchus -
Flaccus - Floppy Ears
Papyrus Headfod Gemenged -Paper Head mixed, mingled, confused
(Translate Beowulf Old English info source).

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

16th May 1979

Wednesday 16
Lancaster trip to University
Got there at 12.30
Went to the 'Boar's Head' for 1 hour
University = ace

Got shown round by 2 lads

Home at 6.05
Train home with 'J'
Phoned Sam His mum reckons he fancies Fi??????

yoh 'tis Friday night and what does that mean?? Yes dance 70s style!! we are family.. heaven must be missing an angel... fab .. yep we are going to stomp all night.... happy Friday

15th May 1979

Tuesday 15
17 months
Letter off Sam

Finished sociology essay

Sam phoned

He put the phone down on me cos I can't go to his until a week Sunday

He phoned back though
He is coming here this weekend

Had an e mail off Sam.
He has read the blog (eeeeek!)
and he loves it (Phew!)
He said
'fast forward 30 years,
do not seem to have changed that much - grumpy, happy , tired always perks up at about 11.30 particularly when out !' lol
We are meeting up for lunch next w

Long before 'X-Factor', Stars in their Eyes', Britain's Got Talent' 'Pop Idol' We had Opportunity Knocks through the 60s & 70s.

The presenter was Hughie Green with his annoying catch phrase 'and I mean that most sincerely folks'. mmmm not sure how sincere he really was??
The audience would applaud and the 'clapometer' (
which was noise level linked) would nudge a pointer up a scoring table. But 'it is your vote at home that counts'... those days when you had to send in a postcard with your vote on it... oh and your address (not very security conscious).
I managed to find a list of 40 winners of Opportunity Knocks... I must say there are some on there that the programme has a lot to answer for
1 Les Dawson
2 The Bachelors
3 Freddie Starr
4 Peters and Lee
5 Frank Carson
6 Lena Zavaroni
7 Bobby Crush
8 Freddie 'Parrotface' Davies
9 Bonnie Langford (at the age of six)
10 The Real Thing
11 Pam Ayres
12 Paul Daniels
13 Peters & Lee
14 Les Dennis
15 Tom O'Connor
16 Mary Hopkin
17 Little & Large
18 Paper Lace
19 Cannon & Ball
20 Ken Goodwin
21 Middle of the Road
22 Stan Boardman
23 David Whitfield
24 Bernie Clifton
25 Muscleman Tony Holland
26 New World
27 Paul Melba
28 Bernie Flint
29 Millican & Nesbitt
30 Iris Williams
31 Stuart Gillies
32 Candlewick Green
33 Neil Reid
34 Concert pianist Clara Evelyn
35 Black Abbots (who included Russ Abbot)
36 Grace Kennedy
37 Tony Monopoly
38 Harry Scott
39 Gerry Monroe
40 Mike Newman

14th May 1979

Monday 14
Got photos from Truprint - ok
Nice one o
f Sam
Fi's are better though
Ordinary day at college
Sam phoned twice

Wish he
was here
Watched '
Vampire Circus' = good

Well the few of us that did the quiz last night... I am ok with having the same results as the lovely Nursey ..... but DP??? That is really worrying
(the Rev didn't cough to his results .... but at least we know what the Reverend wears when relaxing!!)

So I know you have been waiting with anticipation are the results!
Mostly A's

Mostly B's

Mostly C's

Mostly D's

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

13th May 1979

Sunday 13
F.A.Cup Final yesterday
Man Utd 2 v Arsenal 3 (I am saying nothing Diane lol)
Got up at 9.30
Fi left at 9.50
Sam phoned and said he was sorry he didn't phone last night
= too much alcohol
Went for a long walk with 'J' = so hot
Rearranged my bedroom (I was always changing my bedroom around, dragging the wardrobe from end of the room to the other, draping fabrics and hanging curios on the wall. My teen just doesn't seem to have inherited my creative gene ........)

So here is a a completely bizarre and ridiculous quiz from 1978 to take us through mid week (hump day)

Well 70s got 5 x (a), 6 x (b), 2 x (c)
DP this is one you can do ... oh & The Rev & John if you are watching, just substitute Damian (wasn't he off the Omen?) for Doreen!

as ever ... results tomorrow (
but my results are spookily accurate from a bizarre quiz! I suppose that says it all? :-) )

Monday, 12 May 2008

12th May 1979

Saturday 12
Work 9 -6.00pm
Phoned Sam at lunch time
He phoned at 6.00 but I wasn't home
I phoned him back but he was out
His dad said Sam would phone back but he didn't
Baby sat 8.30 - 1.45am
Got £2.00 (oh what slave labour!!!)

I am a bit pushed for time tonight .. a combo of Chinese torture aka pilates class and studying (eek I have mock exams in 16 days. I was rubbish at studying 30 years ago ... nothing has changed since !!)

So I threw 1979 into 'you tube' to see what came up!
This is definitely a sign of what happens when you get older. I remember this track as a teen and the fact it was Herb Alpert & Tijuana brass turned me straight off ... this was the stuff my Mum listened to .... scarily I found this quite mellowing now!!!

hee hee I remember dancing to this just a few weeks ago..... hadn't realised it was out in 1979

I never liked Queen in the 70s.. it was Freddy, his outfits and teeth.Sorry but that is the truth. Hey that is a teenager thing!! As as an adult I realise just how talented Freddy was (Hammersmith Live 1979)

Now this band I was heavily into in the 80s but this was out in 79 I have discovered .. 'Japan'

Sunday, 11 May 2008

11th May 1979

Friday 11
College at 9.00
Did a Time Plan = OK
(this will have been for cookery... planning a meal from start to on the table)
off Corinna
Filled in passport form
Wrote to Sam, also phoned him 'J' came round She's bought her boyfriend a 'willy warmer' for his birthday.

Tonight I thought I would share some exclusive 70s beauty tips from 1975

whether you have a square face or a long one these pictures tell you where to apply your 'shaders'........ personally I don't think anyone will be thinking 'she has an oval face' more like 'wtf has she got on her face' lol

Square face

oval face

long face

Now just check out the eyes.Is it me of are the small eyes larger ... because they have drawn them larger LOL

& finally the nose .... oh come how long does that nose look now??

Have fun trying these out :-)