Wednesday, 30 July 2008

30th July 1979

Monday 30
Went to Tranche beach = Scorching
Everyone very burnt
Stayed in all evening
Wrote to Sam
Posted cards

I have a house full of teens staying over tonight and I have been over hearing their anx.... oh how refreshing life is no different 30 years on lol

Found this in the Jackie annual 1976...... Your Life is in your Hands.. I may show this to the 'gaggle' later

It is about reading your palm and al that life may offer you..................

Ok not full of teen anx but curious what my palm reads?
my heart line starts under my first finger but goes off my hand at the other side (OMG am I immortal in love ??)
My Life line is clear and long
My fate line does have a break in it

OK no Teen anx but as a 40 something anx.... what do you think ???

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

29th July 1979

Sunday 29
Dull morning
Hot afternoon
Went to the Salle de Jeux (I reckon it was like an amusement arcade... mmm? I wonder which site we actually stayed at on that list??)
Fi got talking to some French fella
He was really yuk!!
Home 11.20 pm

So whilst I was gallivanting in France ... this hit number one in the UK. Which has become a Monday anthem..... I had forgotten how weird those kids looked .. I guess they were based on the Midwich Cuckoos ~ Village of the Damned

I still have my 7" 45 single :-)

This amused me from 1976... Bob Geldof (or Geldorf!!) saying who he would NOT give a present to if he was Santa!!

Mmmm Bob met Paula Yates in 1976 then married her in 1986. She discovered in the late 1990's that her father wasn't Jess Yates but Hughie Green... how ironic is that 1976 comment!! But it all ended so tragically.

Hughie Paula Jess

Monday, 28 July 2008

28th July 1979

He looks a bit suspicious... I think he is trying to steal that head light!!

Saturday 29
Got up at 8.30
Went to Tranches market
Then to the beach

It was quite dull but now it is boiling hot
Went to visit friend's of Fi's parents in
Mothe Achard = really great

The first photo is of Tranche, the second one is of Ainsdale were I grew up .... so similar ... except the sea it always there at Tranche this is not the case at Ainsdale. Check out their webcam over at Tranche.

Well it is not long before I go on my jolly holidays to Madrid ... 13 days to be precise ... yipee

So I have been starting to root out the cossies and summer stuff that you only tend to wear when on holiday.

Found some pictures of holiday wear from 1975, and I tell you I would quite fancy some of them to wear now!! (obviously if I were slimmer and a heck of a lot younger!)

Well I wonder where Olga has been bra-napped to ........ Claire certainly must be worried after searching the bars or is that bars of Liverpool and only finding booze.
Something that Olga must have set up before her disappearance arrived this weekend.
My Earl Grey tastes soooo bodaliciously good out of it .......... Thank you and I hope you are found soon ... the Posse are getting twitchy again and I see that the Willy's have been called to arms too (ok they don't have arms!!)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

27th July 1979

Friday 27
Set off for camp at 10.00
= very, very hot

It was a long drive

Wrote to Sam

Caravan = really nice

Me & Fi are in bunk beds
Had a shower and washed my hair
It i
s so hot here

As soon as I set foot in Tranche sur Mer I loved it. It was hot. Everyone except us were French on the camp site and I saw for the first time people dipping their bread and croissants into their coffee and folk drinking red wine at lunch time.......... nobody drank wine in my house ever!! Love it!

Yesterday I popped these open sandwiches up. It amused me as could you ever tell what they are ??
If your stomach can take it, these are the recipes!

1. 4 tablespoons of peanut butter, 2 tablespoons of chopped well-grilled bacon, and 2 tablespoons of coleslaw on brown toast!!

2. 4 oz of cottage cheese, 1 oz of chopped ginger. tiny pinch of curry powder on french bread

3. This is a toasted one - don't eat cold (thanks for the warning!). 1 small tin of baked beans. 2 oz of grated cheese, 1 tablespoon of chopped onions and 1 chopped tomato on toast (we actually have this as a snack ' cheese beanies' but without the onion and tomato it is delicious)

4. 2 oz of cream cheese, 1 oz of chopped walnuts, 2 tablespoons of chopped pineapple, a little chopped peaches an fruit loaf

5. 1 small tin of prawns (what prawns come in tins??), 3 tablespoons of plain yoghurt, 1 teaspoon of Worcester sauce on rye bread

I never knew of such things in 1975??

We have 2 days of uninterrupted sun .... absolutely fabulous :-D

(taken from my garden)

It does seem like years since its been here!!!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

26th July 1979

nice helmet but do I espy a 'comb over'???
Thursday 26
Go on holiday Tranche sur mere ( La Tranche sur Mer!!)

Got up at 9.00 am
Set off for Portsmouth

Got there at 4.30 pm

Phoned Sam on the way down

Got to
Cherbourg at 12.00 midnight
Stayed in a guest house
Miss Sam

29 years ago I went abroad for the first time and spookily enough it was in the neighbourhood that Sylvie and Kevin now live in........aka the home of??? yes FMB!
I loved every minute of my first time abroad the next couple of weeks will give a teen view of it !!

Anyway from last nights quiz... here go the answers

Conclusion 1

Conclusion 2

Conclusion 3

Conclusion 4

I reckon my image from yesterday is definitely the '4'... it is some what true I have lots of close friends that know what I am about plus as I have got older I have heeded those words of advice without a quiz telling me that!!

More interestingly(as an aside) .... what are these open sandwiches about ? Nutritious and interesting but without the blurb look like just a few badly drawn pieces of toast

Friday, 25 July 2008

Interlude ................ x2

Ok I have double interlude here

First off is Nurse Myras T~shirt Friday. I posted a few way back, but as it was way back ... maybe? just maybe I can sneak them in again.........!! but I can't compete with the loveliness that is NM

Circa 1978.. and one of my fav t~shirts .. it is Porche

Second interlude is a meme posted by Diane at 'Much of a Muchness'.
I have stolen it to pass on. As you will know I don't 'do' memes as a rule unless they strike a cord... and this did!

Ok it is about '4'

4 jobs I have had?
Shoes sales gal
Ice cream Queen in a cafe
Manager of a multi national retail store
Buyer/seller of leather clothes (buying of raw product and selling on the finished article)

4 Movies I could watch over and over
Cinema Paradiso
White Chicks

4 TV shows (now I am struggling as I don't 'do' TV very much except for...)
Dr. Who
Time Team
Any corset busting drama the Beeb put on

4 places on Vacation
Morlaix, France

4 favourite dishes
Is Tapas allowed?
Home made lasagne
Sunday roast (with roast and mashed potatoes, yorkshire puddings, stuffing and at least 3 veg & tonnes of rich gravy)
Tuna bake
Cottage Pie

4 Bogs I visit
Diane (of course)
Daddy P (for my daily abuse)
Nurse Myra (for educational reasons you understand!)
Olga (such a great house guest)
.. I hate to be limited to 4 as I visit so many more ...................

Now who can I pass this on to?? I know DP & NM will not take up the challenge... so??


Drowsey Monkey
The Rev

70s has challenged you to the '4' meme ;-)

Thursday, 24 July 2008

24th & 25th July 1979

what are they looking at??
Tuesday 24
Worked 10.00 - 6.30 = very busy
Got a letter of Sam it was lovely

Wrote him back

He phoned at 11.00
Said he had bad news about his job (so what was it?? doh! )

Wednesday 25
£20.00 wages

Didn't work
Fi is having problems with Chris again
Round to Fi's in the evening

Spoke to Sam 3 times
I'll miss him lots
I am going on holiday tomorrow

We've not had a quiz in a while... so seeing as how it is Friday ........Oh it has a stupid matrix to fill in with your scores. Just t
hink of it as a game of bingo

And now the matrix

70s turned out like this

Answers tomorrow :-)

As it is Friday some dancing ......
Really love this track (reminds me a of a very special person) but never knew it was out in the 70s... cool & happy track :-)

Even more happy cool stuff... dear dear Fracas has just posted her 1000th post... some going there dear friend and secretary to the deranged.
Especially for you I rustled up a few guys and a sexy pair of shoes (note I said 'pair' not one flip flop lol)