Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Summer of '74 ~ week three day 7

Friday 16th August

Went to see Cozy Powell at th Floral Hall quite good but he did a drum solo that went on and on so was a bit boring (oh come on he was a drummer what on earth did I expect???)

I saw Brian, Bigsy and Petite Phillipe (I remember he was really small, cute looking but such an irritating boy called Philip, I bet he is about 6ft now and drop dead gorgeous lol). Charlie was there too.

Brian & Bigsy missed the last bus home and they wanted a lift but I darn't ask Mum.
They want a lift at the Sweet Concert, I might pluck up the courage to ask Mum. I really like Brian xxx

Summer of '74 ~ week three days 5 & 6

Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th August

? ?

Yes 2 days of 'can't be bovvered' it would seem. Just 2 ? marks!!!

I was thinking what else had happened that year in my life before the diary started?

In 1973 I was crown Junior Church Rose Queen so in June 1974 I became the 'Dowerger Queen'. Oh how old did I feel I was a young teen and already a Dowerger. It's a wonder it didn't scar me for life.

I had quite enjoyed being a Rose Queen as you got to go to places for free, attending the local summer fates, the Flower Show and you had fab buffets. As a Queen you got to wear a posh white frock, with a red crushed velvet cloak (oh and lets not forget the crown that would never stay on your head!) and I had a 'retinue' who were at my beck and call. I could get quite used to that life style... are there any Princess out there up for grabs?

The parades were really full affairs with other Rose Queens from all the local churches plus you got ride in dressed up floats that were festooned with flowers, ribbons and crepe paper. You sat on a throne and waved to the crowds. The only down side, as you can imagine at that age, was being spotted by the lads from school............. I image that was embarrassing !

Summer of '74 ~ week three day 4

Tuesday 13th August

Got up at 10.45.
The Electricman came to empty the meter (I remember once when he came, the meter had loads of world cup coins (used to get them free with Esso fuel) in it because they were the same size as a 10p, Mum went mad as she had to pay the difference...... of course it wasn't us kids!! Ok we used to 'borrow' off the small pile of 10p's for sweets then my brother discovered the world cup coins fitted perfectly......doh! what made us think we would not be caught)

Went to Jackies. Did Mums shopping.
Saw Bigsy, Kazza and Lou. Bigsy was on he cadge as ususal.

Kate came down. We went for a walk round the village. Saw Chris, I said 'Hello' he grinned. Kate saw Kailer. He said 'Hello' first (obviously very important!)

Listened to records and Kate went home

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Well I'll be..................

What can I say, as today one of my favourite bloggers nominated me for a Thinkers Award .......... Thomas thank you so much you are a gent.

I must admit to neglecting my teen years for a while due to new addition to the 70steen household, a small creature that has 4 legs and looks currently like a badly washed toupee but I am sure she will grow out of it!!

As Thomas rightly said I am new to all this and typing and technology just don't compute with me some how. So you can probably imagine my current dilema here as I flit between about 10 open windows trying to link and surf.

Anyway here goes these are my 5 nominations (in no particular order that would take even more resolve)

Bill Blunt........ Although Thomas felt he couldn't nominate him for reasons only known to himself, I have him on my 'must visit daily' list. His observations are sometimes (ok usually)bordering on the bizarre, a slant on life this young teen has never before seen, but he has opened my eyes to a bright light or two (particularly 'Thats about the size of it!!!!!!')

F.A.I. - My Grandad.................... a newbie to blog, just like me! It looks like it there could be a promising tale coming through here. Sort of gets me to imagining the world of 'Upstairs Downstairs'. A time of simple lives yet at the same time fraugt with their own complexities, along with Masters and Servants and folk knowing their place. Good Luck LT .

That brings me nicely to my next nomination Lord Likely what a cad and a bounder but love his tales to bits. However, I think before long he will have to borrow that asset from Bill's page because surely by now it must be about to drop off!

The Slim Blue Line ....... I have enjoyed this blog as I have dipped my toe into a similar world she has found herself in and can I.D. with her observations. I have just dropped in on her page and find it is ceasing on the 10th June. I do hope that her covert observations have not got her restrained in her own handcuffs?

& finally I have to nominate Thomas's most excellent adventures of Harry McFry. I first started reading it around Feb/March time, inwardly digesting and becoming instantly hooked. I love the scene settings, the descriptive writing that allows your mind to wander onto the rainy streets of the Wirral (no offence folk from the Wirral I know it is beautiful over there) or to my favourite city of Madrid. Keep it up Thomas ... I need my daily dose!!!!!!

Now what do I do???
Oh yes post this and check all my links work :-)

(Phew need a lie down and chill out listening to some Donny records)

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Summer of '74 ~ week three day 3

Monday 12th August

Got up at 10.00am.

Went round to Jackies house with Sarah from next door but one. Played in the garden with her and her sisters.

Came home. Had dinner.

Did my washing and ironing (mental note here my teenager doesn't even know how to switch the washer on but she can iron I suppose?)

Played Battle of the Little Big Horn and Scoop with my brother, he won both
(I know Mum still has both of these games in the loft at home .... may have to knock the dust off them and challenge him to a rematch. Scoop was just one of the best games ever, really wanted to be a journalist after playing it....)

Stayed in and had a bath and washed my hair

Summer of '74 ~ week three day 2

Sunday 11th August


Well that is all there is in the diary for today!! Obviously couldn't be bothered. Probably stayed in bed listening to Donny.

So not wanting to waste a page (another fact about being brought up in the 60's/70's nothing was wasted, the waxed paper bread was wrapped in was carefully folded in a draw and used to wrap our sandwiches, you couldn't open another packet of biscuits until the last ones opened were eaten and if you got a ladder in your tights you used nail varnish to stop it running further,making them last a few more trips to school)

Anyhow here is the UK top ten for week ending the 11th August 1973.

Every Sunday my brother and I would listen to it on the radio and write down the top 20 as fast as the DJ was saying it ...... You had to do this as the Top 20 would always be discussed in school on Monday

1 Gary Glitter .........I'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am)
2 Peters And Lee.........Welcome Home (how dreadful and this is how it probably sounded like on my tranny)
3 Mungo Jerry.........Alright Alright Alright
4 Suzi Quatro........48 Crash
5 Carpenters.........Yesterday Once More (before the Karaoke.... singing into the hair brush material)
6 Osmonds............Going Home
7 David Bowie........Life On Mars (one of my favourite Bowie tracks ... full blast in the car!)
8 Al Martino.........Spanish Eyes
9 Goons............Ying Tong Song ( I am saying nothing!!!!!!)
10 Nazareth.......Bad Bad Boy

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

2007 Interlude

I interupt this 70's adventure as I have just been tagged by Bill and I am thinking so hard for suitable eateries

Not on a 70s theme but a fab resturant I have been to and is whacky as hell............... Sarastro
The Murals in the toilets are amazing.. ... a huge favourite when I am in London on more than a whistle stop tour..... not had that opportunity in a while ........ I hope it is not spoilt

Gallery Grill Eastbank Street Southport...... looked for a link but came up with only their location. Spent hours ... nay days... in my teens, sipping coffee in the window seat (if the window seats were taken we wouldn't stay)

The Outdoor cafe at the Townhall Southport ... not a particularly nice place to eat but an excellent place to sit and people watch in the heart of Southport's Lord Street. I worked there from 1975 - 1982 in my holidays .... fabulous. If you ever bought an ice cream from there during that time it was probably me who served you

Bill I will have to pinch your OX (ooo I say!) one of my fav lunchtime haunts

El rincon superb

and lastly Cafe Pop it is a trip down memory lane. Lava lamps, gordy crockery, 60s/70s clothing. I just love it,,,,,,,,,,,,,, when I shop til I drop in Manchester with my teenager this is our very favourite haunt

Don't know 5 other bloggers so can't pass this on

But at least Bill will be happy :-)

Monday, 21 May 2007

Summer of '74 ~ week three day 1

Saturday 10th August
Got up at 5.00 am to go home. Finally got home at 3.00 pm, we stopped off for sandwiches on the way.

My brother kept teasing me about Tony...... hate him (my brother not Tony)

We went straight to get Tina out of the cattery. She was so weird in the car she sat on the back shelf and would not come to me. She kept meowing and shaking. (Now Tina was my replacement cat after Timmy, our Tom, had decided he would rather live above the Bank in the village than with us after we moved from Liverpool. Tina lived 'til she was 21, some going hey? I remember getting a call at work form my elder brother when I was a manager in a High Street store ... I got a message 'please phone home ... it is urgent!' although I was gutted I was so glad it was only the cat that had died!)

Said goodbye to Kate and her dad.

Went to my bedroom and played records and unpacked my case. Oh I hope Tony writes soon. I know I may not see him again but it would be lovely if he wrote to me.

Summer of '74 ~ Went on Holiday day 7

Friday 9th August

Got up at 9.00.

We walked around Sheringham. I bought 4 bangles, some rock and I won 3 times on the Bingo. (about bloody time.... how much would I have spent now about £2.50??)

I got a teddy bear, a glass jar and a box of Quality Street.

(I wonder if it was like the last glass jar, or vase as it was described on the box, that I won at a Charity Raffle a couple of years ago? It was certainly not something you would have put on display at home, it looked like something you would use whilst confined to a hospital bed!!... however, it finally looks like my luck had changed )
After the bingo we went to amusements. The lad that I had mentioned had seen was there and he came up to talk to me (swoon). His name was Tony.
I had 3 games of Air Hockey with him and he won me each time ( I must have let him win ...... I am ace at Air Hockey lol).

I gave him my address. I hope he writes! (Oh No !!!! heading for a fall girl I can see it now!)
He was telling me about the weather there last year (wow interesting honest) .... (glad to see I had learnt sarcasm at such an early age)

He was wearing blue jeans, a purple T-shirt and a black Cordorry jacket (Spellings R Us). His mate Kenny was the one in the pram race with the blue nightie and bunches!

Had to go home for 9.30 as we are up early to go back home.

Went home and packed my case, Mum was cleaning the cottage when we got back. I think it is cleaner than when we came.

Oh I wish we weren't going home tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Summer of '74 ~ Went on Holiday day 6

Thursday 8th August

Got up at 9.10 am. Went to Sandringham.
I bought postcards and a silver dish to thank Mum for a lovely holiday

( I saw Mum today and said I had been reading my diary of this holiday, (of course I didn't mention I was letting the world see it nor the fact it had 'cors' all through it! Oh come on I still can't tell her I have 2 tattoos................) Anyway she told me she still has the dish somewhere and will dig it out....... awww aren't Mums great!!)

We had a snack of a cream cake gave most of mine to the sparrows.

We then went to Holkham Hall. I got a mug from the potteries and a book, we also saw Lord Leicester (ok it was spelt Leister).

We came back and went to a cafe called 'DICKENS WHEEL', me, Kate, Mum and Kate's dad had mushrooms on toast, my brother had gammon steak.

We went to the golf, bingo and finally to the amusements.

The lad I saw on Monday and Wednesday was there and he definately looks like he has a girlfriend.......... oh well!!

Summer of '74 ~ Went on Holiday day 5

Wednesday 7th August
Got up at 8.30 am and we went to Cromer. I bought some souvenirs from the Life Boat shop and I also bought some scraper boards.

We came back and we went to the Wimpy bar (wow how fab were these.... sit down, knife and fork fast food!!)

Anyway after dinner we went to Thursford to see some organs from about the 1800's (now I do remember this and I am so surprised I have not made some comment in the diary...... I was the bordest of bored people I can tell you! Maybe I was scared my mum would find my diary and be upset that we didn't have a great time.......... I think, however, that would have been the least of my worries lol)

We came home and we had scrambled eggs on toast. Me & Kate had to wash our hair and it took about an hour. When our hair was dry we went out. (I can hear my mothers voice now ' you can't go out with wet hair you will get a chill!')

I saw the lad I saw on Monday and he was with a girl, I felt so upset.
We played bingo. My brother won and so did Kate. As she won on the bonus line as well she got a box of 'Quality Streets' (I think these days I would be more gutted I missed out on winning the chocolates).

Came home and my brother was teasing me. I broke up went to upstairs and cried (brothers don't you just love them !!)

Summer of '74 ~ Went on Holiday day 4

Tuesday 6th August

Stayed in Sheringham all day, bought 6 silver bangles, some souvenirs and postcards.

After dinner we went down to the beach. We played cricket, golf & bingo.

Ater tea we watched the pram race. It ws hilarious. We all got soaked.

Kate's boy (Kate's boy ??? where did he come from ??) was pushing a pram, he was wearing a paded bra and a pale blue neglejey (can't even spell that now hee hee, why didn't I just put nightie!! ahhh maybe it was more of a bri nylon fancy number???) .

There was one tragedy when an old man was hit when a window frame fell on his head. His head had a great big gash on it about 3 inches long.

We went to the amusements ....... 2 lads kept staring at me they were horrid (what there actually were some horrid lads there ?? well well !!!!!)

(Bri nylon!!! What an invention? The sheets and pillowcases, (all in gordy colours), the nighties and even my bloody school shirt I couldn't escape the non forgiving non breathing fabric......... thank god they didn't invent bri nylon knickers or I would probably been subject to them too!!
I remember trotting to Brentford Nylons in St Johns Precinct to buy bedding and lugging it home on the train. I had two sets one deep pink and one a sickly shade of violet !!!!! (Well Donny's favourite colour was purple so how could I not have a bedroom of purple and bedding to match!!!
Just let me take you one step further though brushed bri nylon sheets and pillowcases, slightly softer and warmer for the winter ..... if you had a bit of hanger nail or a jagged finger/toe nail you were doomed, it would catch in the weave and you became like an insect caught in a spiders web. There was it no escape with out tremendous pain.

I know they washed well and dried over night etc etc , but they would have to as they were so unhygenic, after a day or maybe 2 they stunk. Thank goodness we are no longer subject to that kind of torture unless we happen upon an unsuspecting B&B somewhere in Blackpool or Scarborough that has pink nets .... always be on your guard Bri nylon is still out there and watching (travellers tip .... pack your Egyptian Cotton sheets....... !) )

Friday, 18 May 2007

Summer of '74 ~ Went on Holiday day 3

Monday 5th August

Got up at 9 o'clock. I bough a morning paper and a gold necklace (newsagents come jewellers obviously lol)

We then went to the Norfolk Broads. The scenery and lads were gorgeous.

There were three on one boat who were grinning at me but Kate didn't seen them. Then there was five of them on a boat, we waved and they waved back and shouted back ... they were all cor.......

(reality check here!! Dug deep into the photo album and found a piccy of that day. Now they were probably grinning and shouting in horror and off to find the Fashion Police... what was my Mum thinking of letting me out the house dressed like this???)

We came back home and we went to the SEAVIEW cafe and had a meal of ham & chips, then we played golf. My brother got 54, Kate 91, I got 99 ( I guess highest score doesn't win !)

We went to the Bingo and I spent 50p and never won once. Then we went to play Airhockey (still love Airhockey.. fab game)

When we were leaving this lad shouted 'See ya'... he was lovely, the best I have seen yet (rolling my eyes !!!)

Summer of '74 ~ Went on Holiday day 2

Sunday 4th August
Got up at 9.30. It was pouring with rain, what a holiday this will be if it continues.
We went to the shops to get 2 Sunday papers.

When we got home we went out to a restaurant called the SEAVIEW. I had gammon steak, chips with side salad, for sweet I had a bowl of ice cream with chocolate topping and a half pint of Calsberg (yes that is how I spelt it) lime and larger (yes again! no spell checker in them days .... not that it helps me these days either lol)
We came out (no not like that ........ we came out of the restaurant!!)

Me & Kate bought a painting each (dread to think of the quality of the artwork ... would it be the work of a local amateur with lots of daubed random oils depicting the Norfolk landscape or even better a cute bunny or similar animal saying 'Be mine' .... suppose we will never know??)

Came home than went out to the golf. For tea Me & Kate had cockels & chips.After tea my brother, Kate and me went back to the golf (wild guess here don't think it was 'real' golf ???) and we went to the Bingo.
We came out and we played dodging the waves. There were 3 cors there (wow almost went a full day without mentioning 'cors'!)

Brother went home at nine we stayed till 9.15. In that time the waves were dead big and we got sat on by the lads we fancied (ok top tip here .....if you fancy a girl... sit on her!!!)
Kate's had a green jacket on, mine had a brown jacket on......

(Obviously meant to be lasting relationships........... didn't even bother to ask their names but at least I noticed what they wore)

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Summer of '74 ~ Went on Holiday !

Saturday 3rd August

Got up at 3.30 am and set off at 4.15 am. We arived at 11.45 am.
When we arrived at the house it looked like a rabbit hutch it was so small.
There was 4 rooms - a little kitchen, a living room and 2 bedrooms. Me, Kate and Mum are in one room, my brother has the other one, my mums boyfriend is staying in the lodging house around the corner.
We walked around the town for a bit and the boys are cor.
We played Bingo and kate won first time, she got a Sweet keyring.
We went back to the Bingo after we had had our tea, cor the lads in the chippy!!! At the Bingo there were 3 cors they were looking at us and trying to make out who was with my brother , silly boys! How could they think my ugly brother could be with us???
We are going to find them tomorrow and get with them
(Oh how I am cringing !!!)

Summer of '74 ~ week two day 5

Friday 2nd August

Got up at 11.00. I am not allowed out today as we are going on holiday with mum, her boyfriend, Kate and my brother tomorrow.

Mum has had the day off. Which she has spent cleaning, packing and shouting at me and my brother. Hope she is not like this when we are away.

I got my clothes out and packed them. Played some records.

Mel rang, told her I could not talk as I was busy. Saw Brian walk past our house towards the station.

We are going to Wells Next the Sea
Got to be up early tomorrow

Summer of '74 ~ week two day 4

Thursday 1st August

Got up at ten. Went shopping for mum in the village. Came home played records.

Read my POPSWOP.
Had my dinner.

Played cricket in the garden with my brother. He really cheats if I am beginning to win he changes the game or the rules.
Got a massive bruise on my shin playing French cricket with a real cricket ball. ( I do actually remember those days in the back garden having the ball thrown at me so hard! guess that is what brothers were for)

Jackie called round and we went up to the estate, saw two gorgeous lads.

Came home through Witch's Path, carved our names on a tree (ok where did we get the knife from???)

Stayed in

Summer of '74 ~ week two day 3

Wednesday 31st July
Got up at ten it is raining again! Called for Mel but she wasn't in. Wandered around the village met up with her and Karen.
Karen had got a letter supposedly from a lad she fancied telling her that he loved her and always had. They had been to his house and he had denied he had wrote it. Karen was so upset. I suggested she came into town with Mel and me but she just wanted to go home and cry.
So me and Jane went into town and to the fairground.
We saw Brian working on the Caterpillar (cor). Tried to talk to him but couldn't as he is so gorgeous (now let me gt this straight wasn't Brian just a lad from school who let us on the ride for free a couple of days ago .... now he is a demi god!! I obviously recognised the caring, sharing side of him)

Mel went home in a huff because I told her how stupid she looked walking home in the rain with her coat off (Oh Miss Sensible here lol) with just a cotton (very thin one) short sleeved jersey shirt (maybe I should have been a fashion crytic!!).

She made me late home. Mum went mad (again). Mel can be such a bitch at times.

Kate came round and we decided we want nothing to do with her anymore (talking about bitches???)

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Summer of '74 ~ week two day 2

Tuesday 30th July
Got up, it was pouring down. Mel came round and we went into town. Saw Brian running for the bus, he must be on his way to work. He missed it .... he is so cute!
We went swimming and met two boys they weren't half cute they were called Billy and Dave.
Got home at 1.45 pm, had dinner and Jackie called round at 2.00 pm. We took her 2 dogs for a walk we got soaked.

Kate came round after tea, not seen her in ages. She says she doesn't like Mel that is why she has not been round. Went to see 'The Great Gatsby' it was smooth so much better than the book.
Came home at 11.00 and went to bed.

Summer of '74 ~ week two day 1

Monday 28th July

I really got shouted at last night again about the state of my bedroom so I have to do it today. Got up at 10.00 am, had some toast and peanut butter then got stuck in. In the pile of clothes I had shoved under my bed I found my school bag which had a mouldy chicken paste butty in it (yuk), my smelly PE kit and my school report for the end of my first year at Colditz.
Must give it to Mum tonight.

Not a bad report seeing how I hate skuwl (looking back I thought I actually liked school? Maybe I grew to like it!)

Music - A/2 75% in Exam 2nd in class
Art & Design - A/2
French - B/2 Exam 58% 11th in class
Science - B/2 6th in class
Mathematics - B/2 (making satisfactory progress, I wish ) I so hate maths
RE - B/2 Exam 78% 3rd in class (I would have thought I would have got better than a B/2 after all I was 3rd and a Sunday School teacher to boot)
Geography - B/2 Exam 64% 10th in class
Needlework - A/1
PE - B/2
History - B+/1 Exam 71% 8th in class
English - A/2 Exam 61% 7th in class

Finished my room called for Mel and went to the beach. We went down to the waters edge and Mel soaked me.
We got followed by two gorgeous boys ( I am just shaking my head in disbelief as I am reading this ........ is that all we thought about?? I think the answer is yes!
Came home, played records for an hour and had my tea at 6 o'clock.
Called round for Mel and took Yaney and Portos for a walk.
When I got home my brother and his wife were there with my niece, she is one month old and so lovely. I held her for 1 1/2 hours

Monday, 14 May 2007

Summer of '74 ~week one day 7

Sunday 28th July

Went to church (yes they even allowed me to be a Sunday School teacher)

Came home and watched telly (I wonder what was on then? Robinson Crusoe? White Horses? The Waltons?)

Called for Mel and we took Yaney and Portos for a walk, we took them to the beach. Walter the Weirdo was there so we decided to come home. (eek??) Portos ran off but he just went straight home (thank goodness). Mel's mum was ok with me today she gave us fresh orange juice and some sponge cake she had made..

Came back to my house and me and Mel listened to records....... Tarkus~ ELP, Beatles~Help and Monkees ~HQ.

Mel went home for tea and called back again at 7.20 pm. Walked around the village and then onto the estate. Some of the lads from school were out, they were the yuk ones, so we came home.

Went to bed at 10.00 pm.

(looking at these diaries I have realised I was obsessed with time .... how bizarre that certainly hasn't travelled with me into adulthood................ night John Boy !)

Summer of '74 ~week one day 6

Saturday 27th July

Arranged to met Mel at the station, went shopping in town.
In the afternoon we took Yaney and Portos to the beach. We the went back into town and to the fairground. On the way home I bought a can of coke and some Wotsits.

Mel told me Chris C has a girlfriend. Well who cares! Saw Brian on his way home from the fairground and he nicked my Wotsits damn cheek.

Got home at 11.00 (what on earth was my mum thinking about letting me out so late!!)

Summer of '74 ~week one day 5

Friday 26th July

Called for Mel at 10.15 am, I knew her mum would be out at work so I was allowed in and we had tea and toast. Came back to my house to play records. Mel remembered she had left her bike outside the supermarket in the village, we dashed back and it was still there (wow them were the days when you left something and it was still there when you got back lol)

Got the bus into town. Phil P was on it corrrrr, he is so gorgeous! I just could not speak to him but where I sat on the bus I could see him.

Went to the fairground, went on the Speedway 3 times, the Saterlite twice and Brian from school works on the Caterpillar so he let us on for free. Went on the Waltzer, Mel loves it, this old guy with no teeth who works on them kept spinning us round, I felt so sick!

Got the number 9 bus home which we didn't know stopped 2 miles from home. Had to walk it. It was 5.30 when we got off the bus, 2 lads in a car stopped and offered us a lift..... we told them were to go (oh how sensible were we!!)

Mum went mad as I was late home and my tea was in the bin. Was sent to my room so I listened to Donny all night.
(It would seem I spent my life at the fairground .... now will I let my teenager go to the travelling one here? ermmmm NO!)

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Summer of '74 ~week one day 4

Thursday 25th July

Got up at 10.35. Washed my hair. Messed about at home all morning was supposed to be tidying my bedroom, Mum went mad last night at me. Don't know why? I know were everything is, I like it as it is. She just went on and on last night about it.

After dinner I called for Jackie. We went down to the lido. Got followed by Peter B & Tony W, they are so horrible (sorry lads you were probably ok really)
Came home at 4 o'clock. Played records and made up some dances in the front room. Jackie went home at 5.30.
Had tea and called for Mel at 7.00. Walked round the village, I hoped to see Chris C to apologise to him (mmmm? I wonder what for?).
Came home and played records til older bro came in with his mate. Got kicked out of the front room at 10.30, I really don't like him somethimes!
I wrote down my holiday list and watched 'Cinema' until 11.05.
Went to bed cuddling my bunny who I have renamed 'Chris' (god I feel quite nauseous now & who on earth was 'Chris' ?)
Got another telling off about my bedroom ! (oh no I have become my mother....... how & when did that happen??)

Friday, 11 May 2007

Summer of '74 ~week one day 3

Wednesday 24th July
Went shoping and it started to rain I got soaked.
Went to Mel's and we took 2 dogs for a walk down to the beach called Yaney and Portos (oh come on Yaney and Portos??) Yaney is a pure bred Dutch Barge dog and Portos is a cross Dutch barge dog.
We then went into town I bought a nightie then we went to the fairground. Went on the Speedway.
The second time we were on there we were noticed by a gang of good looking boys who followed us and then we lost them (ok what is the reality of this?.......... they were probably spotty/gorky teens lol)
Kate came round after tea and we went to call for Mel but she couldn't come out. Her Mum just does not like me I know she she doesn't. She just gives me a funny look when I call for Mel.
We saw Charlie, Dave C and Chris C (cor) I think he fancies me. Dave C told me Chris C was interested but don't believe him. (oh the anx of being a teen)

Summer of' '74 ~week one day 2

Tuesday 23rd July
Went with Kate to get her C.S.E. result from her High School, but they hadn't come out yet.
Came home had a bottle of pop for dinner. (so nutrtious. Guess Mum was at work) Went into town. (Southport). Bought a pen, the one I am writing with now and a packet of chipsicks.
Bought 'Miss Hit and Run' by Barry Blue (can't find the song but this is Barry Blue if you are up to it ... deep breath before you click it is not pleasantand 'You're not my baby anymore' by Paul De Vinci (so obscure now can't even find a link)
Came home, had tea, went to Mel's
Came home an wrote letter to a boy selling photographs of Led Zepplin, Roxy Music, Yes etc
Phoned Kate......... she was in a funny mood don't know why?

Summer of '74 ~week one day 1

I have broken up from Colditz YIPPPEEE. 6 whole weeks of freedom

Monday 22nd July
Got up had a bath, had breakfast, washed my hair (would have thought I would have done that in the bath ... not after breakfast!!)
Mel came round, Mel went home.
Mum and my brother came home after being to the hospital with bro's finger (suppose he woud have to take it with him?). Mum had changed my top from Etams this one is much better.
Had a snack & caught train to Liverpool.
Went to T.J.Hughes and got a pale orange Miss Levi jacket it cost £1.99 and orange turn up jeans costing £1.99 (now these jeans were bright orange and I mean bright orange, somewhere I have photographic evidence...... will dig it out. But I truely loved these jeans with a passion I wore them to death . An old lady one night when I was coming home from roller skating at the YMCA said to me on the train 'do you work in the carrot factory?' I was mortifed)
Went to Lewis's and bought a white bikini £1.25.
Bro got black silk jeans and an orange top (hee hee he would die if he knew I was telling this!)
Came home early as Bro was in a bad mood and fed up (early signs.... men and shopping just don't go together)
Mel called round took her neighbours Irish Wolfhound Janus (told you it was posh were I lived who calls their dog Janus?) for a walk. Came home at 10.00 phoned Kate.
(just note to say Kate is the daughter of Mums new man a few years older than me)

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Just to get going

I have just found some entries in another diary that are before that summer (this is going to be more complicated than I first thought)

Tuesday January 1st 1974~ Misty Foggy and very cold
My friend Kate came round ........... she had a big pile of Pictures and Information on Donny and his brothers ( swoon).
Kate couldn't stay for tea but she came back later to play records and we drank half a bottle of Pomangne (champange cider) and ate twiglets!
Tuesday 8th January 1974 ~ Cold and Wet
Went back to school. Got results from tests ..... maths 57/100, Science 31/100, French 47/100 (mental note ... do not give teenge daughter a hardtime over her results)
Did Art instead of games, did record covers for the Osmonds and Mud
Sunday 13th January 1974 ~ Stormy and dull
Counted my Donny photos I have 1480
Monday 14th January 1974 ~ Cold
Went to school , did the kiss of life .. was a good laugh. Put pictures of Donny on bedroom wall it took ages, they kept falling down (obviously the age before Blue Tack)

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Getting to Here!

I guess the next step in this to set the scene how I got to where I appear in the diaries.

Out I popped into the World in the early 60s in swinging, happening Liverpool, the third child & only girl. I had bronchial pneumonia as a baby and continual chesty coughs, Dad looked for a job on the coast and finally managed to gain a good position as an engineer in Southport Circa March 1965.
Off we all went with the excitement of sandhills, beach and occasionally the sea, as small people we could not often walk that far …. This excitement and new life was swiftly removed 2 years later when my Dad died very suddenly aged 44.

So faced with raising 3 kids, no income (no insurance then that paid off the house) and no family living near, Mum had the choice of either selling up and taking us back to Liverpool or staying put to carry on Dads dream of a healthier life for his children at the coast.
Thankfully for us we stayed. Let this never at anytime appear as though I am ashamed of my Scouse roots, because no further from the truth could you get …….. but lets face it as a kid growing up at the sea side ..what more could you ask it was sooooooooooooo cool

Mum got cleaning jobs, which she could do in school hours

I will not have you being latch key kids’ she would say

Growing up in a middle class village for a Scouse family was tough. At that time my brother and I were the only kids on free school meals (our Primary School had braided blazers, shirt and tie and the boys wore caps), my Mum was ignored in the bread shop as Mrs Cooper, Mrs Thornby et al where called in front of her at the bakers for their bread order, I was constantly corrected on my speech by my best friends' mothers …

now come along dear it is Barth .. not bath, Garrargge .. not Garage!’.. they would say

I was not allowed in some of my mates homes because I was from Liverpool …. I would sit on the step whilst the rest went in the house…

All this was stored in the memory banks and has made me the person I am now .. I expect that is what has given me my levels of tolerance of people and all our differences … and certainly I must confess as have seen some of these parents now as an adult I think

‘You made my life hell as a child with your bias… but look at me now !’ & smile to myself

Along the way we got by with clothes from the families Mum cleaned for, the Church and a lady that owned one of the big sea front Hotels

(Early check in here!! .. was given a head scarf from one such charitable family to use for my Cindy doll… I cut it up to make sheets for her bed I had made out of a cornflake packet after watching Blue Peter. The scarf was a Hermes !!!!!)

Once I went to Secondary School Mum did get a full time job in the Civil Service and she also met a man (she was 36 when Dad died ) … He was the widowed son of a neighbour and our life changed again………………….. He had a car……….. a tan Ford Cortina 2000E OEM 59L…..

Will get around to the secrets of the diaries over the next posts……….. just to say the first is the ‘Summer of 1974’... I didn't get bitter .. I just got better :-)