Friday, 30 October 2009

Halloween ..... T-shirt Friday


I am afraid I am going to have to cheat this last Friday and use the Halloween T~shirt I featured last year {Dear Nurse Myra please accept my apologies for being so tardy}... you know I was amazed it was 12 months ago when I posted this shirt.... where has the bloody year gone to ???

So no one can accuse me of not getting into the spirit of this weird festival... I have bought a wig to scare the Trick or Treaters.....

I think it may just work .... what do you think??
If this fails I have one in reserve lol :-)

I am quite pleased that Teen is now an older Teen and is not obsessed with me carving out a pumpkin. For one it is jolly hard work and two I am quite frankly rubbish at it. However I came a cross this little kit on the interweave and I was almost tempted......
I think I may just stick to what I know!!!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

24th & 25th October 1977

Monday 24
Half Term
Maths Tutor @4pm
Did equations YUK!!!
I am not going out with 'new boyfriend any more, that is definite.
'J' met Mark R in town and he told her so. (Don't you just love teenage romance when you get dumped through the grapevine lol)
Not very upset.
Went to Fi's house this afternoon.

Tuesday 25
'new boyfriend' phoned
He said he still fancies me but it would be better if we finished (lol)
I could always go back with him in a few months (are you mad girl... erm no don't do it!!)
Fi came round
Took Kelly for 2 walks as 'J' and her family are in York (Kelly was the most amazing Irish Red Setter.. )

I am being a really bad blogger of late. No excuses except that I seem to have no time to spare. However, I have become a bit hooked on Scrabble over at Facebook. If anyone fancies a challenge who follows me over there let me know, unfortunately it isn't available in Canada or the US.. dunno why????

You can tell winter is on it's way ... on Thursday I started with a god awful head cold. Don't you just hate them? It is only a cold but it makes you feel so wretched, my stomach muscles are aching through sneezing so much. Teen reckons it is good and I will end up with a 6-pack ... lol.

To cheer myself up I thought I would take a look at what was number one in the record charts in October 1977. fancied a bit of discotheque musak..... how disappointing .... number one on 24th October 1977 was .... DAVID (bloody) SOUL with 'Silver Lady'

I won't inflict him on you here but if you click on the words 'Silver Lady' it will take you to an awful recording on You Tube .....

I will leave you with a bit of Rod Stewart ,,, number one in May 1977... quite apt as I had just been dumped by my first boyfriend lol :-)

Friday, 16 October 2009

12th, 13th, 14th, 15th October

Wednesday 12 1977
'new boyfriend's 18th Birthday
Went to Blackpool for the day
Saw all the Conservatives going into the Conference (This year it was in Manchester.. it was chaos and I have never seen so many Rozzers in one place (or 'Scuffers' as we called them in Liverpool)
Day = bitterly cold & windy (mmm it has been quite mild of late)
"New Boyfriend" liked his Brut and shirt (hee hee I bought him Brut)

Thursday 13 1977
Went to school after skiving yesterday (how bad was I??)
'new boyfriend' rang to ask if I would stay over after his party tomorrow
I said no
Did French homework

Friday 14 1977
Had a blazing row with 'new boy friend' about Julie C
Mark C said that Andy fancies me
Home 1.15 am

Saturday 15 1977
Blackpool Trip 6.30
'new boy friend' bought me a panda as a peace offering
Mike F asked me to go out with him when I have finished with 'new boy friend' (lol how funny ...)

Doing these dairies does amuse me as I have come across names I had completely forgotten about and it is also funny because I am in touch with many still ... like Sam and 'new boy friend' both from 1977, Mark C, 'J' from 1973 etc oh and Annie Mouse who went to the same school as me but we only became good friends 7 years ago ...


In the comments Dear Frac made mention of a certain 'intimate' moment between Donny and one of the male judges. I really couldn't believe that Donny would be unfaithful to me so I had to 'You Tube' it ... thankfully I could tell he was only kidding and no tongues were involved ... phew (but thank you dear Frac for the confirmation)

Spookily as I was typing this up Annie Mouse texted me to tell me that Dancing with the Stars is on 'Watch TV'... I have no idea if we have that on our cable ... but I have no chance as Teen is deeply engrossed in some Chic Flick!!
I had an email the other night from 'J' and she reminded me that we are due to exhibit next month in a photography exhibition .... blimey that has come around quickly!!
I have worked on a few photos to get printed up... the theme is 'music'. The ones from the Cliff concert are not clear enough to use and I have been to very few concerts of late. I captured these folk at a local festival and these are some possibilities. What do you think ???

There are a few more I am working up though ... will let you have a sneak preview...

Thursday, 8 October 2009

7th & 8th & 10th October

Friday 7 1977
Brother's 18th Birthday (Happy 50th Birthday Bro!)
He got a chess set, a 3 piece suit, a table tennis bat and a calculator (lol blimey they were shocking pressies )
'new boyfriend' phone 2x
He went to a party

Monday 8th 1979
Nephew's 4th Birthday (Happy 34th Birthday Nephew )
Only in college 2 hours as lecture was away
Bought a dress pattern for £1.49
Went to night school = good
Sam phoned at lunch time & at 10.15
He had been playing footy at Keele Uni.

Tuesday 10 1978
College at 9.00
Everyone is tired after the Tech do
Drew £2.00 from the bank
Sent off my film it cost £1.00 (ah this was the age of 'Truprint' and rolls of films. I must say £1.00 31 years ago seems a lot ... it is only about £2,50 to have them developed now !!)

Well I went and been and done it .........
It wasn't as bad as I thought.................
I don't think anyone recognised me......
& I have not been converted .................

Yes on Wednesday night I went with Annie Mouse to see Cliff Richard and the Shadows at the Liverpool Echo Arena.
It looks like that Annie Mouse didn't want anyone to know she had gone to see him either..... how strange as she claims to be a huge fan of his .....?????
I sang along when I new the tunes ... Summer Holiday, The Young Ones etc and tapped my foot to the beat of the ones I didn't know..........& was on my bestest behaviour.. I sang along only a few chords in the style of a pub singer and I only mentioned a couple of times that he was miming ... which of course he wasn't I was just being mischievous ;-)

All in all a great evening which started with a lovely meal at Wagamama.
Followed by a fabulous sunset over the Mersey and then a dessert of Cliff .... Annie really enjoyed it and I think she enjoyed it more as she kept saying .... 'who'd of thought after all these years you would be sat next to me at a Cliff concert!!!''..... Yes indeed who'd of thought it ??.... never ever me in a million gazillions years............