Sunday, 30 September 2007

1978 March/ April week 13

Sunday 27th March

Got up at 10.00. It was raining. Phoned the café at 10.45.
They said they would ring me back if they decided to open
Got a call back at 1.30. Worked from 2.30 – 5.45.
Got home at 6.15.
Sam came round at 8.15.

Watched the Graduate & Love Story on TV

Bev phoned
I phoned ‘J’.
Martin was round her house so he took Sam home at 12.30 am.

Monday 28th March

Got up at 10.30.
Phoned café but they didn’t need me although it got very busy in the afternoon
Everybody seems to be in a narky mood. I was in an ace mood when I got up but it has worn off now.
Went into Southport with Sam.
Went to the ‘Brick & Art Centre
He = in a funny mood, he was rude and horrid to me so I walked off & came home
Me = upset

Tuesday 29th March

Got up at 12.00
Sam phoned at ½ 12.
He came round at 2 and we went into Southport.
Tried on loads of dresses all = silly
Bev phoned
‘J’ phoned
Sam came round at 7.00
Talked and played records
He left at 11.00

Wednesday 29th March

Got up at 10.00. Bev phoned at 10.30, said we were working.
Got to work at 11.30 worked til 6.00
Got £9.00 wages for Fri, Sat & Sun.
Phoned Sam at 1.00pm amd 6.30.
Went to Formby at 7.45pm
Went to the Railway then Mike’.
Sam had his hair cut there = dead nice
Got to the station at 11.00, no ¼ past 11 train
Mam in a right nark as she doesn’t believe me

Thursday 30th March

Party at our house

Got up at 10.30 ish
Tidied the whole of the house.

Sam round at 2.00 went shopping for food for the party ( I bet there were vol-u-vents with Chesswood creamed mushrooms, cheese & pineapples on stick & curled up sandwiches)

Everyone arrived at 8.00. About 25 came = plenty of booze.
Not a bad party
Martin = ill so ‘J’ was by herself
Brother got really drunk on his home brew (he was so ill he was sick out of his bedroom window and Sam managed to catch him by his legs before he fell out … mum was not amused! Nor was he next day when he had to get the ladders out toclean up the sick off the outside of the house hee hee )

Everyone left about 12.30 am.
Sam went home on my brothers bike hope he = ok (drunk in charge of a push bike)

Friday 31st March

Got up at 9.30 to phone café but wasn’t needed. It is a wet horrible day.
Hoovered and cleaned up after last night.
Sam phoned and he came down at about 2.45 pm. He stayed until 4.45 pm
Mums friend from when she was a kid came round. She has not seen her for 4 years.
Bev phoned
Sam came round at 7.15.
‘J’ phoned Martin was round her house so he took Sam home at 10.50 (wow an early night)

Saturday 1st April

Grand National

1st Lucius 14-1

2nd Sebastian V

3rd Dunaroon

Red Rum not running cos of bruised fetlock. (Red Rum was obviously a favourite horse, Ginger McCain had his stables in Southport and I saw Red Rum a few times road walking and on the beach)

Put 20p each way on Cornish Princess 66-1

Went to town at 11.00 tried on dresses etc bought some leg warmers
Didn’t work weather = yuk
Met Sam at 7.00. Went to the Railway the Mike’s house

Sam goes on holiday tomorrow (sob) I will miss him when he is away (I bet Mum was delighted .....a week of peace!)

Saturday, 29 September 2007

1978 March week 12

Sunday 19th March
Got up at 12.15 pm coz the clocks went forward 1 hour last night (oh yes Spring forward, Fall back)

‘J’ phoned, she had a good time at Martin’s last night (!!!!!)
Bev & Sam phoned

Sam went to Silverstone, Northants today. He got covered in mud cos it was raining down there
Met him at 8.15 pm at the Railway, sat with his mates (& yes one of them that I married!)
Went back to Sam’s at 10.30 came home at 11.45 pm

Monday 20th March

Got 16/20 for Geog test we did on Friday …. Came top. (WOW!!)
Looked at my English essay marks mostly A’s and B+’s (hey not bad girl)
Went to Maths tutors went over old maths papers
Sam came round at 6.45
We went to the indoor athletics meeting at our school
Bev = 2nd in shot.
Sam went home at 10.15

Tuesday 21st March (1st day of Spring)
Pupils V Staff hockey match = freezing
Bev on ½ day
Sam came round at 6.45 & we went to Skelm (Skelmerdale) to take 2 Easter Eggs to my niece and nephew
We then went to the Scaracen’s Head & had prawn sandwiches
Sam went home at 11.00
Bev phoned at 11.05 she had been at a party at Tiffany’s

Wednesday 22nd March

Break up for Easter (YIPEEEEEE!!)
Came home at ½ 12
Sam came round at 1.45pm
Made ginger biscuits = disaster to look at but tasted great
Jackie has finished with her boyfriend sort of til after Easter (huh??)
Sam came round at 7.10
Went to the ‘Brick
Had 3 games of pool & he beat me 3 times (darn it!!)
Came home at 10.00
Watched League Cup Final replay& Sam went home at 11.00pm

Liverpool 0 Notts Forest 1
Liverpool =1 goal disallowed (sob!) and Notts got a penalty

Thursday 23rd March

Got up at 10.30.
Sam went to Oulton Park with Mark
Stayed in all day did Geog & Maths revision
Went to Sam’s at 8.30
Came home at 11.45 pm

Bev’s cat got run over so her 3 kittens are going to the RSPCA. Asked Mum if we could have them and she said no as Tina wouldn’t like it plus she had enough to do with us lot!! (Tina was our tabby cat who lived until she was 21)

Friday 24th March

Start work at the café (again)
Worked from 10.00 – 6.00 pm
Weather freezing

‘J’, her sister and Martin came round to see me
Only 4 of us working there
Got home at 7.00
Sam came round at 9.00
He had been to Oulton Park with his Mum & Dad & then to Crosby to see his grandparents
He left at 11.05 pm
Phoned ‘J’

Saturday 25th March

Went to work at 9.45.
At 11.00 I was told to go on the till at the Golden Inn =ok but boring.
Gardens Café shut cos of rain
Knocked off at 3 pm
Phoned Sam at 5.15
Went to the ABC to see ‘Rollercoaster’ = ACE 9/10
Afterwards we went to the ‘Brick
Came home at 11.15

Thursday, 27 September 2007

1978 Interlude

As a break from the constant phone calls and pub crawls I thought I would surf for a few world events that occurred January to March 1978.

18th January

The European Court of Human Rights finds the UK Government guilty of mistreating prisoners in Northern Ireland but not guilty of torture……..
It was an icy cold day frost everywhere. I went swimming.

23rd January

My mates were drunk in Tiffany’s and I was counting Birthday cards meanwhile......
Sweden became the first nation to ban aerosol sprays because of the damage to the earth’s ozone layer. I had no idea about then about an 'ozone', I can’t even recall what
deodorant I used then whether it was an aerosols or not. I know I used Mum roll on but that may have been later.

1st February

My careers interview where comically my careers teacher suggested I become a journalist…oh and I played pool in the ‘Brick, whilst ........

Roman Polanski skipped bail and fled to France after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13 year old. I do remember this as I was a teen and thought ewwww how gross!

13th February

Anna Ford makes her debut ...
whilst I washed my hair & had a bath and got on down to Exodus and I was unfaithful to Donny with David Cassidy

15th February

When mass murderer Ted Bundy was captured
I was … yes playing pool in the Brick

21st February

Some electrical workers in Mexico found the remains of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in the middle of Mexico city… absolutely fascinating stuff

In 70s world it has snowed a little, Bev had had a telling off by her mum about her diaries and Sam had been to London.

1st March

.. oh yes I had been off school all week with ‘red ‘flu’ and went to a dsco whilst

Charlie Chaplin’s remains were being stolen from Cosier-sur-Vevey in Switzerland

14th March.

Israeli forces invade Lebanon in Operation Litani.
I was sitting a Maths exam on equations & I let my drainys in.

17th March

I was doing a German Oral exam and this has shocked me as it was the day that the Amoco Cadiz ran aground on the coast of Brittany (I do recall that event vividly) 5 days later it split in two and spilled 220,000 tonnes of crude oil. I went to Portsall 2 years ago where the anchor is, what a beautiful coastline... no so 31 years ago

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

1978 March week 11

Sunday 12th March

Got up at 11.45am.
Tidied front room.
Had a bath & hair wash
Bev, Fi, ‘J’ & Sam phoned.
Fi = MC after the
Yacht Club Disco & Bev = Craig G.
Sam came round at 7.15 pm. He’s got a swollen eye after being hit by a football.
He left at 11.00 pm

Monday 13th March

Passport at the Hoffenbrau Hause
Bev had a fight with Jackie R it was really good.
Went to Maths tutor did Equations
Had a coughing fit it was so embarrassing
Bev, ‘J’ and Sam phoned.
Sam is going to the Hoffenbrau House (I think that should actually read Hofbrauhaus. The Hofbrauhaus was in Liverpool somewhere but I was not allowed to go but I guess you drank out of steins and it was all oompah stuff!!)

He is going to see some mates of his in a group called Passport (I can’t think for the life of me who the lead singer was but I remember him being a most gorgeous male who wore eyeliner! I put a search in for 'Passport band' and got this ..... I feel this is not them lol)

Sam got gripped by the rozzers last night for using his pass on the train (I guess you were only supposed to use it in college hours)

Bev had her Maths tutor (erm… I don’t think in ‘that’ respect)

Tuesday 14th March

Had a Maths exam on Equations
Sam met me after school. He left at 5.45.
Bev, ‘J’ & Sam phoned.
‘J’ = worried about Martin as he was in a nark with her.
Bev = row with her Mum, she says she is going to leave home once she has done her exams
Washed my jeans & drainys

Wednesday 15th March (3 months to the date)

Got separated from the class in German by some student for messing about.
Went to town at 3.00pm instead of going swimming I met Sam in the ‘Brick. Had a game of pool, he won as I potted the black in the wrong hole. (drat!)
Went to the dentist at 4.30. Had a little filling.
Me & Sam walked from the dentist to my house.
Went to a fashion show at the Prince of Wales Hotel with Mum & ‘J’ it was really great.

Sam phoned at 11.00 pm

Thursday 16th March

½ day in school cos of teachers dispute – they want a 12% rise but are only getting 9% (was this part of the winter of discontent in Spring??)

Sam met me at 12.00pm.
Went to town at 1.30 pm.
Went to the ‘Brick and had 4 games of pool.
We went to the Art College to see ‘J’
Came home at 5.00pm
Bev & Sam phoned
Revised German oral work for exam tomorrow.
Got a letter off Corinna, answered it
Wrote Sam a letter

Friday 17th March

Had my German Oral exam at 11.15 am
Got 5 ½ / 10 for passage & he said my conversation was good.
Sam phoned at 4.30 pm
He came round at 7.00
‘J’ phoned at 8.30pm
Martin was round at her house.
Sam left at 11.30 pm cos Martin took him home in his VW.
Had a good time (eek)

Saturday 18th March

Got up at 11.00. Went to town on the 1.30 pm bus.
Met Sam in the ‘Brick.
‘J’ = job in the Coffee bean = £7.20 for 1 Saturday.
I start work at the Outdoor Café on Friday.
Bought ‘I love you’ Donna Summer (such a bad recording but the only one I could find!)

Sam came round at 7.00
Went to town at 7.45.
Went to the ‘Brick. Beat Sam 2 x out of 3 at pool (god I had had enough practice)
Next went to the Fox & Goose until 10.30.

We then walked down Lord Street and got last train home

League Cup final Liverpool 0 v Notts 0 replay Wednesday

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

1978 March week 10

Sunday 5th March

Mother’s Day
(ah! Hence the daffodils, duster and cheque book cover)

Got up at 9.00 am.
Made Mam breakfast in bed cos it is Mother’s day (& I guess I had a few brownie points to earn back!)
Went back to bed & got up at 11.30.
Attempted some homework and failed.
Went to S’port at 7.00pm.
Me & Sam went to see ‘
The Last Remake of Beau Geste’ It was not as good as it was made out to be.
(Marty Feldman was brilliant, one of the funniest films of his was ‘Young Frankinstein’. I remember ‘J’ & went to see it and we cried laughing through out … it was released in 1974)

This picture reminds me of someone in their younger years???

Went to the Dixie for about 10 minutes.
Got a lift home off Martin in his VW, ‘J’ was with him
Home at 11.00 pm

Monday 6th March

Back to school
Darts concert at the Empire = didn’t go

Had Maths tutor. Did graphs.
Bev & Fi phoned.

Bev’s boyfriend had finished with her she was in tears.
Fi is off with ‘flu (I wonder where she got that from?)
Sam phoned (cor!)
Bev’s cat has had 2 kittens there maybe more. I wonder if Mum will let me have one?
Did French homework

Tuesday 7th March

Bev had her Physics C.S.E practical then she went home.
Had a Maths test on graphs.
Got form back from the Tech saying I had an interview on 13/3/78 but I cancelled it thinking I was going to a fashion show but I ain’t (glad to see I had my priorities right!)
Met Sam
Went to ‘J’s house from 8-10.30

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights number 1

Wednesday 8th March

Got up at 7.45 am.
Caught the 8.24 am train to Liverpool (how precise a time is that?)
Met Sam
Went to Lime Street Station & then we went to Wolverhampton.
Arrived there at 11.00 am.
Went to the Feathers pub for a drink and a game of darts
(sad as it may seem but I recall Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty playing on the jukebox)
Came home on the 3.12 pm train from Wolverhampton
We went to the Polytechnic there = rubbish (sorry Wolvo Poly!)
Washed my hair then went to the careers convention at our school
Phoned Sam had a bit of a barney with him but it is nothing serious (I hope) cos I love him

Thursday 9th March

Sam met me out of school at 3.40 pm.
He stayed until 5.15
Bev, ‘J’ & Sam phoned.
Sam was outside the Railway pub with Stan and Mike.
He is phoning tomorrow at about 6.00 pm
We are supposed to be going to Formby footy club do but Sam wants to go the Midnight Lounge tomorrow.

Friday 10th March

Had a practice German oral exam = ……. !
Took white jeans in they look ace. (I reckon flares were definitely out then!)
‘J’ called for me at 7.30 & we met Sam & Martin at 8.00 at the railway pub.
Wnt to Formby FC disco = no one there.
Went to the Bay Horse.
Then went back to the disco.
There was a fight as Sam’s mate had £12 robbed off him.
Sam went and stopped the fight (oh my hero!!!)
On the way home we got picked up by the pigs for speeding (I am typing what I see… what a horrid expression)
Martin took a breathalyzer = negative.
This rozzer said we were speeding doing 60 –65mph.
Martins speedo don’t work.
He will probably get a summons & £20 fine
Home at 11.30 pm.

(now the tale of the stop by the Police was quite amusing (I have checked this out with ‘J’). He went through some lights on red as there was no one around except a patrol car, it followed us up to ‘J’s house. Martin took the breath test and burst the bag. The police officer didn’t have any more bags so he called for a patrol car to bring one. Another patrol car turned up plus a ‘meat wagon’. We were actually waiting for the local plod to turn up on his bike as well… cos the village had one of those too. He did it again and burst that bag as well.. 3rd time lucky for him and unlucky for the police as it was indeed negative. Thank god it wasn’t outside my house. ‘J’ said her parents witnessed it through the window and they were so cool they just thought it was funny. I doubt very much my Mum would have thought the same)

Saturday 11th March

Got up at 11.00.
Phoned Bev & ‘J’
Sam has gone to Oulton Park to watch motor racing.
Went to Southport & to the ‘Brick
Also went into the Golden Inn to get me job back at the Outdoor café.
Sam phoned at 6.30 pm.
Met him at 7.30 & went to the Railway pub to meet some of his mates.
Went to some lads party.
Had a long discussion with Sam about our future together (god it has only been 3 months!!) as he is moving.
He says that if he is still going out with me then he will stay in Merseyside
I feel so mean.

Monday, 24 September 2007

1978 February/March week 9

Sunday 26th Feb

I’ve got ‘red flu’ Stayed in bed all day (I doubt it was red ‘flu it was probably just ordinary flu but as it was in the press at that time … that is obviously what I had!)

Sam phoned he was feeling a bit groggy after last night.
He then phoned me at night (awwww he cares!)
Bev phoned.
I feel really ill.

Mum brought the black & white telly into my room = slightly ace. (well can you imagine what a treat that was then, all I had in my room at the time was a transistor radio and my record player. My teen feels hard done to as her remote control to her portable is broken and she has to get up to switch over channels)

‘J’ is in Cholomendy with her sister & Martin.

Monday 27th Feb

Stayed off school. Feel a bit better I don’t ache as much as yesterday.
Tidied my bedroom (gosh I must be feeling better)
Sam phoned about 2.00 pm.
Bev, ‘J’ & Fi rang.
Fi is coming to see me tomorrow.
Phoned Sam he is phoning me tomorrow.
Got a letter from Corinna.
‘J thinks she is in love with Martin (ooops its not only the ‘flu that is catching)

Tuesday 28th Feb

Got up at 9.30 am.
Feel much better most of the ‘flu’ has invaded my larynx.
Fi came round at lunch-time & she decided to skive off all afternoon (tut-tut)
Had a great laugh though
Sam phoned at 2.00 pm
Phoned ‘J’.
Bev phoned & so did Sam.
Phoned Bev & Fi (OMG was I never off that bloomin’ phone)
Abba still number 1

Wednesday 1st March

St David’s Day
Got up at 11.30. Washed my hair.
Bev & Fi came round in the lunch hour & gave me the tickets for the disco tonight at Tiffany’s. (surely I wouldn’t be allowed to go!!)
Sam phoned.
Sam came round at 7.00pm.
Haven’t seen him for 3 days.
Went to the disco at Tiffany’s. (How on earth did I manage that one??)

Sam missed his train so he had to walk home, hope he is ok.
Fi got drunk (HA) (Now Fi was actually a good girl and this was very unusual for her)

Thursday 2nd March

Went back to school. Got sent home at 1.00 pm as I felt ill again.
Sam came round after school.
Fi phoned.
Phoned Bev, Jackie & ‘J’
Had a MASSIVE row with Mum (can’t think what that would have been about? Much!!)
I am staying off tomorrow, hope I can go out tomorrow night (what a madam)

Friday 3rd March

Off school again cos I’m not quite better.
Phoned the shoe shop and told them I wouldn’t be coming back in. They were ok about it. (nothing like giving them notice hey?)
Sam phoned & Bev came round at 4.00 pm.
Washed my hair & had a bath
Sam came round at 7.00.
Phoned ‘J’ both she and Martin came round at 8.30

Saturday 4th March

Got up at 11.00pm.
Went to Southport at 2.00.
Met Sam at 2.45.
Bought hair clips & slides, a feather duster, cheque-book cover, tights and bunch of daffodils.

Went for a couple of games of pool at the ‘Brick
Sam and family called for me at 7.00pm to go for a meal at the ‘Little Gourmet’
Had gammon, chips and mushrooms. Had a great laugh.
After me & Sam went to the ‘Brick and the Fox & Goose.
Came back on the last train

Sunday, 23 September 2007

1978 February week 8

Sunday 19th Feb
Got up at 11.30. Did some homework (faint) (see I even realized then that I was shoddy at it)
Sam & Bev phoned.
Had a bath and washed my hair.
Bev phoned again.
Sam came round at 8.00 pm an hour late.
Stayed in and watched ‘Moulin Rouge’ all about Toulouse-Lautrec.

(it was most likely the 1952 film with Jose Ferrer. I know we did a lot of Lautrec copying during the 5th year & I did/do love the bohemian/burlesque images he created. The 3 below I certainly remember reproducing)

Sam’s dad wants to have a harsh talk with him about his future tomorrow. (It had to happen ... my goodness we were never away from each other)

He went home at 11.00

Monday 20th Feb

PE teacher’s 23rd birthday (OMG how young was he…. This was the dude in the Capri)
Back to skool
Got up at 8.30 am. (erm we started at 9… ?)
After skool went to ‘J’s house had a long natter.
Sam phoned but I wasn’t in so I phoned him back.
His parents had a long chat about his future, college and ME!! He couldn’t tell me much about it as his mum & dad were around so he will tell me tomorrow (nail biting wait!!)

Tuesday 21st Feb

School as usual
It sort of snowed last night and it is still bitterly cold.
Thick snow down South (Cornwall& South Wales etc)
Bev phoned. She is in trouble with her mam again. It’s about her diaries this time (I wonder if she kept hers??)
Sam phoned from Lime Street station he has been to London today.
He then phoned me when he got home at 11.15 pm. He was a bit drunk.
He is meeting me at the baths tomorrow at 4.00 pm.

Abba is number 1 (wedgies on!!)

Wednesday 22nd Feb

School disco in aid of Magpie Appeal (didn’t go)

(Slight interlude found this whilst I was surfing YouTube.... that song such memories of Tales from Europe, Saturday mornings and school holidays !)

Went the baths at 2.45.Sam came at 3.25.
We went to the ‘Brick’ until 5.00.
Sam told me about his discussion with his parents. He is getting a job if he doesn’t get into Wolverhampton & he must live at his gran’s.
Also that he must not do anything that he might regret later with me!! (obviously the don’t put her up the duff convo)

He phoned me at 8.40 pm

Did chapter summaries on Mayor of Casterbridge (NM I knew I didn't only watch the film :-) )

Thursday 23rd Feb (10 weeks)

Sam met me out of school
He stayed ‘til six
Phoned ‘J’. She went to Nottingham yesterday to look at the college
Phoned Sam at 10.00
He is meeting me from school tomorrow
Had an argument with mum about him coming round tomorrow after school & at night (you bet we did and I am now that ‘mum’ and I would not put up with this!! I wonder if the parents had spoken???)
She said she would stop me going out with him altogether. Like hell she will
(awww bless Mum tried her best ….. oh god I am not as gentle as my Mum .. I guess I am in for a rough ride with my teen in a year or 2!!)

Friday 24th Feb

Sam met me at 3.40 pm. Came back to my house
‘J’ phoned then I phoned her back ( I guess I was ‘busy’ exactly what my Mum assumed!!)
Sam came round at 7.10.
We went into town 8.10 bus (number 17) (wtf was this obsession … I am now noting the bus numbers)

Went to the ‘Brick’, then we walked along Lord Street (I can see it now 2 love lorn teens discussing parents were ganging up on them)

At 10.00 we got the train back to my house.
Sam left at 11.00 pm.
Watched a film called ‘Lost Continent’ = weird

Saturday 25th Feb

This is written the morning after the night before

Worked 10.00 – 5.00
Sam met me for dinner
I bought a jumper(blue, pink & black) (sounds stunning .. not!) for £6.99
Also bought a card for Martin
Went to Martin’s party at 8.00
Sam was talking and flirting with this girl. I was so angry I wanted to bash her.
Sam says he is dead sorry for his behaviour. I forgive him, just about

Saturday, 22 September 2007

1978 February week 7

Sunday 12th Feb

Got up at 10.30.
Bev phoned.
I phoned Sam.
My brother took me down to Formby at 1.45 pm.
He had a look at Sam’s MG but the insurance was too much.

Watched football on the box.
Went for a walk from Formby to Freshfield = freezing temperature –5C. (No wonder the red squirrels hibernate)

Sam came round at 7.10 and stayed til 11 pm.
Watched ‘Mayor of Casterbridge’ ( I am sure to get my English Literature O’level at this rate)

Went to bed at 12.55 (12.55!!!!!!!oh yes it is ½ term)

Monday 13th Feb

Got up at 10.25.
Washed my hair & had a bath.
Had just started ironing when Sam turned up at 1.00
Went shopping at 2.25 pm.
Sam gave me my Valentine’s Card = dead sweet

Went round to his house at 6.50.
Walked round Formby.
Watched ‘Hazell’
Borrowed 3 L.P.s, Exodus & 2 David Cassidy (I can’t believe what I have just read … David Cassidy. Oh Donny please forgive me, I am so sorry I have been unfaithful)

Came home at 11.30 pm.
Mum in a real paddy (little wonder strolling in at 11.30)
Phoned ‘J’

Tuesday 14th Feb
Valentines Day

Got up at 9.25 am.
Did ironing (I reckon that is why Mum was in a paddy….. was supposed to this the day before)
Went into town on the 12 o’clock bus. Met Bev on the bus.
Met Sam, ‘J’ and Martin at 12.30 at the Monument.

We all trugged back to the Art College. Spent the whole afternoon there with Sam & ‘J’
Came home at 5.15 pm.
Sam came round at 7.10 pm.
He left at 11 o’clock to go to an all night drawing session (alright if you like that kind of thing) (actually it would be great fun)

Wednesday 15th Feb
Got up at 10.00 am.
Sam came round at 12.30
Went to his house for dinner.
Listened to the radio & some records
Came home at 5.00pm.
Went to the ‘Brick’ with Bev
Played pool with 3 of Sams mates. (one of which I later married ... but that is another tale)
Sam phoned when I was out. He phoned back at 10.30 pm. He is in a bit a bad mood!

Thursday 16th Feb
Got up at 10.25.
Washed my drainy cords.
Bev phoned.
Stayed in by myself this afternoon (that’ll be a first then)
Sam phoned twice. He apologized for being moody yesterday
Phoned Fi & Bev.
Met Sam at 6.40 went to Stans party = quite good
One of his mates fancies Bev but I am not going to do anything about it as I know what she is like (absolutely boy mad)

Friday 17th Feb

Got up at 11.30. Washed my hair.
Fi, Bev & Sam phoned.
Went to the ‘Brick’ at 2.00. Played pool (well what a surprise)
Phoned ‘J’ when I got home, she has a migraine
Went to the Art Centre at 8.00 pm then we (Sam, me, ‘J’, Bill, Paula, Denise, Sheena, Grace, Chris and Sue) (who are all these people??) went for a Chinese meal at the Cathay Gardens.
Cost me and Sam £3.31 each (wow bargain)

I had soup, barbequed spare ribs, rice, sweet & sour pork, chicken etc & toffee apples and bananas = dead nice (yuk they make me want to be sick theses days)
Sam wore his suit. He looked dead sexy (I must confess do I like a man in a suit!!!)

Saturday 18th Feb

John Travoltas Birthday

Work 10.00 – 5.00
Met Sam at Formby station at 6.45.
Went back to his house
Went to the Pinewoods pub then to a party in Freshfield
Had a sort of disagreement with Sam. He wouldn’t speak to me.
Me = upset. We’ve made up now thank god!

Friday, 21 September 2007

1978 February week 6

Sunday 5th Feb
Got up at 11.45 am did absolutely nothing except make some oat biscuits (what I could cook??)
‘J’, Bev, Fi & Sam phoned. ( I have just remembered why folk almost always phoned me. My eldest brother paid the phone bill for mum, now he was earning good money. As a consequence he put a lock on it so I couldn't use it. It was a cream one like here aand the lock was put on number 1... what a meany)

Went to ‘J’s on the way to Tiffany’s. Stayed there until ½ 8.
Went to Tiffany’s.
Bev = pissed. She was crying over a lad. Fi = upset as her boyfriend chucked her and was seeing someone else and so on.

Who do they think I am Marg Proops?? (she used to give some good advice )
Sam was playing footy this afternoon = hurt his leg, thumb & toes (good grief what a miserable moaning lot today!!!)

Monday 6th Feb
Think I am getting flu.
Bev phoned.
Sam phoned he was in the pub.

He has told Mike that we are getting engaged as a joke as he is always lying. Tomorrow it will all round the High School. This is just a plan to make Mike look stupid (ha!) (not very nice but this lad was the biggest fairy tale teller in 70s land… you could never believe what he said but he would say it with such conviction)

Auntie D came down from Croydon ( ermmm shouldn’t that be up??)
Did some homework (jumps back in amazement!) (yes I did!!!!)

Tuesday 7th Jan
Went to Art college after school to meet Sam.
Got an application form for the Tech.
Sam in drawing until 4.30 pm then he went for a tutorial for an hour.

Got home at 6 o’clock.
Bev phoned. We decided to go the ‘Brick’
Met Sam. Had a good laugh.

Came home at ½ 9 did English essay on ‘Survival’ (it should have been titled ‘How to survive your O’levels when you are out all the time!’)

My brother’s girlfriend finished with him (awww! this was my younger bro not the meany eldest)

Wednesday 8th Feb
Went to the baths at 2.45 pm.
Sam arrived at 3.00 pm.
Didn’t swim because of a cold.
Me & Sam stayed there until 5.30 came home about 6.00.

‘J’ phoned then she came round about 8.00 pm.
She left at 9.30 pm

Finished my ‘survival’ essay. Did 7 ½ sides (yes but how big was the writing?)
Sam phoned. He is meeting me tomorrow.

Thursday 9th Feb 2 months

Had triple Art (oh heaven)
Teacher gace me 50 big sheets of paper (why??)

I am giving up Geology ( now I was taking Geology O’level as a 1 year course which I did in my lunch time…. I should have kept it up as I am fascinated by rocks, fossils etc … hey ho… I wonder if there is a night school going that does it ?? I know I am a geek)

Sending off my application for the Tech tomorrow (obviously a change of heart over catering college .. thank goodness)
Sam met me out of school. Stayed at our house until 6.00pm
Bev phoned.
Sam phoned from 7.40 – 8.30…. he said he loved me

Friday 10th Feb

Last day at school before ½ term holiday (yippeeee!!)
Bev came round to my house after school.
Washed my hair. (I was wondering about my personal hygiene... seems to have taken a dive!!)
‘J’ phoned
I phoned Sam (I must have begged for the key)
Went to the ‘Art Centre’ at 7.30 pm, then we went to the El Tonel. Had a great time.

Had ½ bottle of wine then ½ a litre bottle. Everybody = a bit smashed (I am still no good with wine!!)
Me & Sam had a big discussion about each other. I think I love him too (oh no get a grip girl……….)

Saturday 11th Feb
Got up at about 9. Phoned work and told them I was ill. Went back to bed until ¼ past 11.
Head = like a bullet.
Sam called for me at 1.30 pm.
Went to Southport (are you mad… you had phoned work to say you were ill)

Bought ‘19’ magazine.
Went to the ‘Brick’ had 1 game of pool
Weather = frosty 0 degree C but the sun is shining.

Went to Formby .
Went to the railway & had 1 martini.

Back to Nige’s.
Watched Mike Yarwood.
Sat listening to cassettes all night
Me = beggered after last night also feel ill.
Came home at 11.30 pm

Thursday, 20 September 2007

1978 January/ February week 5

Sunday 29th Jan

Got up at 12.00 pm.
Did English and Maths H/W
Bev phoned
Phoned Fi.

Sam phoned from Formby village. They have sold their house and they must be out by April. (his parents were moving to Staffordshire… oh no!!!!)
Went to Tiffany’s at 7.30.

Billy Butler off Radio Merseyside was there got a Billy Butler badge (wow!!)

(for those of you South of the Mersey or further a field Billy Butler is a leg end up here, later than 1978 he used to do a Sunday morning phone in programme called 'Hold your Plums' where the thickest of thick people would phone in. He would ask a question and they would say 'give us a clue Billy?' if they got the question right they would pull the arm of a one armed bandit and try to get 3 plums for a prize........ Pot 8 toes is a classic! It is a must hope the link works!)

Monday 30th Jan

Had a careers talk this afternoon and I have decided to go to Colquitt Catering College in Liverpool (see what all those reports in the early 70s have done I wanted to be a professional domestic goddess!)

Served teas at school for 1st years parents evening.

Watched ‘Hazell’ and ‘The Night they raided Minsky’s’
(so loved the Hazell series… must check out the box set)

Sam & Bev phoned
Sam is coming to meet me tomorrow after school

Tuesday 31st Jan

Went to have a look round the High School 6th form this morning = rubbish (now this was the all girls High School which wore green uniforms and I failed my 11+ & 12+ attempting to get in , although I didn’t want to go there)

It was freezing cold as it had snowed the night before.
Read Mayor of Casterbridge chapters 37 -43
Sam met me out of school & he came round here. Had a good time (I sure now know what that is a code for!!!!!)
He got 5.30 train back to Art College.
Met him at the ‘Brick’ at 8.00, had 2 games of pool.
Came home at 10.00 pm then went to ‘J’s until 10.45 pm. I left my scarf in the ‘Brick’

Wednesday 1st Feb

Had my careers interview today at 11.15am. Mr. H. reckons (and you will split your sides over this one) I should go in for journalism (hee hee ) & I should take Economics, Geography and Sociology A’level.

Went swimming. Sam was there waiting for me, stayed there until 5.15.
Went to the ‘Brick’ and got my scarf back.

Sam phoned. We had a stupid argument but everything is ok now.

Thursday 2nd Feb (7 weeks)

Went to Liverpool Polytechnic with Patricia (her dad had something to do with the college)
It was dead good.
Went round the graphics department, fashion and weaving etc.

Went to Kirklands for dinner. Had hot baked potato (well it wouldn’t be cold would it?) in chicken & mushroom sauce & a glass of cider.

(In the 80s I went to Liverpool Poly (not to do art malheureusement) and Kirklands was one of our favourite haunts, many a great night was had there. It was originally Kirkland's bakery building (35 Hardman Street, Liverpool 1), and in the 1980s became a wine bar apparently now it is called The Fly In The Loaf)

Came home at 13.45.
Met Bev out of school.
Bought Sam a Valentine’s card (the home made one must have been binned!)
Phoned ‘J’
Sam phoned me he was on the phone for about ½ hour.
Brother is in a right paddy = row with his girlfriend. (best keep out the way I feel)

Friday 3rd Feb
Sam called for me at 6.15 pm got the train at 6.40 pm.
Went to the railway pub then to his house.
Don’t think he is very well as he is full of cold (obviously man ‘flu! but would not have realised that then!)
He went to Leeds Polytechnic today and said it was ok.

Saturday 4th Feb

Worked 9.30 – 5.00

Sam met me for dinner at 1.15 pm.Bought a pair of leg warmers £1.99, a Woodstock wind up toy 99p(wow just looked on the web and someone is selling one for $5.00) & a highlighter for my hair. Sam was in a bad mood thought it was something I had done.

Met Fi & Bev after work in the ‘Brick’
Martin & ‘J’ came round to ours had a good laugh.

I asked Sam if he was a virgin before me = yes (OMG!!… I can’t believe I asked him that! & I can’t believe that he spoke the truth either!)