Sunday, 27 February 2011

Home Cinema

Anyone who has followed my blog for the past 4 years (blimey almost 4 years... medals will be given out for those who have stuck with it! mwah xx) will have read about the many films I went to see in the 70s ... Jaws, Towering Inferno, Close Encounters, The Great Gatsby, Murder on the Orient Express (which I thought was rubbish apparently) to name but a few. It seemed I was always at the pictures ... I can only think they were a lot cheaper 'back in the day' than they are now for me to have gone so often!

I am not a great TV viewer but about 9 months ago I treated myself to a large flat screen TV and a Blu-Ray player as now-a-days I love nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a good film.

So when I saw that those lovely people at FuelMyBlog were looking for volunteers to test drive for free for 3 months an online DVD rental site I jumped at the chance.....  and thank you so much for selecting me :)

The online site is Cinema Paradiso.

I followed the instructions sent to me and I was really happy it was so easy to sign up. I had to enter my card details but I was assured that no money would be debited from my account during the 3 month trial.
The selection of films is great, there are less films available on Blu-Ray but I expected that anyway. It suggests that you select around 10 films for your play list .. I chose just 7 but will be logging in shortly top up.

As part of the trial I am allowed 4 films per month, which is fine as I probably couldn't get through more than one a week. Oh and just to mention there are no 'late fees' unlike DVD rental shops and the postage is free....

So after signing up and selecting my films 2 DVDs arrived 36 hours later..... The Time Traveller's Wife and The Girl Who Played with Fire. I fully intended to have a cinema fest this weekend but time has run away with me ....

Just looking in my diary for when I have a free evening this week, so I can order in the pop corn :)