Wednesday, 30 September 2009

30th September

Friday 30th 1977
Day off school
Went to Liverpool shopping with Bev
Bought 'new boyfriend' and brothers 18th Birthday cards
Also a cream dress £6.99 from Chelsea Girl and an underskirt for £1.99
'new boyfriend' came round
Sent off for Thin Lizzie tickets
You know I don't know if I actually went to see Thin Lizzie after all in concert ?? I suspect not....
Love this track though from 1977

You will never guess who I am going to see next week live.... [Annie Mouse no clues here if you are watching or if you follow me on Facebook shuuush]... answers on a postcard or in my comments box!!

I have been neglecting my knitting obligations of late on my blog (not to mention my blog too)... blame the fact old PC died taking all my scanned patterns with him .. humpffff

How ever all is not lost ...check out this blog [found by CKX] ... what a great idea & clever knitting at it's best

This is Life on Mars which is mentioned in my first ever blog post

Friday, 25 September 2009

24th & 25th September

Saturday 24 1977
Richard B's 16th Birthday party 7:30 = ok
Gill & Jacko battered each other
Fi argued with M
Jane went with Robbie
£80 table broken
(yep all in all a good party .. a house full of 15/16 year olds.... mmm must note 'no teen parties in this house' lol)

Sunday 25 1977
Got up at 11.00
Mum went to Rhyl to visit my Auntie
'new boyfriend' rang
So did Bev
'J' called round for 10 minutes (mmm that's a point I haven't spoken to 'J' in a while!!)
Tidied my bedroom, made dinner, did my homework

Well Teen is now well into being at college. Her least favourite subject is Textiles and she is looking to drop this after year one (they have to drop one subject and concentrate on 3 to A'level (Advanced Level).
It is hectic at home as she is now in full days ... leaving home at 8:00 and getting home at 5:00 most days ... not like school 8:30 -3:00 and a very short walk from home.... but I must admit she is buckling down and getting on with the work. The creation of a studio in the conservatory is not working too well as she still prefers to work at the dining room table ... mind you that is my fav place to work too. I think this stems back from when I was a Teen and me and my mates would sit round our dining room table drinking tea, eating toast and generally putting the world to right ... it still happens now many years on.....
Whilst I have been a bad blogger ... my cousin (CKX ) has been sending me some brilliant stuff that he knows I would love to share on my blog ...

I am so loving this concept
This guy got 1200 kids to draw pictures with crayons ... he then sifted through them and recreated their images using 60 high school students to act them out. What a brilliant art project ... do enjoy the images


Well this last Friday in the month has snuck up on us as it is only the 25th of September ... mmmm!!
So here is my contribution to Nurse Myra's T~shirt Friday.
I bought this T~shirt last year and haven't actually worn it out of the house as yet. I love it but I think it looks a bit strange on ... particularly where the eyes are!!
The art work on the inner labels is cool too.....I do love attention to detail

Friday, 18 September 2009

Terribly sorry, I seem to be lost ......

....... 'ello darlin' .......... tee hee hee

this is how it should look....

Friday 5 through the ages

Ok I started this over here


Plus some others over here

as it is Friday I figure this shot could be included in Corset Friday too over at dear Nurse Myras place

Sunday, 13 September 2009

No diaries .. just chaos

I figure that some one has speeded up the world so it is spinning faster... there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day just now.

Went back to work last Monday after 11 days or so off and hit the ground running..... tight deadlines alround....

Had my NVQ 4 (degree foundation) 4000 word assignment in Management and Leadership to complete by Friday close of play.. managed to get it done by 16.45... phew!! (why oh why do I volunteer for such stuff I have enough qualifications already .. plus I type so slowly plus have typo problems !!

Home from work on Friday then off to Mums in Southport to be ready and up and at it to decorate her lounge next day .....
Saying that it was a fabulous drive there was the most amazing mackerel sky and awesome sunset... I drove the whole way 'ooing and arring ' at the colours and the photo opportunities I missed whilst on the motorway. I got to Southport at 20.00 and hurtled to the beach and caught the last of the sunset

Saturday was spent covering myself in paint ... oh yes and the ceiling (ceilings seem to be my thing apparently !) in my Mums lounge whist my brothers did the walls and skirting boards...

Had a nice lie in this morning then Teen and I went to the Lowry Centre. I needed a new work suit and she needed a sketch book for college.

Managed to capture some great reflection photos whilst we were there though!

I know I have been neglecting the decade that is the 70s ... but never fear I will be back at it ... in the mean time whilst emptying cupboards etc at Mums I came across these 2 LPs ... classic early 70s
surely their teeth must have been painted in ???

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

09:09:09 09/09/09... Interlude

Evening everyone.... blimey I am over 13 hours late in posting this ... all I can say is blame me being a wage slave and Claire over at Little Piece of Me.......

So what was I doing at this momentus time (09:09:09 on 09/09/09) in history???... Well I sneaked out of the office on the excuse I wanted to go to the bank before it got too busy .....

The sun was shining (yes I know how unusual for Manchester).... I sidled into a den of ill repute house of a million calories... bought a breakfast and sat in St Ann's Square on a bench and ate it at precisely 09:09 (can't vouch for the seconds sorry) in the sunshine....... ah it was such a guilty pleasure indeed .......
to be accurate on the time I took a photo of St Ann's Church clock .......

whoops try again!!!
darn it the clock had stopped ... how typical!!!
honest I did sit out in the sunshine in Manchester eating a McDonalds breakfast at 09:09 on 09/09/09

what I did notice whilst I was sat sitting there though... despite all of Daddy Papersurfers protests about not coming ooop Norfff ......he was actually delivering goodies in the North West of England in his ickle white van ... he may try to deny it but as we all know the camera never lies.....

so after my guilty pleasure went back to the office and I had a telephone conference with colleagues in London ... I then headed off to have lunch with a my mate 'H' in St Ann's Square.. then I went back to the office for another telephone conference with colleagues in London (my god 09/09/09 was in danger of becoming a Groundhog day lol) fortunately my all day meeting had been cancelled (thank lordy for small mercies!!).

This evening I met up with Claire from a Little Piece of Me and we went to see the 'Dream'... now the Dream is something I have only seen whilst hurtling up the M62 from a distance .... plus Claire I have not met up since we exchanged Chaperonship of Olga The Travelling Bra on her travels oop Norrff.
(click here for when we met up).

The Dream is a dream .. and even more awesome indeed when you get close to her.
Claire and I chatted with two lovely ladies who have been instrumental in getting this former colliery site into a lovely peaceful place to be .. they have loads of plans they want to get started (such as a tea room... a garden of remembrance, a place for loved ones to remember those who lost their lives in the mines from 1906 to 1992...and a place where memorabilia can be displayed and so on) ... they showed us around the area of the former colliery and told us its history and oh btw they are both called Marian.. wtg girls you are fabulous :-) (they have a new website launched today but can't find it as yet....)

So what was I doing on 09/09/09?? I was earning my salary.... eating bad bad things for breakfast in the morning sun, enjoying some late summer sun, meeting up with good friends and meeting new people who are doing a fabulous thing... all in all 09/09/09 will be a pretty great day to remember :-)

linking back to here and here

Saturday, 5 September 2009

These Boots are made for Walking....... Interlude

Yeah I have been product testing again thanks to the lovely peole over at FuelMyBlog.

I had seen Sylvied's pleas for us girlies to take up this particular product test ... but as it mentioned words like 'trainers'& 'fitness' fact the line was
>Looking for UK sporty lady bloggers willing to product test funky tone up trainers<
I just laughed and looked away quickly.

However, how hasty was I? ... I thought I would have to maybe do some running (god forbid!!) or even worse actually join a gym.... but you know all I have to do is walk.
Walk how easy peasy .....

The trainers arrived in just a few days after my agreeing to have a go ...they are Shape~Ups by Skechers.
My Teen and I have had Skechers before (just the normal trainers though) and were happy with them so I suspected I was on to a winner here with these too!

Everyday I walk the dog maybe 3-4 miles and generally wear my old faithful Birkenstocks whether it be rain or shine as they are kind to my back.
I have to watch what footwear I wear for big walking as I have a way dodgy disc.

I couldn't wait to try them out ... so I whipped them out of the box and put them on .... oh my it was like standing on bouncy 70s wedges.... I was instantly about 3 inches taller and the comfort of them is phenomenal.

Of course as soon as the dog sees me putting on shoes she gets all excited as she thinks it is walkie time... not to disappoint I set off to the field behind my house bouncing as I walked.
It is very strange the first time you walk in them and rough terrain is a challenge as you are on wedged trainers (it is the kinetic wedge that is super soft foam designed for maximum shock absorbtion to protect the body whilst exercising the core muscles) but you soon get your balance.
With the trainers you also get a booklet and a DVD that explains all about the product (I looked at these after my maiden voyage in them!!)
The Shape~Ups help you shape up whilst you walk as they are specially designed to
  • promote weight loss
  • strengthen your back
  • firm calf and buttock muscles
  • reduce cellulite and tone your thighs
  • increase cardiovascular health
  • improve posture
  • reduce stress on knee and ankle joints
In the short time I have had them the main and most amazing thing I have noticed is that my back is less painful when I wear them. For example last weekend I was doing a lot of manual type stuff at home (making up flat pack furniture, moving stuuf into the conservatory that is now a studio etc) and my back was killing me. I put on my Skecher Shape~Ups and instantly the pain got better..... so now I put them on in the house and do warming up and cooling down routines it shows you in their literature to assist in my back pain.

I love the product and am so pleased to have been given the opportunity to test them out. I will continue to wear them until they drop off my feet and I hope to realise some of the other benefits the trainers have promised me ... thank you so much Skechers Shape~Ups and FuelMyBlog

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

1st September

Sunday 1974
Went t0 Woolton to see my Granny and we then went to my Aunties in Halewood. My cousin, her husband and children were there (I am the youngest grandchild of a whole heap of them. Mum is the youngest of 8 children and was an Auntie when she was 2 ... so many of my cousins are in their late 60s/early 70s now...)
Came home and had tea.
Went to my godmothers.
Baby sitted (yes sitted!!) for my brother and his wife while they went out. My niece is 2 months old now (she is now 35!!)...........................(Oh I was paid 50p for my baby siiting service.. hey big spender)

Thursday 1977
Back to slavery 10.30 am (I guess that is back to skool)
Terrible boring day
'new boyfriend' phoned at 6.30pm
Went to 'J's' house
Biology homework... (what on the first day back??)

I have taken this week off work hoping to catch some late summer rays... I should be so lucky!! It has been warm and sunny but my god it has rained some.....
Stayed at Mums on the coast over the weekend and managed to get down on the beach with the pup a couple of times .... it is great to take in the sea breeze (or should I say gales... thought the pup was going to be lifted off her feet a few times, she wasn't impressed!!)

Yesterday me and Teen and Teens mates all went to the local festival on the park where I normally walk the pup. It was lovely until the bloody rain started again.
There was loads of local stuff going on then there was this guy.... Bruce Airhead. Check out his diary he maybe appearing near you lol.
These guys thought it was hysterical too....

Mangaed to catch these guys too Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band who were great ... also these guys but I have no idea who they are but what a great look and sound

The festival came at a good time for me as I have photo exhibition soon and the theme is 'music'... keep an eye on my Flickr account for some new piccies that may or maynot go into the exhibition