Friday, 26 March 2010

T shirt Friday

Can you believe we are almost through the first quarter of 2010?? Has someone speeded up the World and made the days/weeks/months pass rather quicker than I once remembered and not told us??

Hey ho I suppose it means that the summer will be here quicker.

I have noticed oops Norff that the buds on the trees and the normal activity that I would hope to see at this time of the year are not happening as quick as the world is turning. The laburnum looks dead but have seen a little sign of life.I have lost loads of plants over the winter including my beautiful English and French lavender and an enormous plant type thing ( I have no idea what it was but I know to buy one at the garden centre at the size it was would cost £90), it was the night of minus 16 that did it (along with my frozen pipes).
These guys are dwarf daffodils who dared to pop their heads out and got snowed on

These are the same daffs some 6 weeks or so on :(

On the subject of time flying by I am off to a 21st tomorrow (yes I am getting on down with the young 'uns.. lol). Good friends of mine who I have known since 1977 ( I was going out with Sam and Fi and Dand had started dating too) are opening their doors celebrating their daughters 21st Birthday .... Happy Birthday Charlotte

Anyway back to T shirt Friday with Nurse Myra ... I have had this T shirt on today all day to today so please excuse the smell I have sprayed before posting honest!! lol.... Love the faces and images on this shirt and is one of my favs :-)

for Daddy Papersurfer re his comment below....

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Okay this is the real deal

In 2005 my brother asked me to invest in the refurbishment of a hotel in Germany....
It was a 22 bedroomed establishment which my bro had started to de-construct into 11 self contained holiday/short let luxury apartments.

I trotted across to Germany .. viewed the premises which is a 'cock stride' to the Rhine... and just along the way to the Loreley Rock . I did the Rhine cruise .. the views are awesome.. and I invested as I saw so many passing trade in the area (coach loads of tourists and walkers) and there are limited places to stay.
We did take on board some folk who assured us they could deliver (i.e. refurbish the building into the apartments) and didn't so we are now in that crap situ where we need investment or a buyer.....who do something with a building that has the interior dismantled ready to go ... if any one knows of someone who wants to invest in a European property which will reap huge rewards do let me know

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in the UK .. it was chaos in my Tesco today with panic buying of cards and gifts .. it was quite amusing to see the look on some folks faces when they were trying to choose from a handful of rubbish cards left on the shelf!

I have bought my Mum a box set of 8 Hollywood Musicals it contains classics such as Irving Berling's 'On the Avenue', Betty Grable in 'Pin Up Girl' and 'The Dolly Sisters and Carmen Miranda in 'The Gang's All Here'......
Bearing in mind these films were mainly produced in the 40s I was shocked to see that the DVDs have a PG rating and 'contains mild sex references and horror'!!!! Surely not??? Wasn't the time before the 60s in films pure and wholesome family entertainment???

Happy Mother's Day to all us Mums :-)

I have noticed over the past few days someone has put up an impromptu gallery up on the wall near the car park I use ...... I wonder who it is ... it makes me smile as every day there is a new sketch thank you..... I just hope the rain stays off