Sunday, 31 August 2008

31st August 1979

omg she is knitted from head to foot!!!

Friday 31
Worked 10.00 - 6.00 = quite busy
Fi came round
Looked at holiday photos (got back off holiday on the 11th.. oh the days when you had to wait for your holiday snaps to be developed)

Sam phoned at 11.30
He had been to the Woolpack

Gawd I can't imagine that it is 1st September tomorrow!!

Had a loverly day out with my mate.
Walked and walked around Liverpool, Matthew Street (home of the Beatles Cavern), past the Hard Days Night Hotel, down to the new Liverpool One shopping area watched a bit of the International Fireman's Games (I would have been happy to have stayed there all day lol ), a fabulous tour in the Maritime Museum about the 800 year old history of Liverpool etc

It was great to catch up.

I was up at silly o'clock this morning ... and it is Sunday .. BIG TSK!!

To kill time before I went to catch my train I actually surfed through the zillions of channels we have on cable.... I never knew we had so many?

I watched a bizarre Maury Show about 'totally opposites - but in love'

OMG is this for real... small people with very tall people? Old people with very young people (& I mean very old in thier 80's and very young in their 20s... old women & men with young women & men!!)? Fat and thin (I mean very fat and very thin) ??
Gosh I have lived a sheltered life ... thank god

(not for the faint hearted !)

Thankfully after that was this ..... The Golden Girls
It is not 70s more like 80s to 90s..... but it made me laugh then and it made me belly laugh this morning.

The clip I saw this morning featured a bit where they were talking about 'the change'

Dorothy was talking about how great it was ... no more PMS, no more mood swings etc etc .. then Sophia spouts up ..'yes but next morning you wake up with a beard and look like Yasser Arafat'.... classic comedy

Saturday, 30 August 2008

30th August 1979

so cute! I so remember my mum knitting me and my dolly the same outfit :-)

Thursday 30
Wages £25.00
Left Stafford at 9.30 (boo hoo)
Worked 12.00 - 6.50

It was very hot & busy

Phoned Sam at 10.40 pm
He had been out for a meal with his parents

Missing him already

Well the end of my 2nd summer holiday break is drawing to a close..... it has been warm and dry this week but totally over cast, not a ray of sun to be seen. The azure skies of Madrid seem like a dream now :-(

I did what I said I would and caught up with Annie Mouse for a few days, we cleared some of my loft (as I promised I would do) but I have spent a fortune as I have shopped. I changed jobs last year to have more time at home and I still haven't learned that I just don't have the salary anymore for impromptu spending ... my it feels good though, you just can't beat retail therapy lol.

Tomorrow I am hooking up with another friend who I have not seen since Christmas (how awful is that?). I posted I went to her party on
17th March 1979. She and her husband (who I have know since 1977) have just celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary.... you know they are the only couple in my circle of friends that have done the long marriage thing. My friends have either got divorced or married late so their 25 years will be when they are pensioners. I am back at work on Tuesday.

The summer is over here (what there was of it!) and there is that stretch looming towards Christmas.

Anyway onwards and upwards is Saturday night ... came across this Sting & the Police from 1979 and the fabulous track Roxanne (so think Sting is gorgeous)

Friday, 29 August 2008

27th/28th/29th August 1979

Monday 27
Got up at 11.00
Painted all day

Went to the Woolpack til 10.30 pm

Then to the Gayton with Sam, Pete and Roland = ok

Me & Sam not speaking (oops!!)

Tuesday 28
Got up about 11.30
Went to Stafford
Bought Bryan Ferry single 'What goes on' & subbuteo balls (hee hee )

Went for a walk 1/2 way to Hixon

Stayed in all night
Played 'Mastermind' (I love this game)
Bed at 11 pm

Wednesday 29
Got up at 10.00
Met Sam from work at 12.15
for lunch
Went to see 'Beyond the Poseidon Adventure' by myself = ok
(Oh I remember this so well. I sat on my own in a fairly empty matinee cinema and two old dears came and sat right next to me, rustling papers and chewing toffees all the way through it. Why do people do that when they have a huge cinema to sit anywhere????? )

Went to see The Commodores = rubbish (rubbish? All I can think of is that Lionel Ritchie was not with them by then??)

Walked home from Bingley Hall

Bed 11.30

My knitting patterns are in dire danger! As you know Annie Mouse came to stay for a couple of days ..... under strict instructions form Daddy P she actually tried to set fire to them. Can you believe it .. and she almost succeeded but I was quick with a bucket of water thank goodness I am still slight of foot!! lol

Then a strange thing happened tonight as I was going through my knitting patterns to scan.. I came across these.... blow me the old git has rummaged though my blog further than I thought!!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wonderous wednesday ~ Interlude

I said I would try and do a Wonderous Wednesday (every Wednesday) that would have my girlie readers aghast at the beauty of the eye candy!........

Alas I have not had time to surf ... but today I photographed a few wonders that are sooooo cute at Chester Zoo

Hello Gerty what is your e mail addy???

oh ok some pecks!! for wonderous Wednesday... these where trotting around the zoo too!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

26th August 1979

Sunday 26

Got up at around 10.30
Sam's Sis and Mum were ill
Sam painted all day (that would be painting and decorating not the arty type painting sort!)
I made blancmange with the help of his next door neighbour
Went to the Woolpack
Watched 'The Sleeper' = ace

Annie Mouse is staying for few days so I am going to be semi off line ..... this is pre prepared blog! !

Monday, 25 August 2008

25th August 1979

25 Saturday
Got up at 10.30
Sam played footy (football / soccer)
They lost 4 - 1
Went to the Woolpack
Then to Tillington Hall

Never in my years would I have ever featured Cliff Richards for real here ... but unfortunately he was number one with this?? Great lyrics but it is .. CLIFF! [ I have NEVER been a fan]


Thank you Annie and DP for reminding that I had not added a pattern xx

she is more surprised than me !!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

24th August 1979

so beautifully the Abba 70s
Friday 24
Worked 10.00 - 6.00
Not too busy
Went to Stafford at 8.30
Went to Gayton
Left after 1/2 hour
Walked home
Watched T.V.
Bed at 1.30 am

Sylvie posted a comment about going to see Mama Mia at the cinema on my last post and said she thought of me when she watched it. How fabulous :-)

I have not been fortunate to see the stage performance, although my Mum did when she was working in London some years ago and she said it was brilliant.

When I was in Spain I went to see the film. I was hesitant as I thought it would have been dubbed into Spanish but was assured it would be in English with sub-titles in Spanish. (apparently the stage show was translated into Spanish .. songs and all, but it just didn't work out so well!)

So off I went after tapas and beer to a Spanish cinema with 2 Brits and a Columbian... do you know they sell beer at the cinema over there.... how civilised is that!

The film was fabulous. Such a feel good film. I would recommend you all to see it. It was cheesey and fun, it had me crying and belly laughing at the same time. Julie Walters (who I love) was exceptional as was Meryl Streep .. superb! and as for Colin Firth (swoon) .. you just have to get over Pierce Brosnon singing though lol

mmmm Dancing Queen has a certain memory jog for me ;-)

The best bit was me and my fellow Brits were singing along with the songs through out the film (I hasten to add no one else was singing, in the UK they are up and dancing during it).. at the end as the titles rolled there were more songs and we sang along to them too ............ the lights went on and we got got a round of applause from the handful of remaining cinema viewers.............. it was simply marvelous
I am so going to buy the DVD when it is released

Get your toes tapping....................

Saturday, 23 August 2008

23rd August 1979

ok this is 'Stepford Wives'?, 'goddesses planning' or me, Sylvie & Frac' ?? lol

Thursday 23
Worked 10.00 - 6.15
It rained from 10 - 3.30
Not busy at all
Spent most of the day doing a jigsaw (ah those were the days when I got paid for doing very little)

Well the Olympics is drawing to a close. I must say I love the event, always have done.
I was a keen athlete in my teens, I trained hard and won awards for the 100 meters, 80 meters hurdles and long jump. I was selected to have trials to run for Lancashire but unfortunately my back 'went'... C5/C6 spinal prolapsed disc and that was the end of it all!! hey ho!

Have still to watch the opening ceremony at Beijing as it was on the day before I went on my holidays... managed to catch a few bits whilst in Spain (Gymnastics, canoe slalom, diving) and this morning I vegged and watched Degale win the gold in boxing, the mens and womens 4 x 400 meters relay etc ... great stuff albeit a bit of a scrappy fight for Degale!

In my life span there have been 12 Olympics.
1964 ~ Tokyo
1968 ~ Mexico
1972 ~ Munich
1976 ~ Montreal/Quebec
1980 ~ Moscow
1984 ~ Los Angeles
1988 ~ Seoul
1992 ~ Barcelona
1996 ~ Atlanta
2000 ~ Sydney
2004 ~ Athens
2008 ~ Beijing

I recall Mexico, Munich (I remember the TV footage as the tragedy unfolded there), Moscow, Seoul, Sydney and Athens. Strange that some I have no memory of? I think I had other pressing stuff going on in my life then.

Strangely enough, I was hunting for some buttons this morning and I came across this. A rubber (or eraser) from 1980 - Mishca the Russian bear.. he has not worn well in fact he has been almost erased!

It then got me hunting for another Olympic souvenir I have. From Seoul in 1988. I fellow buyer had gone to Korea during the Olympics on a buying trip and brought me back a spoon lol!! I had some more spoons but I gave them to my cousin who jets off to all the Olympics and is Beijing just now.

Finally my first Olympics. 1964. I have a recording of me aged 2 years old singing the theme tune to this event... Good Morning Tokyo. I must try and to covert it on the web. If you stick with this clip you will hear some music..... 2.25 in & imagine 'good morning Tokyo la de dar de dar de dar' sang by a 2 year old :-D

Friday, 22 August 2008

22nd August 1979

Wednesday 22
Worked 10.00 - 6.15
£26.00 wages
Owed cafe owners £10 (must have had a 'sub')
Not really that busy
Ironed & washed my hair (Huh? I ironed my hair lol )
& had a bath

Phoned Sam but he wa
sn't in
he phoned back later
A lot of noise in the background i.e. his next door neighbour

Blogs are a funny old medium. It puts you in touch with the world and is a release for whatever creativity you may have. Telling folk about 'blog' is always interesting.
There is my mother aged 77. I have not even begun to describe blogsphere to her I just tell her my 'penpal' description ... as in I do stuff on the internet (she realises there is this wonderful instant thing that can tell you anything you need to know at a touch of a button. I often look up stuff she is wondering about as I am chatting on the phone) and I have people in loads of countries I am in contact with.
She has met Olga and refers to her as 'the Californian bra'.

My daughter says 'why do you get weird stuff delivered?' when I win competitions on FMB and 'who is Daddypapersurfer?' .. I ask that myself many times lol and 'get MySpace Mum is is so cool' ermm I don't think so I have Facebook and can't keep up with that!!
My friends know I blog and 2 have set their own up and the others including 'Sam' on here pop in and read but don't comment but do e mail and call me to say they are popping in and laugh about it (that is laugh with me not at me btw lol). My niece, however, who I have talked about in my 70s diaries (she is 34 now) has taken on the task to keep her eyes open for anything 70s in charity shops and the like. When she house sat for me when I was in Madrid she left a 1979 Action Man Annual, how cool is she.

It sooo amused me. Just check out the differences in boys and girls annuals. I don't have a girls 1979 annual so used the year before 'Ja
ckie 1978'
I randomly picked page 14

then page 58... bugger, drat and double drat! could have made my fortune and wrote 'Venus and Mars',,,,,,

gawd I almost forgot............. the knitting pattern ...

Thursday, 21 August 2008

21st August 1979

Tuesday 21
Worked 10.10 - 6.10
not busy in the morning but was in the afternoon
Fi came round in the evening
Sam hasn't phoned yet
He phoned at 11.15 pm

As you may or now 70s does not do flying. But despite this did manage a most gorgeous trip to Madrid last week, returning home on the Sunday.

Yesterday the heart of Madrid's people broke when a plane flying to Gran Canaria crashed on the run way upon take off, killing all but a handful of its passengers and crew.

This awful tragedy has hit me quite hard after only being in this most beautiful city a few days previous and been made to feel very welcome by its citizens, their patience and kindness with this nutty English woman who can only point, gesture and say 'Si' & 'mucho gracias' was truly magical.

I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences and prayers to the people who have lost there sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children in this most awful accident.

70s x

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

20th August 1979

'if you don't do as I say the scary elephant will come and get you!'
Monday 20
Got up at 8.00
Sam's neighbour gave us a lift into Stafford

Got the 9.30 train
to Liverpool
Miss Sam
Worked 12.00 - 6.00
Went to a silver sale

Mar (Mum) bought me a ring

Ordered 2 lipsticks (mmmm would they be 'silver' lipsticks??)

Phoned Sam at 11.15

well I am so tired after my trip. My body is still on Spain time... get up late... do a bit .. siesta ... bed at 2 am. Unfortunately that just does not fit in with 9 -5 UK working patterns (shame)

So I will just put some more Madrid piccies up and normal 70s links will be resumed soon :-)