Tuesday, 31 August 2010

make do and mend

When I started up into real adulthood (C1984) and had to furnish my first real home [with my boyfriend who became my hubby who subsequently then became my ex ]... and had little money.....

These guys where our first 'sofas'.... years on lanquishing in the shed and latterly year in year out outside they have gone to wrack and ruin.... so much so my teen used their images on a textile piece featuring 'urban decay!!'

But with a little spray of  WD40, a coat of Cuprinol (country cream) and some canvas from Habitat..... behold ... it is a miracle

Just need to find my staple gun so I can enjoy the last of the summer sunshine sat in a deck chair with a glass of Pimms  

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Strange deliveries

I meant to post about this yonks ago .......

My teen texted me to say 'you have a parcel... can I open it?'
I replied 'okay if you must'
Teens reply 'already opened it ' (is nothing sacred)
'what is it?' I asked
'A cow!! It has no head ...It is all too weird .. I am going out .. back for tea xxx'

A headless cow!! WT....??

it looks ok to me ..........
or maybe not!!!

My teen said later she thought it was 'like one of those 'anthax type things' people send through the post!!'.... she surely watches too many horror films 

Thank you Daddy Papersurfer... I have finally bought some super glue and Colin is now complete again .... however I am not going to risk stuffing him with money as he may explode ,..... So if you could do me a favour DP, if it is not too much to ask... could you please start saving for my retirement fund dear 'devoted savant'?....
I would like to empty my pedestal and retire early in say about 7 years... that should be enough time to stash away enough to keep me in shoes and other ickle essential luxuries .... (p.s tell Bernard, Colin says hi and not to make him laugh as it could have dire results)
Thank you