Friday, 30 April 2010

3 years and counting

I simply can't believe I have been blogging for 3 years ... where the heck does the time go?

I realise of late I have been a bad old blogger and not getting myself out there and doing... sometimes real life just takes over (how darned inconsiderate of it!!). Work has been manic since October, been running 2 homes for a few weeks following my Mums breast cancer op (she is doing very well though) I have worked out I have driven around 1000 miles back and to over those weeks, I have also got back into doing family history research again which had been sadly neglected.

On Saturday I'd helped arrange a 'meet' of fellow dead people hunters in Liverpool and was greeted by a chap who said 'are you diary of a 70s teen?'... lol was Enumerator who followed me in the early days.
Also in this last 12 months I have had a photo exhibition and been on a photo walk. One of the photos I took on the photo walk I shared with Liverpool Museums blog and lo and behold this week it was featured on their blog ... wow how chuffed am I ... do click here to see the post :)

So here is to the next 12 months where I hope I will be a better blogger and I am sure there are some snickets of life in the 70s you have not yet seen (incidentally I am bidding on a great vintage coffee table on e bay from the 70s .... it would be so cool in my lounge )

& cheers to knitted toilet roll holders in all of your bathrooms

70s xxx

Monday, 26 April 2010

Chocolate Luuurve

When those lovely people from FuelMyBlog contacted me and asked for volunteers to product test chocolate... I thought all my Christmas's and Birthday's had come all together.

I just luuurve chocolate... so much so that when my friends children knew I was coming round they would hide it ... (you know when kids offer their chocolate most adults politely say 'no you keep it dear' where as I would say 'oh thank you don't mind if I do' ... well it helps them to learn to share doesn't it!! lol. Last month I went to the 21st of one of these children and she actually brought it up in conversation... she thinks it is so funny and is going to follow my example ..)
I have to say and I hate to admit it that now as I have got older my taste buds do crave savoury a bit more... but not the extent (thankfully) that I would turn my nose up at a good old 'nom nom nom' session.

A few weeks ago my postie kindly dropped through my letter box a brown padded envelope and when I opened it several bars of chocolate tumbled out ..... 'nom nom nom'..... 

The company who sent me this glorious mail drop is Chocolate & Love .

Do check out this web site it is a choccy fan's heaven.....

The selection I was sent to sample where:
Coffee Affair: Crushed Diamonds; Orange Mantra; Filthy Rich and Conscious
(click on each of the names to reveal their inner beauties)

Now I mentioned 'sharing' earlier so I thought in true market research style I would not be selfish and share the product and get reactions to the products from others.. namely my Mum, Niece (what a chocoholic she is ... it must be in the genes), her boyfriend and teens boyfriend ... (teen did not want to take part as she only likes white chocolate ... mmm ?? that must be from her dad's side of the family !!)

The age range was 16 - 78... and these are the reactions to the products:

Coffee Affair ~ 'very nice', 'I think it is lovely very milky', ' sweet and full of flavour', 'very nice', 'it's with a bitter kick.. lovely'

Crushed Diamonds ~ 'I like that', 'funny after taste', 'nice, I do like that', 'very sweet, but very nice', 'not keen, don't like the texture'

Orange Mantra ~ 'quite nice, have tasted nicer, rough & sandy after taste', 'bitter and sweet', 'very poor, can't taste the orange', 'very nice', 'mmmmm nom nom nom'

Filthy Rich ~ 'Don't really like this one, too strong', 'best so far', 'extravagant!', 'okay, but a bit sickly', 'don't really like this'

Conscious ~ 'No, no, no', 'Awful, it is evil', 'yeah it is okay but a bit pasty'. 'disgusting!', 'horrible, awful texture and coconutty!'  .... I have a feeling the 'wild blue algae' may have put us all off a little (it is okay in a face mask but to consume takes some getting used to) but also the softness and texture was not nice.

Overall the products where well received (with the exception of the last one)... my favourite was the Orange Mantra by far (yes my comment was mmmmm... nom nom nom).....I would order more and I think as Teen didn't product test and kindly volunteered to record the results of the family market research I treat her to a  White Cranberry Bar' 

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Oh this is what 70s grew up with

Came across this as I stalk follow see what Donny is doing on Facebook these days since those days when I had him plastered all over my bedroom walls and over a 1000 images cut out from mags and newspapers .. I must say he ain't looking bad in his 50s

Just cut and paste the link above to your browser ;-)

Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter

I hope you all have a fabulous Easter Time and you manage to chill out for a few days :)

2 more sleeps and then the choc fest begins

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Fanzine X ~ DP Day

Happy DP Day

Can you believe it is a whole 12 months since the last DP day?? 
To many around the world this day is also known as 'April Fools' Day' or 'All Fools' Day'. Surely it doesn't mean that this phenomenon is a 'fool' too.......???? Rest assured fanzine fans it is only a cruel co-incidence or so I am reliably informed strangely by DP himself !! ..........

How can anyone be classed as a fool when that someone single handily turned around the world market in ginger nuts .... his unhealthy obsession dedication, denture repair kit and modelling of the product has brought this biscuit back into the top 10 again ... 

Independent Reports 
Ginger nuts have to be the Chicken Vindaloo of the biscuit world. Not only are they often gingery enough to actually be spicy but they are also quite hard.
Once again McVities are head and shoulders above the competition, probably due to a no compromise approach to sugar content. However, that said you have to try hard to get a bad ginger nut.
Years ago you could get big bags of mini ginger nuts made by Jacobs I think. They were superb but you needed at least 20 of them before they began to work.
Finally due to their very crunchy nature, ginger nuts cause weird flashes to appear on computer monitors if viewed across a room, whilst being munched. Its true. (article found here)

Dear Sir/Madam,
I bought two packets of your original Ginger Nut biscuits from Waitrose the other day. I have to say, on reading the instructions on the side of the pack, my husband and I had a really good laugh.
It says, 'Once opened, store in an airtight container'. The reason this phrase made us laugh so much was that there were none left to store. A much better idea would be to say, 'Warning, once opened you will not be able to resist finishing the packet. If this should be late at night you will have difficulty finding a shop open to replenish stock.'
Joking aside these are the nicest ginger nut biscuits I have tasted since I was a child, and that is a long time ago. You have now spoilt me for buying any other ginger nut. I hope you are very proud of yourselves as well you should be.( it is a real letter!!!)

I just thought I would offer a little advice that worked for me and prevented morning sickness.
Ginger Biscuits! they were a miracle i kept a packet by my bed and every morning i would eat one before i got up...I also was travelling into work with my supervisor every day and it stopped me throwing up all over him!..... (
wow its uses are endless)

Just in case you want to take part in jolly old japes today and involve ginger nuts too then look no further... 

I can only apologise for the lack of Fanzines in the last 12 months .... it looks like this fascinating read has become an annual event (a relief to some!!). However, this has not  stopped DPs avid fans sending in a contributions to the mag.......

After reading DPs post yesterday  it was suggested that TG could use some help .... so I sat up all last night to finish this ..... phew ........ 

You can win one of these handy masks .... just have a go at this quick quiz ... no cheating  * & don't worry no ginger nuts were harmed in the making of it........

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