Thursday, 6 November 2008

Fanzine VIII.. anything special to note??

Thursday 6th November 2008

Apologies from the Fanzine Editor for the lack of Fanzine issues of late... there are no adequate excuses for this absence. It is just tardiness on the Fanzines part...

The Ed. team have managed to put down their cups of Earl Grey and custard creams. They worked side by side into the wee small hours to cobble together this fine edition of a Fanzine in honour of 'the phenomenon that is Daddy Papersurfer (now dot com)'..... because it is his burpday ... whoops sorry Birthday, damn typos!!

For those of you who have not seen a Fanzine before (where have you been?) back issues are available on line at no additional cost.

Issue 1 ~ an introduction to Daddy Papersurfer, plus a rare photograph of the power behind the 'peabrain'... LoTG

Issue 2 ~ DP's bid for Presidency of the USA

Issue 3 ~ DP's aides, The Oscar ceremony, DP fashion accesories

Issue 4 ~ DP Day, look alikes, DP memorabilia

Issue 5 ~ DP Fantasy or Fact? plus long lost family members

Issue 6 ~ Papersurfer genealogy, the Fanclub increases in size

Issue 7 ~ DP's life story

So with out more of a do (now that's an idea I reckon the Cliff Top Residence is a great place for a do .... see you there. Vol-u-vent anyone?) ..

60 random items for Daddy Pee Pee's special day


4. 'Hi there Daddy Papersurfer... David Essex here. Just popped by 'me old china plate' to wish you a great Birthday. Still can't take it in though that I am older than you ... Rock On you old git... '


10. Daddy P old hunny bunny... have a great old birthday you little cupboard lover you .. call me.. we must catch up [Oh my what am I saying ??]... love Uma xx


15. Gauisus Natalis Abbas Papyrus surfus


17. 'Hi older long lost brother. Just wondering why you have not been replying to my letters? They must have got lost in the post along with the invitation to your BIRTHDAY PARTY. Glad the Cliff Top residence is coming along fine I look forward to moving in after Christmas ... hope you have managed to insert an ashtray in my annexe.... love (cough)
Gertrude Poppersufferer'




23.Happy Birthday from your twin Maplesurfer (are you sure you are twins .. MS you look so much more .. well ... younger? *snigger*)

24. Sent in from your adoring fans a selection of knitting patterns coz they know how much you enjoy them ... aren't your fans so kind?

35. Es nos prope illic etiamnunc?

36. A fellow GOG blog

37. Hours of fun to be enjoyed here ... you know you can do it ??


39. Tsk
40. Tsk
41. Tsk
42. Tsk

43. 'Hey there DP. Just popped in to wish you a fantastic Birthday. 70s told me you were celebrating a special Birthday. I just have enough time to post here in between massaging 70s feet and pampering her every whim... sheesh it is tough going.... Crazy Horses wahhh wahh Donny (oh and if you want to borrow my teeth for the day just let me know)


Ahoy there, thought you might like this you landlubber .... Johnny (as in Depp)

45. DP relaxing .. he likes nothing more than knocking down stuff

46. or he will stand for hours blind folded ( don't try this one at home ... it takes years of practice)

47. or just sitting for hours wearing a cardboard box on his head (only try this one at home if you have the curtains drawn)

48. or taking the lovely TG on a trip to the Supermarket

49. is it time for the cake yet? I think it is?

50...... care for some babycham
51 ... let me help you with that plate of food
52....the party is going rather well don't you think??
55.... crackers?
56....tra la la la dum de dum
57 . leading up to his Birthday Daddy Papersurfer made a sterling effort to win the Presidential election ... he was unfortunately unsuccessful (on this occasion) in his quest for world domination

60. This was pre recorded in anticipation of his victory ... but we at the fanzine thought we should still feature it today ... just give this a click


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Better late than never I suppose ... tsk. I really don't know why I pay you so much ......

[I'm still recovering from hearing you sing!!!! I'll leave a message later as .... apparently ..... there's been a bit of a conspiracy today ........ mmmmmm. Huge huggy *hugs* - trying not to hurt your shoulder.]

[note to self - better put the new Fanzine on the shelf at my place - I was hoping for the day off - double tsk]

sylvie d said...

Good work 70...ignore the old git!
oh...happy birthday DP...did not see you there...

Olga, the Traveling Bra said... outdid yourself with this one 70's! Those painkillers must have come in very handy! ;)

And I like YOUR version of Happy Birthday much better than Marilyns.

It's waaaaaaay past my I will come back in the morning to read this again with a BIG cuppa coffee! And LAFFFFF!!!


nursemyra said...

that's way too many presents for one man. you should have held some over for xmas :-)

70steen said...

Apologies for the tardiness of the fanzine

[it's your birthday the only day you will get an apology off me *snigger*]

Have a great, special day Dear DP where would be without you erm sane I suspect lol x

70steen said...

hee hee Sylvie ... I may have to be nice to him today ... it is only one day phew !! ;-)

70steen said...

Olga for a bra you way stay up late ... thank you for your kind words but you are obviously suffering from leep deprivation

Great poem at your place wtg x

70steen said...

NM~ I really can't take them back now can I?

oh yes maybe just the one where I am singing happy birthday lol

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Actually, it's the best Fanzine ever ...... I think you should double the price ........ and send me less commission - tee hee

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I remembered how to leave a voice thread - tee hee

70steen said...

this fanine took blood, sweat and tears .. I lost the first oe I did .. darn it

oo DP you ain't as old as you seen you can still remember stuff... I have ust tried to reply but my mic is kaputt.... hope my voice of an angel didn't put you off your food all day lol ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have to know I clicked over here with much trepidation. Laughing is quite painful yet... but I'm alright... I held on to my side for dear life and have survived.

Daddy Pee Pee.

You are brilliant sis!

HAPPY BURPDAY. Mine is waiting for someone to come home and hel me out. I'm apparently, still feeble.

70steen said...

gosh sorry sis I forgot about belly laughing after an abdo op... I should have put up a warning sign..

Glad you held it in place ... pop into the cupboard for a bit and have some nibbles whilst you await assistance with your heavy pressy to DP... failing that just take a look at Grumpy's face on old tedddy .. it is priceless oops sorry it may make you laugh.....)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You see the pain and suffering you're causing 70's!!!! ...... and it isn't only me .........

Wotcha Fracarse ...... sorry about 70's - she's out of control today ...

SnOwY bEaR said...

you know it is futile to try and stir it between fraccy sis's even on your birthday DP....

out of control? is that any different to every day for 70s I have lived with her through the past 40 odd years ...... ;-)

SnOwY bEaR said...

you know it is futile to try and stir it between fraccy sis's even on your birthday DP....

out of control? is that any different to every day for 70s I have lived with her through the past 40 odd years ...... ;-)

shle3pyb4by said...

hey 70steen. such a wowwww thingy over here!! ;)


happy bday daddy!! *twirl*

Daddy Papersurfer said...

A penguin!!!!!!! - tee hee

70steen said...

b4by so glad you didn't miss DPs special fanzine for his birthday ... it did take some doing ... thank you :-)

70steen said...

Thought you would like that revelation about Grumpy hee hee.....

Somnambulist said...

A little slow off the posting mark this morning... ??


70steen said...

Somn... I know what you are trying to infer but it is NOT me on that table ;-)