Tuesday, 4 November 2008

4th November 1979

Sunday 4
Got up at 10.30 = knackered
t to the post office
Took the Afghan for a romp over the fields

Took some photographs

Went to the Woolpack

Played darts

Then went to the Saracen's 'til 11.00

Talked a lot = good

Well this is a day of history in the making.... not only is the USA deciding who should run their mighty country .. the decision the people of the US make will have implications around the world (maybe it is too late to remind you of this! but please bear this in mind if you have not voted yet!) in addition it is Diane's birthday today over at Much of a Muchness.... have a great day hun
(it is also my ex F-in-law's Birthday, who has not been too well of late... hope you got your cards from me and Teen....Happy Birthday t
o you too)

Oh Diane saw this and thought of you with Milo

Oh and this too as I know you love Dr Who as I do too .. so I know you will recognise this knitted chap


diane said...

Thank you!!!! I love that song so cheery and such cute clothes!

I also love 'Happiness is a warm puppy' - so true. However, I have just taken Milo outside for his morning constitutional and had to clear a load of cat poo from my drive. They are taunting us. Just wait until he is bigger...they won't dare use my garden as a giant litter tray!

And a Doctor Who knitting pattern - my joy is complete. Now I'm off to knit myself a life sized David Tennant......thank you again!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

A knitted Ood!!!! whatever next - all extremes of the Galaxy and beyond are contaminated by ..... KNITTING!!!!!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

..... I think I'll invest in a knit comb .........

70steen said...

Diane you are so welcome birthday gal..
Are you sure it is cat poo btw and not fox poo?.. I have that quandary in my garden as cats usually bury it but foxes don't ....
When you have a minute can you just clone the David Tennant pattern for me with his English accent :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ how cute is that knitted Ood?
Knitting is king.. ok after me (deep breath)... knitting is king !

nursemyra said...

love the knitting :-)

John C said...

My mother actually crocheted me a Dalek once. It was so convincing I immediately ran away from home.

(Uh, I'm Engrish...which Doctor is that and what's that in his hand to his mouth...jelly babies aren't that long and squishy, tee hee)