Sunday, 29 November 2009

29th & 30th November

Tuesday 29 1977
Revised English Literature
Didn't do much.. (that is why I got a 'C' then??)
Phoned 'J'
Andy sat next to me in Maths
He asked me to go to the school disco with him
Bev is going with Brags

Friday 30 1979
Sam is coming up at 7.30 pm
Went to the flicks to see 2 films
Went to Follies (a night club) with my bro and g/f
Went for a walk along the prom = cold (how many 'went's can you get??)
Home at 1.30 am

I am feeling very festive .. I have no idea why as I am a stalwart to not let Xmas come into any month except December !!

maybe it is because this weekend I have been sorting out the pressies I have bought along the way for folk ... maybe it is the 'loop' Xmas tunes in the shops or could it be that my Cuz (CKX) has sent me those items that will not be in the Christmas advent calendar??

so for your delight and expectation .. a few Xmas gift ideas ....

a slant on the old gift of slippers ... and edible too !!

These are my faves cool

and I actually like this idea that your ass winks at folk lol [crap video though]

Saturday, 21 November 2009

21st & 22nd November

Wednesday 21 1979
1 Year since Sam joined the QS job
Went to Liverpool and bought a jewellery box for Mar for Christmas
Bought material for a skirt
Sam phoned at 11.00pm
He finished jury service.
1 fella got 3 years, 1 got 18 months and 1 got 3 months
He asked me to get engaged again!

Thursday 22nd 1979
College at 9
Bought a £5 gift voucher for Bros Girlfriend
Home at 4.00
Phoned Sam
he'd been home all day I don't know why (mm I know why he was skiving pretending he was still on jury duty !! )


I have been Christmas shopping today in Liverpool some 30 years on. When I say Christmas shopping I must confess to buying some Estee Lauder perfume [apparently the smell of Sensuous has men smelling it first!! ooo la la ] and getting a complete makeup set for £44 worth £312.... result !!

I love visiting Liverpool it has transformed into a great place to hang out .... I do feel very lucky to live between two happening cities .. Manchester and Liverpool ....

Also today I have hung out with a mate of 30 odd years too .. so all in all a wonderful Saturday.

What struck me today was that Liverpool has got hold of a 'big wheel'.... I am used to seeing the one in Manchester and thought it was unique .. that was until I visited Sheffield... I wonder who has the franchise for these big beasts .. they must be doing a roaring trade, the queues where huge today in Liverpool [mmm why didn't I think of that??]

The next two weeks of my life are completely hectic... I don't like hectic particularly when it is hectic because of work... but soon it will be December and the advent calendar that my cousin does every year will be here ... so by default I will be posting more regularly I hope!! ;-)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

a quickie post

The private view of the photo exhibition 'Music through the lens' was fabulous.

I had to travel to London from Manchester that day (up at 5.00 am) then have a 5 hour meeting and then make my way across country to Ledbury ... managed to arrive there with 20 minutes to spare and did a reverse 'Wonder Woman' thing by changing out of my business suit into 'funky' gear in the train toilet... yes I did get some odd looks lol.

The owner of Icebytes Cafe took a video of some of the night and you can see it here

Do take a look :-) Oh and you will see Musikow and Jigsaw Blues too :-)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Music through the lens ...

So here it is .. 70s first photo exhibition.

It is all very exciting .. I love taking random photos, capturing life as I see it but this was a challenge as the theme of the exhibition is music. I did have a wobble as I realised over the past few years I have only listened to music on the radio, looked tracks up for 70s blog or, as my Teen sees it, listening to 'sad' tracks on CD in the car....... and my last concert was Cliff Richard!!!

However I have managed to selvedge something to produce some exhibits. I have sourced all the frames from the local charity shop (£7 for all of them .. bargain) and my mate has printed them off for me. If I manage to sell any then I will donate 20% back to the local charity shop... so here are my exhibits.................. (oh it is running in the Icebytes Cafe in Ledbury, Hereford UK from the 14th Nov to 13th December)

Fire in your Belly



The Best and Cheapest House Music

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

In the Window

And these are 2 that didn't get through

Jigsaw Blues

My cousin sent me this fabulous link/idea through ... it is Credit Crunch Art... I am so going replicate some fine pieces of art .... so who is playing along ???

Friday, 6 November 2009

Happy Birthday 'sub fanzine edition'

Fanzine Editor has been so maxed out with her real life she has been unable to do this important day justice... apologies all round for this..

But I could not leave this to go by as the 6th November is the 'phenomenon that is the supreme 'GOG' aka our dear Daddy Papersurfer's BIRTHDAY.

Currently he is taking the 'waters' [read that as a fine malt] in the sunnier climes of Surfugal.. I do believe that he has actually for the first time ever relinquished his English ways and turned native by discarding his socks when wearing sandals. This is an unconfirmed report but I did get it from a trusted source (I think??).
I know readers it is hard to take in ... what an Englishman abroad without socks???? How shocking is that!!

I have also heard that he is returning to these shores very shortly and normal balance to the interweave will be restored...... I am sure all his ardent readers will be relieved at this revelation ...

If you are in need of some therapy due to his long absence then do click here to get some instant relief... [however for some it may just have the opposite effect]

Any way all together now.... after 3 ... 1---2---3

Happy Birthday to you
Hippy Burpday to you
Hoppy Bathday dear Daddy Pee Pee

H-a-p-p-y B-i-r-t-h-d-a-y tooooo ewe