Saturday, 21 November 2009

21st & 22nd November

Wednesday 21 1979
1 Year since Sam joined the QS job
Went to Liverpool and bought a jewellery box for Mar for Christmas
Bought material for a skirt
Sam phoned at 11.00pm
He finished jury service.
1 fella got 3 years, 1 got 18 months and 1 got 3 months
He asked me to get engaged again!

Thursday 22nd 1979
College at 9
Bought a £5 gift voucher for Bros Girlfriend
Home at 4.00
Phoned Sam
he'd been home all day I don't know why (mm I know why he was skiving pretending he was still on jury duty !! )


I have been Christmas shopping today in Liverpool some 30 years on. When I say Christmas shopping I must confess to buying some Estee Lauder perfume [apparently the smell of Sensuous has men smelling it first!! ooo la la ] and getting a complete makeup set for £44 worth £312.... result !!

I love visiting Liverpool it has transformed into a great place to hang out .... I do feel very lucky to live between two happening cities .. Manchester and Liverpool ....

Also today I have hung out with a mate of 30 odd years too .. so all in all a wonderful Saturday.

What struck me today was that Liverpool has got hold of a 'big wheel'.... I am used to seeing the one in Manchester and thought it was unique .. that was until I visited Sheffield... I wonder who has the franchise for these big beasts .. they must be doing a roaring trade, the queues where huge today in Liverpool [mmm why didn't I think of that??]

The next two weeks of my life are completely hectic... I don't like hectic particularly when it is hectic because of work... but soon it will be December and the advent calendar that my cousin does every year will be here ... so by default I will be posting more regularly I hope!! ;-)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I hope you managed to pick up something nice for me whilst you were shopping ....... I'm quite fond of yachts in case you're stuck for ideas ...... and malt whiskey ....... and money ......

70steen said...

Drat I knew there was something else I needed to buy ........ ;-)

nursemyra said...

I'm confused.... I thought Sam had been out of the diary for some time... now he wants to get re-engaged...?

70steen said...

Dear NM ~ sorry for the confusion .. I am flitting backwards and forwards in the diaries ... 'new boy friend' was before Sam .....

fracas said...

I save tons of money not being able to use those big name commercial fragrances.. but I remember when I could. I think that was 100 years ago... You deserve some spoiling though, so good on you for treating yourself. Most of us don't do enough of that.

Can't wait for the advent calendar so we get more fraccy sis each day!


diane said...

I love the big wheel photographs, they look great against that dark grey sky. I hope that theu were taken at dusk! And I hope the weather hasn't been too grim for you.

70steen said...

Dear Frac .. us girls should always spoil ourselves ... saying that I didn't so much when I was married .. but after I always make sure I have fresh flowers in the house (which I love) and if I need a 'pick me up' I go and do it ... we should all have 'me treats' [must send you a 'me treat' for xmas xoxox

70steen said...

Diane ~ I think they were taken about 3pm.. it was a funny old day .. cold and dry in Manchester when I left (I know .. dry in Manchester!!) but warm and very wet in Liverpool.
We have been spared the floods here just now but it is blowing an absolute gale here just now and the rain is giving it loads .....eek!!

nursemyra said...

no no no 70s you can't do that to me. I need everything to be linear or I get confused :-(

(shit! I sound more and more like daddyp every day)

70steen said...

Dear NM ~ you are like 2 peas ... just be glad it is not 2 pees (I know you do Kegel.. ;-) ]

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I do Kegal exercises as well ..... it doesn't help with confusion though ......