Sunday, 29 November 2009

29th & 30th November

Tuesday 29 1977
Revised English Literature
Didn't do much.. (that is why I got a 'C' then??)
Phoned 'J'
Andy sat next to me in Maths
He asked me to go to the school disco with him
Bev is going with Brags

Friday 30 1979
Sam is coming up at 7.30 pm
Went to the flicks to see 2 films
Went to Follies (a night club) with my bro and g/f
Went for a walk along the prom = cold (how many 'went's can you get??)
Home at 1.30 am

I am feeling very festive .. I have no idea why as I am a stalwart to not let Xmas come into any month except December !!

maybe it is because this weekend I have been sorting out the pressies I have bought along the way for folk ... maybe it is the 'loop' Xmas tunes in the shops or could it be that my Cuz (CKX) has sent me those items that will not be in the Christmas advent calendar??

so for your delight and expectation .. a few Xmas gift ideas ....

a slant on the old gift of slippers ... and edible too !!

These are my faves cool

and I actually like this idea that your ass winks at folk lol [crap video though]


Daddy Papersurfer said...

It's miles too early to think about Christmas - blimey, garages are open Christmas Eve you know ..... *wink wink* [nice jeans though]

70steen said...

my head is full of 'Decking the Halls with Boughs of Holly'... it is weird even in my book .. I want a pair of those jeans lol :)

Anonymous said...
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70steen said...

mmm spam fitters fried in boiling oil....

fracas said...

The slippers made me cringe... won't say why and spoil it for anyone who didn't click... but all I can say is 'eeeeuw'. Are they selling 'toe jam' on the side?


I love the other item though... how cool! I might have to get me some.

nursemyra said...

If I saw anyone in bread slippers or handerpants I'd run a mile