Friday, 31 October 2008

31st October 1979

Wednesday 31
Granny's Funeral 11.20 am
= nice funeral

Freda, Edna & Bella went

Had a meal in the Brookhouse near Penny Lane
Meal = lovely
Had a really good laugh (It sounds macabre to have a good laugh at a funeral, but Granny would have appreciated it)
Went back to Auntie Freda's

Phoned Sam he was happy as usual ???

Well folks... Happy Halloween

An evening ahead of me of knocks on the door whilst the dog goes ballistic ... deep joy ...I can't wait.

Don't get me wrong as my teen was growing up we did bobbin' apples, carved out the pumpkin, lit it and put it in the window, made pumpkin soup, dressed up and played scary games but I have never allowed her to go 'Trick or Treating' as I think it is like begging ....

Apparently that is where it has it's roots. The tradition is from All Soul’s Day parades in early England. The poor citizens would line up on the sides of the street as the richer members of the community paraded by and threw them pastries called soul cakes. The starving citizens would accept these cakes in exchange for praying for the richer class’s dead family members.

It is also T- shirt Friday over at Nurse Myras. Not much story behind this T-shirt except I got it in the sale for a fiver not long ago. My teen insisted I buy it 'Go on Mum live a little'
I do like it and it is slightly Halloweenish with the bats and vampire robots

(& the bruise on my neck is fading nicely where the vampires got me last week)

From 1973

Thursday, 30 October 2008

29th & 30th October 1979

knitted boobies courtesy of

Monday 29
Got up at 10.00
Did some art and some knitting (I seem to be doing a lot of art then .. I wonder what it was??)
Nothing much doing today
Sam phoned me from work in the afternoon
Fi came round in the pm

Phoned Sam

Tuesday 30
Got up at 9.30
Went to the bank and drew £5.00 out
Got my train ticket to Stafford
Sam phoned at 7.00 pm
He said I can't go to his tomorrow
I have to wait until Friday
= I am so disappointed

It is currently Breast Awareness Month and Olga and Claire have been women on a mission to promote this .... WTG girls. It is such an important mission. We gals should check our boobies for any unwanted visitors.. and I am not talking about the beer google type visitors (although a stranger may see something you don't!! If you know what I mean???)

As part of their campaign the gals have been trying to encourage us girlies to paint our boobies and squish them onto a piece of paper..... fabulous idea hee hee :-)

Due to lack of mobility with my right arm just now it is a little hard to co-ordinate this ... so I hope the girls will forgive me as I have had to rely on another form of 'paint' to show my support

Please follow the 'Smoosh your Boobies' instructions here

you know it makes sense

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

28th October 1979

Sunday 28
Got up at 12.00 (oh my word those glorious teen days of lying in bed 'til lunch time.. lol)
Phoned Sam
he was off to the pub
Did some art and some knitting
Fi phoned
Sam phoned later
He had been drinking (never! He had been to the pub doh!)

Once my shoulder gets a bit better I will start scanning and getting more 70s orientated.
My shoulder is incredibly sore and I have some fantastic bruising appearing including a huge one on my neck where I guess they injected the nerve blocker.... I know the holes in my shoulder are getting better as they are now starting to itch..... eeek!!

So have you been down to the woods recently? Have you seen the 3 bears who blog as 'Old Teddy'?
Please do pop along and take a look.
There is Busy Bear (or Busy Bossy Boffin Bear)
Grumpy Ted (or as he likes to be referred to in his dotage 'Mr. G. Teddington esq'! tsk!)
& Snowy Bear (or SnOwY bEaR)

They have invited blogsphere visitors to post their stories of their beloved toys that they grew up with..... it doesn't matter if you don't still have your precious toy, the memory of them is enough nor do you need to have a blog.

You can also adopt a toy and have your special day remembered by the bears. There is loads to see and do.

Currently they have a visitor over there who is looking for a new home.... a Jolly Jack Tar who has spent years at sea and is now looking for a new home on land anywhere in the world ........

I do hope you will take part and give a bear a new home :-)

Monday, 27 October 2008

26th & 27th October 1979

Friday 26
Half term
Bought a woollen waistcoat £3.99
Granny died last night at 11.20
Sam phoned at 4.45
Haven't heard from it since

Saturday 27
Sam phoned this morning
Went into Southport with my brother
Bought a pair of mules for £6.99
Wrote to my other brother, Corinna and 'J'
Sam rang twice
Once from the Vines & once at the Chinese chippy

Arrr my dear Granny. Born in 1890 in Scotland, orphaned by the time she was 10 years old.
Lived in England for 50 years but had the strongest Scottish accent still as an old lady. She couldn't cook to save her life and read peoples fortunes through tea leaves.... loved Andy Stewart and gave you Dundee biscuits when you visited her

This was the last photo of her taken in 1977 during the Queens Silver Jubilee celebrations

For those of you who don't know who Andy Stewart is ... here he is.
If you can stand it that is? .... I so detested Andy Stewart after having been forced to watch this type of stuff particularly on the Christmas and New Year programmes as a kid in the 60s, when dear Granny came to stay.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

25th October 1979

Thursday 25
Cooked at 8.30 = ok
Skived Business Studies
Baby sitting tonight
Finished essay & knitting
Home at 12.30 am
Sam phoned me whilst I was babysitting
I think he is missing me

My oh my..... who would have thought it from this humble beginning back in April 2007, following a change in career I would have published 500 posts ..... I am so amazed... shocked and stunned...............

So cheers & a big thank you to everyone who I have met in blogsphere (& Bill for dragging me into this) it's been such good fun and you are all wonderful....

heres to the next 500

70s xx

Friday, 24 October 2008

24th October 1979

Wednesday 24
Letter of 'J' ('J' was now at Manchester University studying art... how envious was I?)
Skived off recreation to do Sociology essay

Couldn't finish it though
Dungarees I ordered arrived = nice - cost £11.79
(the scary thing is I think they were these...OMG... looking at the straight legs these were definitely late 70s!!)

Phoned Sam His sister has passed her driving test

Knitting 80s style

I was going to make some wise crack comment about 'what is with her hair!' Then remembered this 80s photo.............

Mind you it was a great style ... just wash 'n' wear .. unlike now where I spend ages in the morning straightening and styling and by the time I get to the train station it looks worse than that .... lol

Thursday, 23 October 2008

23rd October 1979

Tuesday 23
Full day at college
Fi = ill today
'J' rang again
Had a good old natter (nothing changes in 29 years we still have good old phone natters now)
Sam phoned

He said he is tired and fed up with work

Finished right front of waistcoat

How very ... WTF??

Some classic 70s fashion along with Pans People strutting their stuff...

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

22nd October 1979 & a Wednesday wheeze

Gawd blimey what is this outfit about ??

Monday 22

Back at college
Feel a bit weak
Only in for 2 hours
Went to night school
'J' rang but I was out
Phoned Sam he was in one of his usual moods

Do you know that there are some doubting Thomas's about that think I have not had the op as no one has seen me .... see comment 6 here.....tsk! lol
mmmmmm .....You know who you are !!!
Here you go ... one with the arrow telling them where to prod about and the other with me trussed up like a chicken... happy now ;-)

If that is not funny enough .... I think we are feeling the impackets of the credit crunchies

Does one require chips with that?

8.15 from Paddington

new Apple iphone

& my favourite 2012 Olympics becomes It's Knockout

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

21st October 1979 & THANK YOU <3

Sunday 21

Got up at 10.00

Knitted, ironed and wrote some letters

Watch TV all day & night = boring

Sam phoned at 11.00

Surely that moustache is drawn on???

what can I say? I am sitting here at 1.45 am UK suffering what I can only think is post op insomnia...... I was never any good at having a nap in the aftenoon and then trying to sleep later on.

I felt wasted at around 23.00 hours, now my eyes are heavy but my brain is to be the coktail they gave me earlier....... Prepare for an Oscar type speech typed left handed... this may take some time

Today and the past week have given me a reminder about how grateful I am for the circle of people I have in my life...... the amount of kindess and genuine concern for my welfare has been simply breath everywhere I have turned.....

you dear bloggers who have posted me messages here, there'n' everywhere ... you are beautiful crazy people and love you all xx I am going to make a special award for you all but that may take a few days......... watch this blog!!

a big thank you to all my non blog owner readers... who should have a blog and would have great fun....... thankyou for your support xx

my 'pinch flesh friend' who blogs...... Annie Mouse who is such a star ... I wouldn't be without her as a bessy mate xxxx

thank you to the Mad Chicken Woman who was my personal taxi driver today.... another star x

& of course my teen and family thank you xxxx

my speech, however, wouldnot be complete without thanking the team of wonderful people who cared for me Royal Hope Hospital, Salford..... they were all fantastic... the NHS may have its problems but not today.

The nurses that saw me in at 7 am and the nurses that fed me saw me out at 7pm; the surgeon that sorted me out taking care to draw an 'up arrow' in black marker pen on my right arm so there was no mistake which shoulder to poke into; his great skill/work and decision making which means my recovery time is cut in half to 4 weeks yipee; the 4 guys who put me to sleep whilst making me giggle and made sure that I woke up again... now I have it on good authority that Holby City/ Casualty isn't true to life lol (one I do recall had lovely blue eyes though.... and there was me with no make up on and certainly not looking 70s best.... hey ho)

Thankyou all

this post is scheduled to go at 6 am... it is now 2.30am... my it takes time to type left handed but never too much time to say than you xxx

Monday, 20 October 2008

20th October 1979

Saturday 20

Got up at 10.00
Got dressed at 2.00
Sam is at Donnington Park - Rally Sprint
Watched it on TV
Started to knit a waistcoat (hee hee I can knit....)
Phoned Sam at 7.00

can you ever imagine doing a work out in a knitted suit???? Fabulous lol

Sunday, 19 October 2008

19th October 1979

Friday 19
Woke up at 10.00
Sam phoned at 11.00
Talked for about 20 minutes
Feel a lot better today
But my neck and shoulders ache (how uncanny I certainly will have shoulder ache tomorrow lol)
Sam phoned at 8.00
He was going off to the Woolpack

Well the big shop is done, the fridge and freezer is stuffed to the top. The house is reasonably tidy but it is clean. The ironing has not been done .. I have run out of energy now.
At least I will get a bit of a nap tomorrow.
I am going to attempt to forward post a few pages of 70s and I will pop in when I can in a few days ...... Annie Mouse will put a comment up tomorrow to let you know how I am :-)

The knitting patterns over the next few days are courtesy of my niece. She is such a star, she got a couple of 80s knitting pattern books from a wool shop near where she lives... she tells me she can't go past a wool shop or charity shop anymore with out thinking about me lol .......there are some classic patterns hee hee

Saturday, 18 October 2008

18th October 1979

oh so cute but would you dress your boy in this?

Thursday 18
Off college as I have been sick through out the night
I feel rotten

Stayed in bed all day
Eaten nothing
Sam rang at 11.15 pm

Miss him

Gawd I hope history doesn't repeat itself on
this day 29 years on!! ... coz no op for me if I am sick on Monday ..MRSA and novovirus et al

today I happened upon a treasure trove of books (a book store road side .. I feel these guys take advantage of house sale!) .. and picked up this

An annual that was sooo innocent that 30 years ago had the term 'bimbo' as a cutey penguin!

however this penguin had some interesting pals............

Friday, 17 October 2008

16th 17th October 1979

you know I saw some ponchos for sale in this wool just the other week... frightening (Annie Mouse will vouch for me on this)!!
Tuesday 16
College at 10.00
Made liver and orange etc = yuk (yes no matter how you dress up liver, liver is still yuk.. don't know what the etc was though?)

Bought a black velveteen handbag = perfectly trendy (was that sarcasm?
I have no idea?)

Phoned Sam but he was at footy
Granny = still the same
Phoned Uncle George (yes I was 17 and I had to phone my uncle (my dads brother, my Granny's 2nd son, in California as my Mum is so shy and was uncomfortable make the call. The last time I had spoken to him was in 1965 ish when he and his family left the UK for a new life in America.. I remember the call very well as I had expected to hear an English accent but was met with a very American one.. it was all very bizarre for a teen)

Wednesday 17
Played volleyball this afternoon
Boring day at college
Watched TV all night

Rang Sam at 11.00

I picked up a copy of 'The Week' a couple of weeks ago and only got round to reading it today on the train... (great publication btw)
My oh my the Germans have the right idea about knitting

Under the heading 'IT MUST BE TRUE... I read it in the tabloids'

An 89 year old vandal from Germany has been sentenced to knit sweaters for her victims.
Heidi Kohl was caught slashing the tyres of a dozen cars, because she felt too many where being parked in her neighbourhood.
She was fined , but as she has no money, offered to knit jumpers instead.
"when she has knitted the sweaters, the matter wil be over for us" said prosecutor Helmut Bleh

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

15th October 1979

can't believe just how many yellow perils there have been

Monday 16
22 months (the amount of time I had been going out with Sam)
Got B+ for Sociology essay

Sam phoned 3x

Granny is seriousl
y ill in hospital
Sam went to see the Boomtown Rats in concert
Didn't go to night school as I am knackered

Well it came today..... the letter......confirmation I am having my operation on Monday.
Got to be there for 7 am and take a dressing gown and slippers.... SLIPPERS??? I don't own a pair. Maybe my teen will lend me her BagPuss ones

Teen has just 'fessed that isn't an option.... as the pup ate one, I suppose it isn't a good idea to hop around a hospital ward after an operation. And the pup won't lend me hers either

So this weekends quest (to add to the huge list of quests.. get halloween stuff in (been coerst into a teen halloween meet), fill the freezer, etc etc )... is find a suitable pair of slipperware

No time to knit some

ooo they light up ... cooooool

seriously coool but maybe not

awww how cute

Very practical to get me home ... not sure about the Munchkins though

Gorgeous glass slippers ... a tad impracticable though I feel they would be slippy on hospital floors

Now we are talking.... not in the slightest bit impracticable (no I have my fingers in my ears and can't hear you lol) ... there is some fur/feathers to keep my feet warm and they are not as high as the glass slippers
A couple of late editions from the loverly Nurse Myra... thank you ..... I think they may raise a bit more than eyebrows lol :-)