Wednesday, 8 October 2008

6th, 7th, 8th & 9th October 1979

the shape of things to come
Saturday 6
Worked 10.40 -5.55
Sam met me from work
he tackled a lad nicking crisps (always a trouble at the cafe.. lots of theft)
Went to Fi's house all evening

Fi and Chris had a good sort out and are now on a casual basis
Stayed the night at hers

Sunday 7
Bro's 20th birthday
Met my brother for a drink at the Railway pub for a Happy Birthday drink at 12.30
Stayed in all afternoon
Sam did some of his correspondence course
Wrote to 'J'
Sam left at 7.30

Miss him

Monday 8
My nephews 4th Birthday (omg he has 2 kids of his own now older than 4!)
Only had 2 hours of lessons today
As my tutor was off

Bought a dress pattern £1.49
Went to night school = good
Sam phoned at lunch time & at 10.45 pm

He'd been playing footy at Keele University

Tuesday 9
No cookery as lecturer was away
Home at 3.30
Started to make my dress
Fi came round before the Tech do at Tiffany's
She's midering about Chris
Sam phoned at 9.30 pm and 11.00 pm
he'd been to the Saracens
Put pink streaks in my hair . (wow 29 years on and still love them lol due for another set of pink bits at the end of the month :-) )

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. There are a number of factors -

1. I am sure the world is turning faster and the 'authorities' have not put it in the press yet. I get home from work between 18.00 & 19.00 hours.... before I know it it is 22.00 hours. And all I have done in that time is cook tea, wash up, speak to my Mum, walk the dog, put washing in, take washing out etc etc

2. My internet provider is intermittently awful

3. My old boy computer is loosing its virtual memory ... old computer home for this old friend soon I think?... gosh I hope it can't read what I have just written!

4. Lappy top is permanently stuck to teens lap

5. Trying to get ahead of myself at home before I am a one armed bandit for a while (got a letter from the hospital today that says I will probably be in a sling for 6 weeks.. not the 8 weeks that he told me yipeee)

6. Then there are these guys ..... lovely cuddly teddies with tales to tell. Trying to get a bear to stand up in pink satin shoes is not easy and because of 2 & 3 above not been able to download them..... what should take seconds takes ages and I lose patience ... pop along they would love to chat :-)

However, all seems a bit more stable tonight on the PC front ... long may it remain


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm going to speak to Grumpy and INSIST that no knitting, knitting patterns, needles, wool etc is ever going to be allowed at Dear Teddy .... I am adamant ......"Prince Charming.Prince Charming" tra-la

Annie Mouse said...

and then you offer to do something for me and the computer messes up sorry 70's.

thanks for making time for me tonight i've missed you.

Annie Mouse said...

i just thought bro will be getting his card from his mum i made won't he?

Shinade said...

Oh golly,
And I am such a slow load for you. But when you get time I have something for you. I'm sorry I can't give you the direct link. it's a bug I will have to discuss with Ana in the morning.

But you may come and get it at

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your pink streaks. if I were a blonde that's the colour I'd have.

70steen said...

OK DP ... oops Prince Charming (sadly deluded but there you go lol).... knitting patterns are the new black... you know how forceful Busy and Snowy can be ;-)

70steen said...

Annie ~ last night old PC was particularly awful... kept freezing. Must look at what you sent me on lappy.. yes I have lappy teen is Lazer Questing :-)

Miss you too gal.
Seeing my bro at the weekend I will ask him what he thought of your lovely work

70steen said...

Shinade ~ thankyou so much I will nip over now whilst I have the lappy

70steen said...

Thank you dear NM ~ I don't think the streaks of pink I put in in the 70s looked as good as those on the photo earlier this year. I used red food dye lol
Do you still have your cool yet firey flashes of red??

fracas said...

Dear 70s. I haven't read much of the comments, but could I please just take this moment to ask that you please try incorporate more knitting patterns into the Dear Teddy blogs? You know there are such cute little outfits for Teddies out there... I've started a collection...

Please... the fans want knitting patterns. Crochet too if you like!

{{And you know, perhaps if Grumpy Ted had a lovely knitted jacket and tie, he'd feel better and not be so grumpy?}}

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Fracas - I'm taking notes you know!

Busy Bear said...

Do you think you could knit me a shirt please....I'd like to cover up the stoopid bra my cuddler is making me wear.

Yes DP...I said CUDDLER!!!

fracas said...

You're taking notes DP? I thought that was my job...

or am I the boss and you the secretary now that we've both done that quiz and found out I'm 60/40 male/female and you're 50/50 male/female.

Not that I think bosses have to be male or anything...