Tuesday, 28 October 2008

28th October 1979

Sunday 28
Got up at 12.00 (oh my word those glorious teen days of lying in bed 'til lunch time.. lol)
Phoned Sam
he was off to the pub
Did some art and some knitting
Fi phoned
Sam phoned later
He had been drinking (never! He had been to the pub doh!)

Once my shoulder gets a bit better I will start scanning and getting more 70s orientated.
My shoulder is incredibly sore and I have some fantastic bruising appearing including a huge one on my neck where I guess they injected the nerve blocker.... I know the holes in my shoulder are getting better as they are now starting to itch..... eeek!!

So have you been down to the woods recently? Have you seen the 3 bears who blog as 'Old Teddy'?
Please do pop along and take a look.
There is Busy Bear (or Busy Bossy Boffin Bear)
Grumpy Ted (or as he likes to be referred to in his dotage 'Mr. G. Teddington esq'! tsk!)
& Snowy Bear (or SnOwY bEaR)

They have invited blogsphere visitors to post their stories of their beloved toys that they grew up with..... it doesn't matter if you don't still have your precious toy, the memory of them is enough nor do you need to have a blog.

You can also adopt a toy and have your special day remembered by the bears. There is loads to see and do.

Currently they have a visitor over there who is looking for a new home.... a Jolly Jack Tar who has spent years at sea and is now looking for a new home on land anywhere in the world ........

I do hope you will take part and give a bear a new home :-)


Busy Bear said...

I can't believe you found a nautical teddy bear knitted sweater! I bet Grumpy Ted would look DARLING in that! :)

Good job Snowy! I mean 70's....


70steen said...

Dear BB there is a knitting pattern for every ocassion (so I have found..lol)

Once I am 2 armed again I may make an effort and knit one especially for GT... *snigger*

Grumpy Ted said...

I would appreciate that sweater actually but if I were you I'd wait a little while to see if my left arm falls off - it could save you hours.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

That b****y bear! ...... no knitting over here thankyou!!!

Grumpy come home immediately! - the lavatory needs cleaning and you know I've lost the brush ....... tee hee

nursemyra said...

"holes in your shoulder" ooooh can we see pictures?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

NO Nursey NOOOOOO!!!!

70steen said...

GT ~ good suggestion about waiting ... but I am sure that your kind 'cuddler' would stitch it back on again should you have an unfortunate loss
[I have just the wool for you too!!]

70steen said...

DP ~ oh come on don't be so grumpy you know it is cold now and he has little fur due to his age ...

70steen said...

Dear NM ~ as much as I love you I am afraid I just couldn't post that sight... it looks like I have been shot in the shoulder 3 times ... and makes me queezy just changing the dressings ;-)

70steen said...

DP ~ don't worry you are safe, you can come out from under the table now lol :-)

diane said...

Poor you, that sounds like some op you had!

I could have sworn I posted a comment yesterday but it has vanished into the ether....never mind.

Edward Puppyhands is trying to remember his story to tell 'Dear Teddy' but all his heads keep contradicting each other.....