Thursday, 30 October 2008

29th & 30th October 1979

knitted boobies courtesy of

Monday 29
Got up at 10.00
Did some art and some knitting (I seem to be doing a lot of art then .. I wonder what it was??)
Nothing much doing today
Sam phoned me from work in the afternoon
Fi came round in the pm

Phoned Sam

Tuesday 30
Got up at 9.30
Went to the bank and drew £5.00 out
Got my train ticket to Stafford
Sam phoned at 7.00 pm
He said I can't go to his tomorrow
I have to wait until Friday
= I am so disappointed

It is currently Breast Awareness Month and Olga and Claire have been women on a mission to promote this .... WTG girls. It is such an important mission. We gals should check our boobies for any unwanted visitors.. and I am not talking about the beer google type visitors (although a stranger may see something you don't!! If you know what I mean???)

As part of their campaign the gals have been trying to encourage us girlies to paint our boobies and squish them onto a piece of paper..... fabulous idea hee hee :-)

Due to lack of mobility with my right arm just now it is a little hard to co-ordinate this ... so I hope the girls will forgive me as I have had to rely on another form of 'paint' to show my support

Please follow the 'Smoosh your Boobies' instructions here

you know it makes sense


Daddy Papersurfer said...

That's cheating ........... double D cup tsk

70steen said...

:( I am trying you know :(

tNb said...

I really must find some paint ... soon!

70steen said...

tNb you have nooooo excuse that dashing young man of yours must have gallons of paint ;-) lol

diane said...

As much as I support this very worthwhile cause, I am unable to join in with this smooshing thing. The fact is, it is so bloody cold, I am not taking my bra, my t-shirt, my shirt, my sweater and my pashmina off for anybody.....I'm freezing even with the central heating full on and a warm puppy to cuddle.
Sorry. Try it again in the summer :)

70steen said...

Don't blame you Diane ... [you could cheat like me lol]

aww aren't puppies soooo cuddly :-D
I showed my teen your picture and video of Milo and she wants one too... not sure how Layla would take the cuddling competition....

nursemyra said...

I bought some paint home from the gimcrack today so hopefully will get round to doing mine soon

shle3pyb4by said...

ah, cute boobies!! :)

hi 70steen! :)

hmm... paint the boobies!! ill try to do it this weekends! such a great effort. but agree with diane. its so cold!

oh, hi to everyone!! *waving*

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

OK...this year you can "cheat" but next year, no excuses! 'Specially not "too cold." Has anyone over there in chilly UK ever consider warming up the paint?!?

70steen said...

Oh Olga had my arm been fully functional you know rain or shine, cold or hot I would be smooshying?

Maybe ... but inly maybe by the 7th I can join in

Next year oh yes I will be there for sure x