Saturday, 18 October 2008

18th October 1979

oh so cute but would you dress your boy in this?

Thursday 18
Off college as I have been sick through out the night
I feel rotten

Stayed in bed all day
Eaten nothing
Sam rang at 11.15 pm

Miss him

Gawd I hope history doesn't repeat itself on
this day 29 years on!! ... coz no op for me if I am sick on Monday ..MRSA and novovirus et al

today I happened upon a treasure trove of books (a book store road side .. I feel these guys take advantage of house sale!) .. and picked up this

An annual that was sooo innocent that 30 years ago had the term 'bimbo' as a cutey penguin!

however this penguin had some interesting pals............


Annie Mouse said...

how could you, more penguins. your adopted nephew will be horrified.

70steen said...

cover his eyes..... pleaseeeeeeeeeee

70steen said...

just to say the annual had a sticker from help the aged costing 20p.. where it cost me £1 from the street seller and dang I didn't see that until I got home..drat

Annie Mouse said...

thats a bit cheeky of the street seller, did you buy any other gems?

it reminds me of pingu.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm saying 'nubbin' - it could blow my cover - tee hee.

Anonymous said...

I remember bimbo "bimbo, bimbo, where you gonaa go-ee-o?....."

and the answer to your first question is "yes". and that's why he turned out gay"


70steen said...

Gems Annie? what do you reckon knowing me as you do ;-)

70steen said...

hee hee Dp I always knew you were a bit of a 'bimbo' ooops sorry .....*snigger*

70steen said...

NM ~ rofl
I had never heard of Bimbo until yesterday .... & even now I have only sussed that Bimbo is a boy not the penguin .... gawd how are kids supposed to keep up lol

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I had no idea that Nursey could knit ...... she has soooo many talents ...

John C said...

Why did they make a book about Fracas using penguins?

I'm sorry, I had some sugar today. :) But I know about your penguin love!

fracas said...

I'll have you know in 1978 I was only 14, and hardly a bimbo. (That happened later, about the time I started hanging out with a bad crowd online...)


I have come here to leave hugs and embed secret thoughts of Donny Osmond into this comment so that when 70s is all asleep having her surgery, her dreams are filled with nothing but sweet and innocent puppy love until the twelfth of never (or until she wakes up in the recovery room).

I mean, the last thing we want, is for her to drift out of consciouness seeing Daddy Papersurfer's avatar.

Hugs, love and a speedy recovery to you fraccy sis! I'll be thinking about you until I hear all went well!

John said...'re still a bimbo, Bimbo.

How's she gonna drift off if she knows you and me are squabblin' about DP? You need to be more quiet and let her get some rest, Fracas.

:tucks in bedcorners and fluffs pillows while sticking tongue out at Bimbo:

There ya go, girly girl!

70steen said...

hee hee dear Frac & John .. you are like 2 naughty school kids but you do make me smile

Thank you for your kind thoughts & will speak very soon

70s xx

John said...

It's not my fault, 70s!

She's always tryin' ta play doctah and nursin' people in public! See, she tried doin' it here too!

fracas said...

John. GEE. You done ruined her thoughts of Donny Osmond. If you wanted to do the tucking in, you should've just told me. I have a heart, I'd have let you tuck her in and all.

(Note to 70s I'm thinking about ya this morning, wondering if you're doing ok now hours later, Here's a comforting thought... Donny... Donny... Donny... xo)

John C said...

WAKE UP 70s!

FRACAS is breathin' all over DONNY! OMG! WTF!

70steen said...

hee hee John I am sure Donny would have preferred Dear Frac breathing all over him than me when I woke up after the op ... talk about mouth like the bottom of a birds cage .... eeeewww!!

John C said...

Good morning, sunshine lady! :)

Glad you're up and about already.

70steen said...

Hi John
Yes I am up and about ... infact I haven't slept since I came out of theatre ... what ever they gave me to come round has kept me awake since 3 pm yesterday ... I was so wired last night ... but I am glad to be back :-)