Thursday, 2 October 2008

1st & 2nd October 1979

Monday 1
Good day at college
Only in for 3 hours

Went to night school = ok
Fi came round this afternoon

Phoned Sam
He was in a better mood than last night
Just as well (that's my girl lol )

Tuesday 2
Fi's 18th
College at 10.00
Went boozing for Fi's birthday = a bit tiddly

Went back to hers

Chris gave me a lift home

Had a long chat with him about him and Fi
Mar etc had gone to my Aunties in Halewood

Put phone down on Sam

Tired of his attitude (oops that good mood didn't last long ..)

Tonight on the One Show they did a little piece on 1977. The time of the Queens Silver Jubilee and Virginia Wade won Wimbledon... humpf they never mentioned that I went to Wimbledon that year. I can't believe they never included that piece of memorabilia.

The crux of the piece revolved around this girl. One of the most famous posters ever.
I so remember it being everywhere you turned back then ... and in the 30 years that have passed it is still popular.
It has always been a mystery as to who the model was ... it was the photographer's (Martin Elliot) girlfriend at the time, they borrowed some equipment and she couldn't even play tennis He was still not for revealing her name when asked today.

If you want a poster of the tennis-girl it will cost you £300 today ... wow!!! I bet there are few chaps kicking themselves that they didn't look after their icon better!

I am sure Daddy Papersurfer will do a similar pose for a lot less ......
I could knit him a tennis dress
see I can be very very nice :-)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I never had one of those posters but obviously I've seen it. It's still very sexy ....... which goes back to the 'less is more' thing.

£300!!!!! - blimey

diane said...

Please DP, do not even THINK of taking 70s up on her offer.
A knitted tennis dress would be so hot and scratchy.....

Annie Mouse said...

apart from it being hot and scratchy, it would be quite disturbing, DP in a tennis dress showing his bottom...oops i forgot it is be nice to DP day. sorry DP.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

People have such short memories .... still it's over now ....

Anonymous said...

oh I remember that pic.....

70steen said...

Yes DP .. 300 quid! can you believe it when it was a common view back then.. she had a fab ass though!

70steen said...

dear D~ I am not sure he is listening .. DP does like hot and scratchy .. I know scary isn't it??

70steen said...

Oh come on Annie you know he loooves it .. the itchier the better. Best not to ask why??

70steen said...

dear NM me too it was everywhere at one time ... I seem to recall that mine looked like that once lol ;-)