Tuesday, 30 September 2008

30th September 1979

Little girl ~ do ya wanna play ABC with me?
Little boy ~ no I don't think I can I am so excited I think I have wet myself what with my mother dressing me up in girls knee high socks and Dorothy shoes and all!

Sunday 30
Phoned work but they didn't need me (oh I yearn for that to be said to me these days!!)
Went to Blackpool for the day

Had a really good laugh
Spent loads of money on rubbish (glad to see I haven't changed much hee hee )
Sam phoned at 10.45 pm
He was in a lovely mood .. honest!! (a hint of sarcasm perhaps?)

I was giggling when I read my e mails tonight on return home from work. There was an e mail from Sam. He has been reading the blog ... so DP be on your best behaviour...

On the 22nd September I copied from my diary
Sam up for 2 days
Worked 10.15 to 5.25
Sam arrived at 11.45
At 5.15 he arrived at the cafe pissed.
He had been to Stan's dads wedding booze up.
He was sick 100x (*snigger*... serves him right )
Went to Southport at 10.25
Home at 11.30 (I guess he was feeling pretty rough then? lol)

Sam's response in the e mail today (& I am sure he won't mind me quoting him)

"Did remember the being ill escapades after Stans dads wedding, you had cooked a pasta meal which you made me eat and then insisted we went out despite me wanting to die, I have never touched vodka since !" hee hee

The other thing that cheered my day I had an e mail from lovely Nurse Myra to say she had posted me something from Australia following a comment I had made on tNb's blog.... & on my dining room table (when I got home) was a big padded envelope from Australia..... containing a book that David Sedaris wrote.... I am going to save this for when I am an one armed bandit to read I will need a few cuckles then ... thank you nursie always knows best :)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Sam's been reading the blog!!!!! He's still alive!!!!! He's sober!!!!!! - I won't say a word - promise .......

[Sam - email me and tell me the real story behind 70's stories - I'll pay]

tNb said...

OMG Sam is real?!?!?

Enjoy Sedaris, I hope you laugh as much as I did! :-)

Anonymous said...

hope it gives you lots of cuckles :-)

The Rev. said...

Vodka? Groan....I can't touch the stuff anymore, either.

On another note, why is the boy in that first picture wearing what appear to be pink girl's shoes? That doesn't seem quite right...though he certainly is enjoying them- ;)

70steen said...

DP ~ behave !!! I would be worried if I actually though you had any money lol :-)

70steen said...

hee hee tNb of course he is real... nobody could make up the rubbish I publish (oh ok DP may)

yes looking forward to cracking open the book :-)

70steen said...

hee hee NB it warms the 'cuckles' of my heart.... ;-)

70steen said...

oh no Rev another casualty of vodka.. personally I love it but have never been sick on it so that is the difference

Yes a very odd thing to dress a boy in but there again is there anything not odd about the knitting patterns lol :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

[seriously Sam ...... I've got £5 saved up!!!]

Annie Mouse said...

i've got £6 saved and a button.

70steen said...

Oi you two .... I can hear you

Sam ~ ignore them they really have no money .. I do believe the button bit though :-)

Annie Mouse said...

sam its a nice button, the £6 bit was a lie though, but DP is so rich with his cliff top residence, the lie just took me over. sorry

fracas said...

Sam - do not take DP seriously. I have experience with his promises of sending shoes. I doubt money would be much different.

Real friends don't want to hear the dirt. ;-) Please post me nothing but lovely stories of 70s. I'm sure there's nothing else.

{{I'll use the cauldron to take care of DP 70s... not to fear.}}

Anonymous said...

Sam - do not take DP seriously.

Dasha said...

Sam - do not take DP seriously.
Sam - do not take DP seriously.

Dasha said...

Sam ~ ignore them they really have no money .. I do believe the button bit though :-)