Sunday, 14 September 2008

13th & 14th September 1979

Thursday 13
College at 9.00 am
Art Center for dinner
Usual boring day

Sam phoned at 11.00 pm
He'd been playing darts at the Woolpack

Friday 14
Go to Stafford on the 5.05 pm train
Got there at 6.05

Sam and his mum came to pick me up from the station

Rowed with Sam (oh my I had only just got there)

Went to the 'Garfield' (must be a pub?) and the 'Lodge' (probably another pub)
Had a long talk (yes I think we needed to)

Well I am having a bit of a miserable time just now as my back is so much in pain..... work have been ok but some think I am swinging the lead.
I am in a new work environment and they have not witnessed my 'back flare ups' before.
My old team have lived through this with me over the past 15 years ... with my last really bad one in 2005 when I was off work for 12 weeks (I bent down to feed the cats and that was that!) ... came back to the work face and was on light duties for another 12 weeks, there then followed a cat scan, a really bloody painful steroid epidural injection in my spine...(ooo I don't want one of those again I can tell you) and intensive physio.

Having a dodgy disc means it can 'pop' when you are doing something totally inane .. and this was no exception .... apparently it is degenerative so deep joy it will only get worse as the years pile on (hey I thought it was bad when I was in my teens !! well it probably was! so each one is dealt with in turn).. hey ho c'est la vie!!

What has cheered me this time though is (apart from my new found portable Tens machine and strong wacky enhancing painkillers!) the kindness I have received from blogsphere. Personal messages through fuel and e mails.
I must say I was so touched by Scratch Bag who posted a lovely knitting pattern for me (I wonder where she found it & DP here it is just for you to enjoy *snigger*)... Thank you, it is so kind of you :-)

Have you seen Daddy P's blog today? He has wheeled out an old friend. It kinda shows you the softer side of him. I for one am a little sacred by this ...........
However, it got me to thinking about dear old 'Snowy' who has accompanied me through out my life. He is a bit camera shy .. and will remain so just for now .... but you never know he maybe pursuaded to show himself, stitches an all???


Anonymous said...

Hugs fraccy sis... only very light, little fairy ones so as not to hurt the back.

Perhaps I could persuade a certain Osmond to stop by and assist you with a little massage? If the back is too sore for massage, I'm sure you could instruct him as to where else would benefit. I shall endeavour to orchestrate such a thing immediately.

I do hope you don't mind?

Please excuse me. I have scheming to do now.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

1. I hate it when Fraccy is scheming
2. I saw Scratchy's pattern - is there nowhere safe now?
3. Perhaps you should go commando to avoid this happening again.
4. Don't worry about killing me - I'll do it myself
5. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

1. It is quite satisfying to see DP worried :D
2. DO take care of yourself.
3. I am cheating DP's style.
4.Hugs in Fraccy style.:)
5. Oh!! I have cheated so much. Gotta go.

Anonymous said...

what? Fracas has access to an Osmond?

so sorry to hear about your back, I like tens machines too. have you tried putting it on your inner thigh and turning up the volume? might take your mind off your back for a while :-)

70steen said...

Dear Frac ... thank you so much. Fiary hugz back to you as your hernia is popping up and causing you some discomfort I believe.......
You have a hot line to Donny? OMW.... I could find him something to do to ease my aching back.... oo la la .....
Love it when you scheme xx

70steen said...

DP ~ ~
1. See above
2. No... the trend has been established by 70s. hee hee
3. shuuuuuush
4. Saves me the job (*snigger*)
5.*thank you * xox

70steen said...

SB ~~
1. oh yes it is fabby
2. Thank you :-)
3. I woudln't worry he will be flattered
4. Hugz back
5. See ya later :-)

70steen said...

NM ~ I know dear Frac has kept her contact with the Osmonds very quiet.

Hee hee Nursey .. I shall take on board your medical advice and give it a go lol ;-)

tNb said...

Bad backs ... maybe it's an Aquarian thing? Unfortunately, it sounds like your back troubles may require something stronger than a little Boney M therapy ... Stay strong and keep your spirits up, and no matter what ... please keep DaddyP from going commando!


70steen said...

tNb ~ Boney M therapy is interesting because movement is the key to it getting better (in moderation of course .. certainly no 'oops up side your head' for a long time to come.

Thank you for your kind words ... & I wish DP would resist this overwhelming 'commando' urge, it's just not right a man of his age and all ;-)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

{{{{{{{gentle hugs}}}}}}}}}}}

{{{{{{BIG XXXXXXX}}}}}}}}}}}}

I love your new pup pic!!! :)

70steen said...

Olga {{{{{ thank you hugz back}}}}}

Everyone has been so wonderful :-)