Thursday, 11 September 2008

11th September 1979

Tuesday 11
Back to Tech (Technical College) = ok
Got £36 wages
ran for the restuarant, came 4th
Got £1 (it was some charity race I think??)
Went to the Scarisbrick afterwards
Andy was giving me a lift home & we crashed
No one was injured (yes I remember this vividly. We were approaching a 'give way' junction and Andy didn't 'give way'.... we were hit side on and the car was spun.... I still rememeber as we approached the junction 'gosh I don't think he is going to stop'!!!)
me = shocked
Told Sam, he won't speak to me (I reckon it was 2 reasons... 1. I was getiing a lift home by another bloke & 2. I was in a car with someone who had been drinking!!)

Well I have been and gone and done it....... my prolapsed disc has popped out again. It is not as bad as the last time at least I can still walk although it is with 'baby' steps.
I am sat propped up with the lappy top .... it is too painful to sit on my compurt chair just now on the old PC... so yes.... you have it NO KNITTING PATTERNS... lol
Oh and non of these for a while either oh or these

As I have nothing saved to this hard drive I will have to rely on some other things off the net

Firstly is this from BBCs holiday programme in 1974... I doubt today the Beeb would have so many boobs???

Hee hee coolshirts


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I know I've been hoping there weren't going to be any more knitting patterns ever again ...... but this price is too high. What were you doing? ....... or is that a tad nosey? ......... tell me anyway

*gentle hugs*

70steen said...

DP ~ thank you for the gentle hugz

It is a cse of laughing or crying with the pain... thankfully I can still laugh but by god it kills ....

Sorry if I told you what I was doing I would have to kill you ... you understand ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Very reasonable ....... I suppose.....

Mine sometimes goes just bending over to pull my undercrackers up ......

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

TMI DaddyP!!

Sorry 'bout your back 70's...hope you'll be back in the swing of things soon! xoxo

70steen said...

mmm! funny you should say that about undercrackers..... ??
Playboy knicks in my case ... ;-)

70steen said...

Olga ~ thank you
It is not as bad as my last back (land me on my back) episode but I must lay up and not taunt it ... a few days rest should sort it as I have learned after 30 years of having a glass back xoxox

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Shuuuuuush - it's a secret - I have an email to prove it .....

Anything I can do to help? ...... get the commode? Deep Heat? a copy of the Sun?

Anonymous said...

those bikinis look pretty up to date for something that's 34 years old.

hope your back's better soon darlin'

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your back, get well soon.:) I think I will hunt for those read shoes (the worldofstock ones)Very sexy!

70steen said...

Thank you NM & SB ... life is very physically painful just now .... hopefully that niggling disc will pop back in to where it should be soon.. ;-)