Sunday, 28 September 2008

28th September 1979

Friday 28
Boring day at college
Got a 'B' for my Sociology essay (blooming heck that was some quick marking)
Bought a shirt from Clobber £5.99 (Clobber was the shop to buy from in Southport then along with Van Allan.. Clobber had a prime site at the entrance of the train station so you just had to pop in on the way home)
Sam phoned at 9.00

Said he had done 3 hours work & now he was going to the Woolpack

I was supposed to be going down there this weekend

Bonnie & Clyde

After the news yesterday that Paul Newman had I died I thought I would have a hunt around and see who was born and died in 1979 (up to September that is)

Nora Jones ...I love 'Come Away with me'

Sophie Ellis- Bextor .. I saw her in support of Take That last year. She was good but the acoustics were shocking at the MEN arena
Shane from Westlife .. my Mum thinks he sings like a girl but you can't take that away from the sucess they have had
Pink..... what a fabulous eccentric gal

Conrad Hilton .. grand father to a rather spoilt Paris
Donny Hathaway .. a soulful chap who produced some fabulous music
This is done by Will Young

Sid Vicious ... I remember it so well but it didn't hit my diaries. Punk was at its hilt and he did and done a stupid thing

Richard Beckinsale... I remember the shock of this as he was young and up and coming. Very famous in his roll in 'Porridge'.. very sudden

Airey Neave and Earl Mountbatten were both assasinated by the IRA. We complain about troubles now with suicide bombings but I was brought up with indiscriminate IRA bombings in the 70s & 80s which still went on after my teen was born in the 90s (Warrington and Manchester bombings... the Warrington bomb I was shopping in Manchester and the Manchester bomb I was shopping in Warrington..(I live equal distance from both places) someone is looking over me I think? )

Mary Pickford... a star of black and white stage and screen

& dear old John Wayne .. get off your horse and drink your milk .. the man born called Marion.... Saturday afternoon Westerns would never seem the same again


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Excellent post young 70's - very evocative ...[ and I'm NOT referring to Mary Pickford before you say anything!]

Anonymous said...

I loved Bonnie and Clyde (the film)

Shinade said...

Oh I love Bonnie and Clyde too. The original with Warren Beaty and Faye dunaway.

Oh I loved Paul Newman so much. Sheeshhh...everyone is dying that I have always loved.

I must be getting old!

I finally got around to say hi. Wow getting caught up is a nightmare.

I missed you guys all so much!!

Hugs and :-))))just for DP!!

tNb said...

I had a lump in my throat when I heard about Paul Newman's death, he was a rare breed. May he live on in our salads forever ...

sylvied said...

I felt sad too when I heard that he had died, good post 70 x

fracas said...

Dang. Every video I click gives me that "We're sorry..." message and black screen. I guess I need to update flash. Don't you just hate when that happens? Sometimes youtube drives me batty.

I love 'Come Away With Me' too. I even like the version done by the gal from Saskatchewan who placed 2nd in Canadian Idol a few years ago... Theresa Sokyrka. She sings it nicely too.

Ok.. best I go update my flash now.

(And no DP... I did not say that I was going to go flash anyone now... that would be bad.)

Anonymous said...

Very well thought post. I don't know why good people pass away. I hate it when I hear about deaths, I guess I need to start digesting the fact that death is the only truth!

70steen said...

DP~ thank you
Mary Pickford was very beautiful though easn't she? :-)

70steen said...

NM ~ Bonnie & cylde is a cool old film I think it is definitely worth another look.. may see if I can find acopy for when I am laid up with my dodgy arm

70steen said...

Hi Shinade & WB
Yep it is a sad thing when the idols you grew up with start popping off

also tNb & Sylvie he seemed such a lovely guy I was just reading an article in the free paper on the train about Paul newman where they describe him as 'one ofthe greatest actors of all time and atrue humanitarian'... they are not wrong

70steen said...

Dear Frac oops sorry you can get on to the videos .. is it working now ??
& please don't encourage 'him' with tha flash word lol :-)(not that he needs much encouragement as we know;-) )

70steen said...

SB ~ yes indeed all too sad ... but you need to add taxes to that too to that digestion of facts!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I just saw Fracarse flash!!!!!