Wednesday, 17 September 2008

17th September 1979

ok what is that head scarf/ear muff about? Oh and matching sweaters too albeit in different colours .. you can't fool me lol
Monday 17
Sam went to work at 8.50
I got up at 10.00
Met him in Stafford for dinner

He bought me a chicken salad

Got the train home

Bought a jumper from C & A £2.15

Went to night school 6.45 - 9.00 pm = good (now you will laugh.. it was a typing and
shorthand course. Being in the top stream at school I never was allowed to do typing etc. So I took it upon myself to take up the 'art'.... I may have said I thought it was good then .. but I recall later I hated it ... particularly the shorthand. The tutor was so unforgiving, most of the class were on a refresher where as I was new to the 'dark art'. It was like learning a new language! All I need to do today when taking minutes/quick notes is to write fast in my scribble along with MSN/text speak .. for example '2' , 'B4' , 'fwd' 'w8in' , l8r.... in 1979 that was not invented.......)
Phoned Sam

I was going to post a Wonderous Wednesday post but after last weeks post it had left the Rev in a complete trauma ... and Drowsey Monkey 'does it so well' I am not going to continue.. but I urge you (well the female readers) to pop along to Drowsey place for your 'Hump Day Fix'

came across this tonight .. a quiz about 1979. I hope that link works if not click here & page down to the quiz.

I got 80% .. I lost on the price of milk increase and how people managed to flee from East to West Germany over the Berlin Wall (hey I thought pole vaulting was a great answer)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

70% which I'm quite pleased with as I'm still asleep ......those knitting patterns are like counting sheep .......... TSK

Anonymous said...

I only got 5/10 in the quiz :-(

tNb said...

I only managed a pebbly 50% :-(

Anonymous said...

My head hangs in shame !! I attempted 3 and decided to quit. Score- 0/3. And before II feel more ashamed I'll just wish you quick recovery and hide in some place. Darn!!

diane said...

A rather rubbish 50%...

70steen said...

DP ~ well done.. a pat on your back. See your pea brain is still sharp

NM~ you are excused because you are living down under and you probably didn't hear all the UK News

tNb ~ you are excused for being Canadian and too young

SB ~ raise your head up ... gosh you weren't even born then

but Diane ..... tsk hee hee ;-)
You were obviously doing something more interesting than keeping abreast with world affairs back then

Annie Mouse said...

i got 70%

70steen said...

Annie I am surprised at you too ... after all that research you did for me earlier this year... I suspect being back at work wipes it all away ;-)