Tuesday, 2 September 2008

2nd September 1979

Sunday 2
Worked 10.00 - 6.25
Not busy at all
Rained all afternoon

Phoned Sam at dinner time
= his usual talkative self (is there a hint of sarcasm there??)
Phoned him in the evening = ok

Watched "The Pivate" H. Robbins (It was The Pirate? Oh my I can't even read my own handwriting lol)

Firstly I must apologise for not visiting as many of you as I want.
My computer, as my Teen, my brother and friends who have used it will testify for me, is slow.
Just now it is not a case of wading through treacle but sinking in sinking sand ... it is taking all of my patience just to post !! Note to self to spend a long old while deleting and defragging!!

Secondly it was my first day back in work after the summer
(huh what summer?) break. It wasn't as bad as I thought it could have been ... this was my day.

Tuesday 2nd September 2008
Worked 9.15 - 6.00
Got up at 7.00

Showered and had breakfast
Checked e mails
& surfed a bit on laptop as Teen was in bed and was allowed to use it lol
Kissed Teen 'bye'
60 emails waiting for me at work
10 were telling me I was over my server limit
5 were who has a baby and the book club is here
5 were out of office replies to the last emails I sent out before leave
2 were duplicates from someone who obviously had not bothered to read my out of office reply.. err doh!!
The rest need attention !!
Organised a meeting of 20 senior managers for next week

Caught up with my staff what they had been up to in my absence
(wish I hadn't bothered!)
Went to the pub with my boss to discuss my application for another job
out of here
Had a meeting about a workshop I have arranged next week
Terrible thunder storm and heavy rain at 4.00

Cleared the remaining 20 e mails when everyone had left office

Got home at 7.00
Had baked potato and cottage cheese for my tea
'J' rang at 7.30
chatted until 8.45

Mum rang at 8.50

Teen home at 9.00

Took pup for walk .. it was pouring down

answered 8 personal e mails
Started this blog

Put washing in
Teen wants watermelon

God do I need disco? ;-)
Italy 1979 lol


Expatmum said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. God how depressing is this? First because this is what i remember of my holidays in the South of France and in Italy (how cosmopolitan do I sound?) But second, how bloody skiiny are these women? Kate Moss looks like a lard-o. No wonder I had/have body image issues.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a busy month for every one. I am working like nobody's business. I slept at 4 a.m and woke up at 8 and again there is so much work. Teen was in bed? didn't get. Good day:)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

So you talk to 'J' [I know who you are] for an hour and quarter and how long to your long suffering Mum? You kids are all the same ......

Annie Mouse said...

i'm not the J. it wasn't me DP.

bye off to work lovely new class lovely new teacher, can't wait....

70steen said...

Hi Expat ~ You are welcome .. I have just popped along again & will do in the future too :-)

I know 'how' skinny are they ... that just isn't right!!!

Oh yes and how cosmopolitan were you with your fancy holidays in Europe lol

70steen said...

SB ~ yes September is always a bad month.... everything stars to pile up workwise after the summer break. I am full on in work until the middle of September and October is now being booked up.

Teen in bed! My teenager... I am only able to get my hands on the lap top when she is sleeping lol

Try and get some sleep ;)

70steen said...

DP ~ ah so you got it wrong Annie is right it wasn't her it was 'J' from my diaries & from Random Place of Mind.
I spoke to my Mum for about 1/2 hour as I do every night (except tonight as I was home late from work, cooked tea then ironed!!)

70steen said...

Annie ~ so how was your first day back? Teen is dreading it tomorrow

Annie Mouse said...

who won?

70steen said...

It's looking like you so far .. do you have the photograph of today???