Thursday, 25 September 2008

24th & 25th September 1979

60's or 80s? A change fom knitting to sewing. I must confess to making a similar power suit in the 80s...Annie found as much in my loft !!!
Monday 24
College 9 - 3 Jewellery sale at the Clifton
Went to the
I have an abscess

Got to have the nerve taken out and have it capped

Went to Fi's

Sam hasn't phoned & he didn't

Tuesday 25

Went to the dentist at 10.30
He filled my front tooth

Went to college at 2.00 pm

Made tomato soup etc (I wonder what the 'etc' was?)

Sam phoned at 10.30 from the 'Swan'

He was out with the lads from work as someone was leaving

As you know I am trying to get ahead of myself before the dreaded 'arm in sling for 8 weeks' episode. I posted that it cost me a tenner to get my garden done by my teen and boyfriend but it was a tenner well spent as it looks fabulous going into winter.
When we were clearing over grown plants we came across these guys who had set up home in a plant pot. We sorted out teens Play House last summer and popped them in a pot and then they were forgotten about

Last night after work I went out to get the washing in and ....oh what a disaster.. I was gutted !!!

Darned cats or foxes
The guys are now squatting in my kitchen until I can find them a new home

I need to find them a home soon as that 'silly song' is driving me mad....
can you believe this Disney classic is 71 years old ........

It was my teens favourite film when she was a very very small person.. I would sing some of this to her when she had had her bath, sat on my knee swathed in warm towels .. and she would repeat as she was the 'well' echo .....and would giggle so much when I said 't-o-d-a-y' in a rather gruff voice ... it went no further than that point.. then it was only repeated again and again.. then we would have the Aristocrats 'everybody wants to be a cat'..... lol


Annie Mouse said...

and what a jacket that was. no good for craft club unfortunately.

Drowsey Monkey said...

I don't think it's cats or foxes, obviously those gnomes are party animals!

Just look at their impish faces! They totally rocked that house!

tNb said...

Oh, that Miss Snowy Knickers isn't as innocent as she seems ... ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Sorry I'm late - had to leave at an ungodly hour ce matin to go to the Cliff Top Residence.

Spookily whilst enjoying my mid-morning cuppa, a most beautiful fox wandered into the garden and started sunbathing on the lawn. He looked at me as though to say "and what are you doing here?". We don't have gnomes down south of course - far too common.........

Annie Mouse said...

yes you are a bit common down south, i'm glad you realise that DP.

70steen said...

Annie ~ hee hee that is some jacket in my loft with killer 80s shoulder pads .... yep I don't think it would sell very well :-)

70steen said...

DM ~ how brilliant observant of you... they were obviously doing that 'silly song' in the garden.... pesky dwarfs they are !!!
(I wouldn't mind that pot cost me a lot of money .. it was one of those frost resistant supposedly indestructible ... it would seem that they are not make it dwarf proof though):-)

70steen said...

tNb ~ oh my I had forgotten about Pen's post.... it sort of explains it all lol ;-)

70steen said...

DP ~ I wondered what had happened to you this morning ...

hee hee Annie ... great comment (nar nar nee nar nar to you DP :-p)

any way they are dwarfs not gnomes ...tsk

fracas said...

Oh dear! The yellow one resembles what I might've expected DP to look like as a child. How terrible to find them mistreated like that!

I'm glad you chose Dallas. Those Dynasty women are just over the top, and really... what's the Alexis character's actress's name again? Her phony accent drove me nuts.

Anonymous said...

those cute swing jackets from the 60s have made a bit of a comeback. please god don't let shoulder pads back in the fashion door too.