Thursday, 18 September 2008

18th & 19th September 1979

I am sure these could be knitted bigger lol
Tuesday 18
College at 10.00
made Chilli Con Carnie = hot

& American refrigerated cheesecake

Had a bath & washed my hair (washed my hair was crossed out btw.. how odd?)
Me - exhausted (no wonder ... candle and burning at both ends springs to mind) Had my hair trimmed
Sam phoned at 11.15 pm

Wednesday 19
Corinna's 18th (my German penpal)
Picked up my wages = £6.00
Had general games
Watched T.V.
Phoned Sam at 10.00
He'd been doing over time until 8.00 pm

What a funny old day. I can tell you that 'day time TV' in the UK is rubbish.. but sooo addictive. I know what property to buy if I want to buy to let, how to make my own home more saleable, and in 60 minutes (with about 60 people helping) I can transform my home into something else with the walls still wet.... oh have I mentioned what I may have in the attic for a car booty to raise money?

I so have to get back to work. Alas it will only be for a month then I am having surgery on my shoulder (I have a rotator cuff tear).. I was told initially it would be a week off work.. now I discover it will be about 8 weeks with my right arm in a sling. How the hell will I post coherently with my left hand.. I am bad enough with my right!! Yes if I was a horse I would have had that 'ta ta or byeee' injection by now (bad back ... wrecked shoulder etc)
Thankfully I am not a horse but I have 8 weeks to endure day time TV. Unable to get dressed unassisted... can't apply make up unassisted or any of the normal stuff we take for granted unassisted.

On the bright side I still can boogie (there is a god!!).

Yesterday Diane of Much of a Muchness threw down the gauntlet.... The Handbag Tag.
The rules are simple
1. Dump the contents of your handbag in a pile.
2. Take a photo of your handbag and the contents.
3. Be brave and ’splain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag.
4. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves.
5. Answer these questions:

contents~ Jasper Conran purse, 2 work IDs, savings book, paracetamol & Ibruprofen, sunglasses,car keys, Burberry purse with MP3 inside. bracelet I got free with She magazine... must give it to my teen, broken pens, bendy ruler, Rennie Mackintosh metal book mark, watch that needs a new strap, Love Hearts, sad mobile, loose change, mascara, concealer, lip gloss, Body Shop lip balm, face cream, 2 lipsticks, Estee Lauder tray lipstick & eyeshadow... think that is it???
I did buy this smaller handbag (from Lakeland and it is as soft as a baby's bottom..) so I wouldn't carry so much stuff (shoulder and all) ... but it doesn't work. I consider all the contents essential... oh also my personal mobile is missing as are my glasses and I took my camera out to take the photos

What’s the most important thing in your handbag? My mascara
What’s the most embarrassing thing in your handbag? my sad works mobile phone is almost an antique!!!
What’s the smallest thing in your handbag? a bobble
Is there anything illegal in your handbag? I don't think so... maybe the metal book mark in the wrong hands could be a bit lethal....

I sharn't tag anyone but if you are feeling brave enough to reveal all ... give it a go

Thank you Diane :-)


diane said...

Ha! You are even worse than me!

Love Hearts! Not seen those for ages - could do with some sweetie wisdom about my sorry love life!

diane said...

By the way, so sorry about your back and shoulder woes. An operation - eek! Hope you make a very speedy recovery and can find someone to apply your mascara - most important!

Annie Mouse said...

well you know i will help where i can, i'm off that week so any ironing and housework you only have to ask.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

If I must come round and help you dress I suppose I better .......... tsk ........ I'll just get a stronger truss and some dark glasses

Grumpy Ted said...

Just thought I'd pop in - fantastic blog

Anonymous said...

Oh my... you're going to let Dp help you dress?

Whatever has the world come to...

(Shoulder too 70s? Oh my... Donny won't be enough. Shall I lend you Jack Sparrow? He might not be good with the massage, but the rum might help take away the discomfort. Well, and he's not too bad to look at either...)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Well now at least you have a good excuse for any typos you might make! Not that you make very many. Hardly any.

How about more VOICE thread posts!!! :)


Busy Bear said...

This is a nice blog.

Anonymous said...

oh ouch!!! you poor thing...

btw, why do you carry a ruler in your purse? is it for penis measuring?

70steen said...

Diane ~ Love Hearts are so cool .... my daughter bought a bag of mini wrapped ones so I stole them.. sweety wisdom is always right x

70steen said...

p.s yes the mascara is worrying me most of all as I won't even go out to the bin without a coat of lash ;-)

70steen said...

Annie ~ you know you are most welcome :-) and big thanks

Kandy said...

I'm so sorry about your shoulder and back issues...I've injured my rotator cuff in the past, and while thankfully didn't *have* to have the surgery (therefor I declined it, being a recently divorced single mom to two little rapscallions at the time), I did have to wear a sling for weeks myself. There's good news dear 70's...if you put something underneath your laptop or keyboard, you CAN type! I know, I discovered this!

Or you could always chat with me over VoIP on the internet and I'll type for you ;) Well, I might have trouble understanding your accent if you get excited...and of course there's the problem with MY accent since I speak Redneckian and not proper English...but I bet we could work something out!

*many hugs* and I hope your shoulder is better soon!

Oh yes, I like this tag, so it shall make an appearance on my blog next week...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Please take loads of rest 70s. Get well soon and I'll do the editing for you if you want. Seriously!

70steen said...

DP ~ have you cleared your offer of help past TG.... I do so hope she objects lol ;-)

70steen said...

GT ~ or is that G 'n' T?
Welcome to 70s & thank you ... are you a spammy bear or a blog in the making ... just askin'??

Jane said...

Just wanted to let you know I love your blog. I've put it in my fave blogs list (list of 2 Your diary could so easily have been written by me back in the 70's. I was and still am a big Osmond (specially Donny...*thud*) fan...had posters of them and David Cassidy all over my walls. I used to buy Jackie and FAB208 mag...I even went to Shorthand and Typing evening (hated them and failed the exams)

I've only just last started blogging and still mucking around with it so not really sure how its going to go yet.

Good luck with the shoulder op - but get that back sorted out, I know how bad it can get if its neglected.

70steen said...

Dear dear Frac ~ yes a double whammy back & shoulder... I have so much to get sorted before the op and my back won't let me.
Hey ho c'est la vie

Oh my word Donny & jack Sparrow ... eye candy, rum and tactile attention .. ahhhhhh must just lie down in a darkened room now lol :-)

p.s. I am so hoping TG puts her foot down with a firm hand .. I now I am safe as travelling oop Norff fills him with dread ;-)

70steen said...

yes Olga I think the voice threads will be used a lot during Oct/Nov & December ... you are too kind but I know my typos are 100% dreadful ... but hey that is 70s Achilles heel, together with an aging PC which I know is about to keel over

70steen said...

Busy bear ~ welcome too to you .... do you know Grumpy bear by any chance???

70steen said...

NM ~ ROFL you have me sussed .. it is a bendy ruler too.

I must find a photo of me from the early 80s ... I was a manager of a menswear department and there is a photo of me measuring inside legs as part of the management's Christmas do entertainment for the staff

70steen said...

Kandy ~ oh thank you for commenting. It is such a tiny yet utterly painful injury.
I am not convinced it will work as I have done so many things that have abused my right arm DIY and my last job did cause me some discomfort in my shoulder. When I injured my shoulder this time I was told to keep it active .. maybe I should have rested it then surgery wouldn't have been
necessary... but there you go, each doctor has a different view on stuff (a bit like a room full of lawyers, there is never a single solution)

Thank you for the top tip about padding up the arm.. I will definitely try this when the pain subsides

& thankyou for your offer to type for me .. hey you have enough going on in your life just now without me adding to it ... I am smiling here at 'what is redneckian? what does that sound like? You sooooo have to record yourself ... would love to hear your voice and accent.

Big hugz to you too I know you are not having the best of times but I am so got my fingers and everything else crossed for you x
The handbag tag is great isn't it .. it just brings it home what rubbish we cart around on a daily basis :-)

70steen said...

SB ~ thank you sooo very much . I am not too sure how laid up I will be until after the event, I hope to forward post and reply with the left hand (which could be soo comical)

But yes I most certainly will take you up on your offer if I am totally unreadable ... I am only semi unreadable now .. ergo it is likely I will be totally unreadable ... 4 weeks to go to train my left hand to type as badly as my right with the help of my left lol

70steen said...

Jackie and FAB208 were just the business then we were slaves to what they told us hee hee

Donny is just the one and only although I confess to having a full size poster of Paul Michael Glaiser on my wall ..

Oh I am so pleased that someone can identify with me just how dreadfully horrid night school was learning shorthand and typing was .. it was the Pitts (Pitts shorthand)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You've got an Achilles Heel as well!!!? - dear oh dear oh dear.

Oh and you're safe BTW, the TG says "That gals from above the Thames cannot be trusted and barely understood to boot." [obviously she didn't say that - I actually got the impression she'd like to get rid of me for a little while - just packing! - tee hee]