Tuesday, 16 September 2008

16th September 1979

who are they trying to kid? Like you would wear a shirt and tie to plane wood?

Sunday 16
Got up at 11.45 am = shattered
Went for a long, long walk
Got bitten by red ants (I am saying nubbin!)
Went to the Woolpack
Played darts with Sam
he won 2-1

Well this day 19 years ago was a Saturday.
The day I wore a posh frock (designed by me costing £250 .. a bit puffball though!!), had a really bad 80s curly perm, had HUGE false nails stuck on for the occasion and entertained 200 people to a sit down 'knife and fork' in the afternoon and a buffet for 300 in the evening.
It was a great day I enjoyed every minute as did my guests ...

No I didn't marry the invisible man or Mr Whippy lol (mm? although that 'coupling' may have been more successful...)

You will pleased to hear that my back is improving..... waking up to getting on my feet this morning was 15 minutes but it will be an awful long time (if ever) that I can do this again

or this (so love this ...)

I think for a while I will be looking at this dance action (but without any hip swing action!!)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I wonder if Sam got bitten by red ants on his nubbin as well...... mmmmmm?

The internet/technology is quite good for rubbing out unwanted partners - it's always a shame when things don't work out though.

...... and you take care 'old crock'

70steen said...

hee hee .... possibly ;-)

Yep it is a shame when 'stuff' doesn't turn out how you planned it would be .... but at least I have no regrets

Oi who are you calling an old crock (pot & kettle springs to mind lol ) ;-)

tNb said...

But look at that fabulous cake!! :-)

PS: The only time I'll wear a shirt & tie is when I'm planing wood ...

Anonymous said...

gorgeous bride but I bet those bridesmaids hate you now for making them wear those dresses :-)

Anonymous said...

Should I say Happy Anniversary? I was trying hard to twist and turn my head to see the no displayed part and obviously I failed.:p My internet connection has lost its marbles so couldn't watch a single video but I think you are talking about tapping your feet again. Ha! Get well soon, I will post another knitting pattern for you then .lol

70steen said...

tNb ~ the cake was fab.. it had a chocolate cake layer as I don't 'do' fruit cake...

Very interesting revelation there ....next time you are planing you must get photographic evidence tee hee :-)

70steen said...

NM ~ what is wrong with those frocks?? .......... ok ..... everything at least the colour matched the Rolls Royce lol

70steen said...

SB ~ more like happy Non Anniversary.
You can twist and turn all you may to see the erased bit but to no avail... I am happy to say that he has been erased fully lol
Sorry you can't view the videos.. it happens with my internet connection sometimes but yes it was all about toe tapping.

Knitting patterns ... yeah .. bring them on :-)