Monday, 17 January 2011

New Year New Start .....2!!

I am not being hostage to the cause but I am trying to eat less and exercise more [although the Wii is a no go area as I don't want my 'mini me' or the Wii itself to groan under the strain of the extra pounds I have gathered over the Christmas fest].

 I have cut down on bread and cheese and and and and ... and am feeling the benefit of that ..... now don't laugh but I have started a 'class'.... I could have done pottery, DIY, mechanics for beginners along with a plumbing course.. but no I have chosen belly dancing
My first attempt was last week .. and I was handed a waist scarf full of jingly coins. I learned a 'routine' where I was okay with my feet doing it but add in hands it was a disaster.
At the end of the session the instructor said 'have you done this before?'
I replied 'no'
she said 'but you have such good isolation'

Translated that means the top half of my body moves and the bottom half doesn't and visa versa  ... apparently in belly dancing terms this is good... I put it down to having a bad back .. 
so I thought yeah I am on a winner here!
Got talking to some gals at the class and asked how long they had been doing this?
One gal replied '6 years' ... SIX YEARS !!
OMG She was as round as she was tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year New Start .....1!!

One of my good intentions this year was to take up above the ground and fly to places .... after seeing this I reckon I should strike this location from my list of first flights.....

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year New Start ..... !!

I am not really someone who does resolutions (despite my list in the last post) ...I have more of a head full of good intentions. Those good intentions I have decided not to think about until I go back to work on the 5th Jan. Although I have already bought  my Special K so I can get into that (or any) skimpy red number in the coming months.

Well here we are in 2011... I was reflecting on 2010 yesterday and the most prevalent thing that sprung to mind was the speed the year passed by and the fact in the 12 months we had almost 3 months of snow, around 2 months of sun so the remaining 7 months must have been 'nothing' weather days. 
This year I am going to keep a written diary again (due to the fact I have been bought a gorgeous one by my teen)... so when I reflect on 2011 I can be more accurate in my assessment of the year.

I was surfing around the interweave earlier as one of my 'good intentions' is to get visiting blogs on a regular basis again (I know I have been rubbish).... and I came across an interesting 'ickle image of me in a side bar of someone's blog ....
I so love it ... thank you GitWizard and your timely nudge has spurred me on to include in my blog going forward  'Knitting pattern of the month'.

Here is January's ... and every couple should have these......;)