Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Life's a beach

I grew up at the seaside as many of my avid readers will know from my teen diaries. I now live inland and the nearest I get to water is the Manchester Ship Canal or the River Irwell adjacent to work (I have actually worked out I can get to work by water!! Interesting!!).... it is not the same as miles of sandy beaches.
Thankfully my family still live on the coast and take every opportunity to get onto the sands.

It is November and still it glorious to get out there and smell the clean air.....My pup was born in Southport and she is the happiest ever dog when let loose on the beach, you can almost see her laughing. However, she has developed this weird obsession of picking up shells off the beach... last time it was a clam shell
It was the first time that she wore her gorgeous coat courtesy of FuelMyBlog and Nutrecare
Oh btw she ditched the shell and ended up with a piece of coal instead...