Tuesday, 14 October 2008

13th & 14th October 1979

who said you had to be down and out gorgeous to be a model??

Saturday 13
Baby sitting 8pm
Got up at 9.30
Went to Liverpool at 11.00
Bought a black pair of shoes £12.99
Sam bought maroon kecks (trousers) and a fancy shirt (seems like a nice boy!) (I obviously thought they looked a bit effeminate!!)
Baby sat 'til 2.00 am
Duncan = stoned (Duncan was the father of the family I sat for and 'stoned' to me then meant 'very drunk')

Sunday 14
Got up at 11.45 am
Went for a walk
Stayed in all afternoon
Weather = hot & sunny (a bit like the weekend & yesterday here.. it is warm today but absolutely persisting it down)
Had a silly row but we sorted it out
He left at 7.30 pm
Miss him
My brother rang for 12 minutes (what is with that did I time him on my Timex ???)

Well not working on the Saturday means one of 2 things.. I was hungover or I had finished working in the out door cafe for the summer season!

Looking through to the back of the diary it would seem the latter.... how organised was I then I wrote down each week what I had been paid. I did get another job for the winter working in a boutique... so my yearly salary that year was £398.50.

3 of my old diaries are Trade Union diaries that my mum must have given me to fill in, as she worked in a similar trade.
In 1975 the job I do now paid between £4900 & £5900 per year.
In 1978 between £5937 & £7032
and in 1980 between £8600 & £10,500

In 1982 I worked as casual employment with my Mum and earned £50/week (£2300/annum) shows how low down the grading structure I was..... but I suppose it is all relative of course.

Anyway no preamble just some classic Bowie from 1979 ... fabulous... love it!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Lend us a fiver ....... I'll pay you back ......... one day.

I used to have maroon velvet trousers and flowery shirts - I thought I looked lovely ....... oh well

70steen said...

a fiver? Like I look like Rockafella lol

mmmm...... it is a shame that Sam doesn't comment as you could compare fashion tips.........

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Quite frankly I'm pleased he doesn't comment - the way he put up, I mean treated you was disgusting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what does "warm today but absolutely persisting it down" mean?

70steen said...

hee hee DP :-)

70steen said...

Hi Nm ~ it is very warm here just now but my goodness did it ran hard yesterday.... pesisting it down rather than p*ssing it down

70steen said...

oops obviously I mean persisting lol ....

Annie Mouse said...

that fella in the knitting pattern is a bit scary.

Anonymous said...

aha! now I get it :-)