Wednesday, 15 October 2008

15th October 1979

can't believe just how many yellow perils there have been

Monday 16
22 months (the amount of time I had been going out with Sam)
Got B+ for Sociology essay

Sam phoned 3x

Granny is seriousl
y ill in hospital
Sam went to see the Boomtown Rats in concert
Didn't go to night school as I am knackered

Well it came today..... the letter......confirmation I am having my operation on Monday.
Got to be there for 7 am and take a dressing gown and slippers.... SLIPPERS??? I don't own a pair. Maybe my teen will lend me her BagPuss ones

Teen has just 'fessed that isn't an option.... as the pup ate one, I suppose it isn't a good idea to hop around a hospital ward after an operation. And the pup won't lend me hers either

So this weekends quest (to add to the huge list of quests.. get halloween stuff in (been coerst into a teen halloween meet), fill the freezer, etc etc )... is find a suitable pair of slipperware

No time to knit some

ooo they light up ... cooooool

seriously coool but maybe not

awww how cute

Very practical to get me home ... not sure about the Munchkins though

Gorgeous glass slippers ... a tad impracticable though I feel they would be slippy on hospital floors

Now we are talking.... not in the slightest bit impracticable (no I have my fingers in my ears and can't hear you lol) ... there is some fur/feathers to keep my feet warm and they are not as high as the glass slippers
A couple of late editions from the loverly Nurse Myra... thank you ..... I think they may raise a bit more than eyebrows lol :-)


Anonymous said...

i know how to make a really padded pair of slippers that absorb liquid should you step in any. you can get 14 in a packet and you can pick them up at tesco when you do your shop. 4 lady towels should do it, 2 for soles and 2 for the bands.

you might want to delete this post tee hee.

70steen said...

OMG save my sole/soul ... great handy hint.. maybe I could attach a fetching red bow and some fluff... but tell me how do I attach some gorgeous kitten heels???

Anonymous said...

you know those slim bottle of drinking yoghurt also from tesco they would make a nice shaped heel, make those lovely legs shine. be careful walking back from the op with them on though just in case you end up slipping and your arm being in a sling tee hee.

Anonymous said...

Monday! That sure came quickly. Have you been on a wait list for long?

And don't you even think of using lady towels for slippers. lol. You deserve a quick shopping trip and something lovely.

I guess now is the time you could really use Donny... goodness, he's taking a long time to reply, the silly bugger.

70steen said...

erm Annie I think I will pass on that one lol ;-)

70steen said...

Hi dear Frac yes it havs come aroound fast I think I had my scan in July so not long really.
Yep shopping trip planned for Saturday ,... need some retail therapy

& yes where is Donny? ... I will need him to peel my grapes next week xx

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Only you could turn a post about your shoulder operation round to bring in the subject of shoes!!! I was expecting 'Dynasty' type shoulder-pads ....... sheeeeeesh

Anonymous said...

oh 70s I have some slipper pics for you. I'll email them shortly

70steen said...

DP it is a natural talent lol :-)

70steen said...

oo NM thank you ... I popped them up ;-)

fracas said...

Yikes. If you wear those slippers from nursemyra, you won't receive much attention from the female nursing staff... they'll be too busy watching your feet.

If you try these, you'll have better luck... just don't wear them during the surgery unless your surgeon is female. You know men can't help staring at them... you'll end up with your arm sewn to your knee or something. ;-)

And if you're feeling chilly afterwards, why not get one of these scarves to be prepared?

You should be comfy while you recuperate.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm getting seriously concerned about the sort of readers you are attracting young 70's ........

Anonymous said...

are you saying you're not attracted daddyp?

tNb said...

will be thinking of you on monday!! x

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Will be thinking POSITIVE thoughts for you sweetie! And I vote for the little bear slippers.


John C said...

Now I've got to see where I can get some Darth Vader slippers for when I get off work.

I do however remember my mother teaching me how to knit, but I gave up and stuck to crocheting.

diane said...

Back in time to wish you well for your op, thank goodness!

I'm liking the Bagpuss slippers but I'm a bit worried about where you put your feet though....that could be why he looks a bit startled :-)

70steen said...

Cool boobs Frac ... gosh I am all of a dither now.. willys or boobs ??? lol ;-)

70steen said...

DP [a quiet word.... over here... they are the same loverly folk that drop in on you *snigger*]

70steen said...

mm NM I see no reply for the DP lol ;-)

70steen said...

Thank you tNb that is very kind of you xx

70steen said...

Olga ~ bear slippers would be great but cruel in another respect if you get my drift lol?? xoxoxo

70steen said...

John.. yoh how are you?
Ye the darth vadar slippers lok awesome .. i secretly would love a pair too.
You have to take up knitting again if ony to upset DP x

70steen said...

Diane ~ where have you been I kept poping in and you weren't here
Thank you hun :-)

Yes I think bagpuss would be very alarmed/surprised when a foot was shoved up his ..............