Friday, 10 October 2008

10th October 1979

Wednesday 10
Wages £6.00
Phone woman I baby sit for (forgot)... (I was dozey then too!)
Only at college for 40 minutes cos of various lessons cancelled
Did some Sociology
Phoned Sam
he was in a quiet mood
He didn't speak much

Thank goodness it is Friday. I have had a busy week behind me and a busy weekend ahead. Catching up with the housey type duties and a meal over at Southport for my brothers birthday on Sunday. Only a week to the op... so loads to still get straight.

Anyway it is the weekend so time for some disco but first did you know that space invaders was first exhibited at a trade show in London in 1979. I so loved that pesky game.Only because I could do it!! lol

before that we only had the tennis game
My how things have come on since then :-)

So back to disco.. it has to be a favourite of mine tonight 'Disco Inferno' so great to dance to after a hard week at work ... the world maybe imploding in a credit crunch but we can still toe tap ( Fiddle while Rome burn that is what I say lol)............ have a great weekend ... oh talking about the credit crunch it is Somnambulistics birthday today.. he could use some disco.. I don't think he visits 70s .. but he is certainly worth a visit......


Annie Mouse said...

my teen said space invaders was a revolution, games wouldn't be as shooty today if it wasn't for that he says.

fracas said...

Happy Birthday then, to Somnambulistics! I'm sure he will visit you now!

Strangely enough, I have never played space invaders. I was a deprived teen. LOL.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

There's a credit crunch? - when did that happen?

Somnambulist is certainly looking his age - I remember when he was a fresh faced school boy with a twinkle in his eye and hope in his heart ..... oh well

Anonymous said...

eeeek.. those orange jumpsuits are hurting my eyes