Saturday, 4 October 2008

4th & 5th October 1979

there is just no way I would wear this!! Would any one?
Thursday 4
Boring day at college
Finished at 4.00
Went to Tiffanys for my brothers birthday = not too good
Got a bit drunk

Went with my cousin and his girlfriend

Sam phoned but I was out

Home at 11.45 pm

Friday 5
Skived off Sociology
Due to hangover (I thought I was only a 'bit' drunk ... I think it was more of a case of couldn't be bothered!)

Sam arrived at 7.20 pm

Went to Fi's

Then on to the Sundowner (great nightclub)
= good
Sam and I seem to be getting on ok
Home at 1.30 am

What a busy weekend ... drinks with friends, generally catching up on stuff and blitzing the house pre-op (still haven't done the ironing though)... oh and sorting out Teen with a new bed ... dismantling the old single one and building a new double one.. it looks a bit tight but I took the photo from her walk in wardrobe that was once an airing cupboard so loads of space ... she is delighted with the results (so am I) behold a very tidy teenagers bedroom.. a rare photo indeed

Just to give you the heads up Tomorrow 6th October 2008.. 6 am GMT ..... there will be some new kids on the block or should I say bears on the block ... go take a look

you know you want to :-) and please join in ... just click here


fracas said...

Sorry... tried to view the myoldbear blog but it said I wasn't an invited reader.

Annie Mouse said...

yep me too, i'm not invited either.

Annie Mouse said...

thats a bit cheeky leaving the ironing for me...tee hee

Busy Bear said...

That's 'cuz you are too early!!!

Please come back at 6AM afte the bears wake up & are having tea. Or coffee.

fracas said...

So the bear who left links (for us to click when it's way too early) would be otherwise known as

Margarita Bear?

Brandy Bear?

Do tell.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I was hoping that we'd be able to avoid the 'shoe' thing ...... oh well. At least there aren't any knitting patterns for toys ...... are there!!!?!

fracas said...

I heard Grumpy Ted actually had a thing for knitted underthings.

Denial will only reinforce what we already know DP. Grumpy Ted... grumpy because his shorts itched.

Anonymous said...

you built a double bed? wow 70s is there no limit to your talent?

Busy Bear said...

A Knitting Page! Thanks for the GREAT idea DP!...ya hear that Snowy?

70steen said...

dear Frac & Annie
I had to post early as at 6am I was hitting my snooze button in bed and having a few more minutes shut eye (hey it is Monday) .... trust you have got in now ??

70steen said...

Annie you know there is always ironing to do here ... I will try and get it done before the 20th ... OH & what were you doing up at 3 am anyway madam????

70steen said...

Frac ..... call me Pinot Grigio Bear lol

Although I do like the sound of Maragarita Bear ;-)

70steen said...

DP ~ you would be surprised what you can get for teddy bears ... I am sure all will be revealed in due course ... I bet you can't wait :-) *snigger*

70steen said...

[Frac I don't want to think about Grumpy itching in his shorts thank you ]

70steen said...

Thank you NM ~ you know it was the easiest piece of flat pack I have ever constructed ... just as well really with a didgy shoulder and back (teen worked really hard too )

SnOwY bEaR said...

Busy Bear ... yoh I heard that ... Knitting page I can hardly contain myself ... mwaaah x

fracas said...

[Frac I don't want to think about Grumpy itching in his shorts thank you ]

Oh my. I'm so sorry. I hadn't thought of the consequences of posting that.

Pinot Grigio Bear sounds just fine. I envision him with an accent and all...

Grumpy Ted said...

Have you lot finished now? - I'm beginning to understand how DP feels now - *grumph*

Annie Mouse said...

my body clock is messed up at the moment. i was up again till 2 this morning as i had a card order.

i've got some toy knitting patterns if you want them.

70steen said...

Frac x

Annie ~ DP/Grumpy says yes please to your kind offer lol :-)