Sunday, 12 October 2008

12th October 1979

Friday 12
Fi's 18th Birthday party
Hair 1.30pm
Over slept this morning

Had hair trimmed slightly
Fi's party = very good
Had a row with Sam
Both = being silly
Had a good winge
Everything is ok now

Home at 12.30

This photo was taken at that party .... sat on the sink of the ladies room. Toilet roll put over the mirror to stop the flash bouncing back. I have been looking for the original photo that I scanned in but I guess it has been filed away again..
just as well really lol

I did, however, find this one of Sam.... noted on the back 'Sam at Fi's 18th 1979' & yes it was taken in the gents........
Dear Nurse Myra e mailed me yesterday enclosing a lingerie knitting pattern and it got me to thinking that I had a really old lingerie knitting pattern that my Mum found hidden in an old book

who are they trying to kid in the 50s... 'for the fuller figure?' wish I had a fuller figure like that!!! [although her boobs are a bit pancake!]

My oh My how things have changed some 50 odd years on ;-)


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Well well well...nice legs! :)

Not so sure about the knitted lingerie though....sounds itchy.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm shocked - shaken to the core [as I hope Sam is].

[Note to self - this knitting lark is looking more promising - remember to google 'knitted thongs']

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Olga - what are you talking about? You can't see Sam's legs .......

70steen said...

Olga ~ thank you :-)
I wonder if the sexy knitted number is in itchy wool....surely they have thought about that???

70steen said...

why are you shocked????

Not half as shocked as I am now after I have read down and the image of certain people and knitted thongs ...eeeeewwwww....

Anonymous said...

Sam is very cute!! and you have luscious legs 70s.

what's all that about ladyship fingering? sounds awfully rude

70steen said...

NM ~ I saw the 'ladyship fingering' too and instantly thought of you hun ;-)

sylvied said...

nice legs 70!!! and shoes...

fracas said...

I'm sure the lingerie would be fine using a baby yarn... those are always soft and not itchy.

I knew DP was a closet knitting enthusiast!

70steen said...

thank you Sylvie :-
Those shoes were an absolute favourite with me back then... grey leather and suede with a big slim heel and peep toe.... simply gorgeous :-D

70steen said...

Dear Frac you are right (as you always are being gorgeous Frac)... a fine baby wool or even a silk mix made up on very fine needles... they would take a life time to knit though

and as for DP yes I think he doth protest too much!!! lol :-)