Saturday, 29 November 2008

29th November 1979

Thursday 29
Cooked from 8.30 = knackered (oh come on it wasn't exactly Master Chef!!)
Skived off the rest of the day (god I hope my Mum doesn't read this .. oh or my teen come to think of it lol)
Did 1/2 of Sociology essay
Wrapped Corinna's Crimbo pressy
Phoned Sam
he wasn't very interested cos footy was on.

Well we are almost into December and only one month left of 70s teen years diaries. Can't visualise myself as 80s teen (although I was for a 2 years of the 80s)... must decide what tack to take with my blog come 31/12/1979???)

During December I will be posting extracts from my cousins e mail advent calendar. (CKX you should start a blog ... ) If any of you can remember from last year it is a mixture of the weird and wonderful, including games, pictures and bizarre web pages.

here is a taster from CKX of what is to come....

Are you at a loss of what to buy the man in your life this Christmas.... try these ........ yes very wrong!!
or how about some meat water...... eeeew!

what about a new tattoo in 3D?

Oh and from my brother .. some reasons not to own a cat lol (all the below I have witnessed with my two now elderly cats)

1. They stare with the exact same expression whether they are looking at nothing or an ax murderer.
2. They wait till your their human lays out their clothes and decide this would be the perfect place to take a nap.
3. They race through the house, hair on end and stop in an attack pose. Then walk of nonchalantly. Repeat as necessary.
4. They play with invisible objects.
5. They wait till their human is asleep and jump up and start kneading any available body parts.
6. They do a figure 8 through your legs while you are walking around the kitchen cooking something they won't get a bite of.
7. Before you get out of bed, they will make sure they are napping in the bathroom doorway on on the stairs.
8. They leave gifts of small animal body parts. Then wait to be praised. Stalk off if not rewarded for your gift.
9. If you absolutely have to go to the vet with them, they cling to your head with oh so sharp claws.
10. They wait till you are eating, then jump on the table and shed fur.
11. Using the litterbox at mealtimes appears to be great fun to a cat.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Do you have the diaries from the eighties? If so... my idea is that you leave the name (since you kind of have to since it's part of the url) and I shall create for you my fraccy sis... a smashing new banner with your title but adding a tagline to indicate your new status... similar to how Fracas and Fraccers have taglines.

For example:

Diary of a 70s Teen the 80s!

or... why don't you have a tagline competition and choose the one you like the best? You could use the occasion to change the blog's template to a new design, and have a spiffy new banner (which I will be quite happy to make for you if you like)!

If you don't have any more diaries, you could still keep going and call it:

Diary of a 70s Teen
...she's gotten older, but better!

You get the idea. Sussing out taglines is a lovely activity to do over a glass (or four) of wine.


70steen said...

Ooo Dear Frac I love it ... 70s teen the 80s.
I think that maybe the thing to do. I found 1977s diary after I did 1977. The 77 posts were done by memory and the aid of an old scrap book I have, so I was thinking of going backwards but on reflection I will go forwards and then revisit 1977 later.

A new banner? .. oh my word .. a make over? .. I so need one. Oh frac you are so kind I would love to take you up on your kind offer

Thank you so much xx :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I don't want pantyhose, I don't want meat water ........ I just want peace and love for all mankind ....... although the pantyhose might come in handy for going 'down the disco'.

Hold fire on the peace and love stuff and send me some stockings!!!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You could call it 'The Teen that looks 70' - just trying to help .....

70steen said...

do you or don't you want pantyhose? Come on I am trying to get my Christmas list together.... tsk
[I knew the peace on earth good wil to all men would shake once you saw the other option ;) lol ]

ha de ha ...... someone told me I looked 10 years younger than my age last week ... ok ok he was 86 and his Labrador was gorgeous lol

Anonymous said...

70s those links are fabulous I want some escargot water and I want it now! but I'm not sharing my stocking collection with any man

70steen said...

NM ~ I can't even begin to imagine what snail water tastes like?????

fracas said...

Well obviously no woman should share her stocking with any man... they'd just get all stretched out of shape and then be all saggy and baggy and that simply wouldn't do. Men get to 'share' when the woman wears them... and if that ain't good enough then tough titties.

(Sorry, the whole saggy and baggy thing brought on the memory of that old saying... which was actually from the 70s.)

Fraccy sis - Email me with your thoughts about what you would like your new banner to 'say' and then I can keep my eyes peeled for just the perfect graphics! And if you really want a color makeover, some of the other basic blog themes are really easy to just switch up the colors on and upload your new banner to.

fracas said...

And DP... she does *not* look 70 any more than you look 30. *snigger-dee-doodle*