Wednesday, 26 November 2008

25th & 26th November 1979

Sunday 25
Brother's girlfriends 22nd Birthday
Ice skating 2.00 pm
Went ice skating with Fi, C, Debs, Chez, Bernie & Ann = fantastic
Phoned Sam in the morning = really nice
Phoned Sam in the evening = really grotty
I hate him when he is like that

Monday 26
Only in college for 1 hour
Sociology cancelled
Ann came for dinner
letter off Sam = nice
Bought some Crimbo pressies
Sam phoned at 11.15 = lovely (what a difference a day makes)

Had a busy, tiring day in London yesterday and a right old busy evening this evening.. home late, friend called round and have had phone call after phone call .... = exhausted....

Being back at work I forgot to mention that there was a change of number one on 17th November 1979.... thank goodness Lena Martell was knocked off the top slot after 3 weeks.

She was replaced by Dr Hook (originally Dr Hook & the Medicine Show) with 'When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman'... a classic 70s hit .. I wonder how many weddings this has been played at??


Drowsey Monkey said...

Guys with mustaches and tight jeans. Sigh. I do miss the 70s.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

My goodness that Sam blows hot and cold ....... I suppose he must be have been good for something - tee hee.

[Take the telephone off the hook so you can listen to Dr Hook in peace - yet another free bit of advice from the DP 'lead a quiet life' advisory service]

Anonymous said...

It wasn't played at my wedding :-)

70steen said...

DM ~ don't miss the mussies ... however ... tight pants could reveal a trick or two lol

70steen said...

DP it was more hot than cold.... just remember this the diary of a teen,,, (I am living it large with my teen just now!!)

[similar diruptive night tonight ... thanx for the handy hint...]

70steen said...

NM ~ what did you dance to at your wedding? Mine was ''I got u babe'' UB40.........

fracas said...

Isn't is ridiculous how trying to get back to normal is so exhausting? I'm finding it quite annoying. I know my task is a tad different since my abdominal muscles were involved... but sheesh... I can't even 'shop' yet without feeling really sick and sore afterwards. Not sure how all this holiday stuff is happening. Mr. Frac thinks I'll make a list and send him. rofl. The women all understand that. The men... well, they don't understand much anyhow...


So.. you're being back to work and all this traveling is quite amazing to me.

70steen said...

Dear Frac it must be so difficult for you ...abdo stuff does take a while to heal and you must not do too much. It is frustrating too when you actually feel ok in yourself but you had big surgery

Good luck with the 'list'... hee hee you never know he may surprise you... but there again rofl

yep back at work 2 weeks now and hit the ground running and have not bloody stopped since I got back grrrrr :(

Daddy Papersurfer said...

One day the peabrains of the world will rise up and ....... and ...... and ........ oh pooh!

Anonymous said...

actually, we didn't dance. we went straight from the church to my sister in law's fabulous house for the reception.

But we had a friend who was a professional opera performer sing "Evergreen" as I walked down the aisle.....

Anonymous said...

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