Sunday, 23 November 2008

22nd & 23rd November 1979

Thursday 22
College at 9.00
Bought a gift voucher for brother's girlfriend between me and other brother
Home at 4.30

Phoned Sam at 11.00
He'd been at home all day

Don't know why? (I bet he wa
s skiving and had told his boss he was still on jury duty....)

Friday 23
Skived Sociology (it's a wonder I got any qualifications at all !!)
Home at 4.30

Going ice skating on Sunday

Sam phoned at 4.45

He'd been off all day again
ad quite a long natter
He said he'd ring back later but he didn't

My it has been chilly here this week end ... 30 years ago here re some suggestions they would have us wear in the winter to keep warm and still look 'trendy'.. I so remember the layered rustic look, with hacking jackets ...... loved my hacking jacket but just couldn't get along with the jodhpurs though....

I may, however, knit some of these darlings!!! hee hee !!


tNb said...

What the heck is a hacking jacket??

Oh and tag (apologies in advance).

Daddy Papersurfer said...

A hacking jacket is worn when you have a bad cough. There are a lot of pockets to keep hankies in. It was invented by Lord Chumbleton de Savoury who smoked 85 cigars a day and lived to be 105. His favourite hacking jacket was found to contain several years worth of damp hankies and a birds nest.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Leg warmers are as sexy as my grand mother was in stockings and suspenders smelling of Deep Heat and Sanatogen.

Anonymous said...

Not the striped leggings please

do you still ice skate?

70steen said...

hee hee tNb... they are woollen/tweed riding jacket tapered in at the waist...
Ralph Lauren describes it better

thanks for the tag.. I will have to get the grey cells working ... ????

70steen said...

nice explanation DP .... even better than Ralph

gosh you think leg warmers are not sexy ... my oh my

70steen said...

NM ~ shussh I hoped no one would notice lol but I guess she is unforgettable :-)

I don't skate now but did do up to about 8 years ago