Saturday, 15 November 2008

14th & 15th November 1979

Wednesday 14
Stayed off college today cos of flu
Sam has been calledon a rape case
He wasn't very cheerful on the phone (erm hardly surprising??)

Thursday 15
23 months / 100 weeks (the amount of time I have been dating Sam)
Off college still
Fi came round at 5.00
She brought me some wool
Miss World Contest
Miss Bermuda won
Phoned Sam
He says the trial will continue into next week

I loved watching Miss World, personally I don't see what the fuss is about exploitation etc.
Then I loved to see how they did their make up and hair, and what ball gowns they wore ... and make the occasional 'ewww she doesn't stand a chance!' comment and 'I want her to win'.

A kin today where my teen 'has' to watch 'Americas Next Top Model'.... I listen to her saying 'I don't like her, she is so ugly', 'she has got weird eyes', 'I want her to win'.... 'who do you want to win Mum?'........ I am clueless with this programme as some of the gorkiest girls look stunning when photographed by the professionals and in return the pretty ones don't seem to shine that much.....

So back to 1979.
Gina Ann Cassandra Swainson Miss Bermuda took the crown
Second was Carolyn Ann Seaward Miss United Kingdom
Third was Debbie Rachelle Campbell Miss Jamacia

Shows how strict it was in them days. Miss Venezula was disqualified when one of her boobs slipped out the side of her dress during the dress rehearsal............that was a bit harsh!

However, 'Not the Nine O'Clock News' was not so coy 1979.....


Daddy Papersurfer said...

... and they all wanted to save the world, work with old people and children ...... I never understood the fuss either. People naturally use whatever assets they've got ..... which is why I'm a rocket scientist in real life .........

70steen said...

& I am Britains next top lexicographer


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Where is everybody? ...... enjoying real life I suppose ......... tsk

70steen said...

real life? wash your mouth out DP


diane said...

Sorry, I'm here now. Been 'oop north' (ish) visiting parents...good video BTW.

70steen said...

aww you should have said we could have hooked for a coffee .. hope your visit went well :-)

diane said...

Only went as far as Whitchurch (Shropshire). Took me 4 hours to drive there.
I always say 'oop north' as practically everywhere in the UK is north of me!

70steen said...

Diane ~ I let you off then.. lol
Whitchurch is lovely. I have driven through it many times on my way down to Hereford (it is about 40 mins from me)

4 hours isn't bad going from way down Souff