Thursday, 20 November 2008

19th & 20th November 1979

Monday 19
College for 2 hours
Nutrition cancelled (sounds about right in todays society before Jamie Oliver!)
Came home at 1/3 3 (see I did typos then when I wrote ... must have been 1/2 3)

Finished Sam's jumper (ah! that is what I was knitting.. a labour of love )
He phoned at 11.00
He has been in a terrific mood (!!!!)

Tuesday 20
Cookery cancelled
Lecturer away
Wrapped Sam's presy
Thick fog outside = lovely weather honest !!!
Rang Sam
Verdict tomorrow
He says he is bored (with court I suspect?... no surely not me?? lol )

I am exhausted being back at work.... it doesn't help when the train network is rubbish. The train this morning was 30 mins late and 30 minutes late again tonight .. walking in the house at 19.00 hours (sigh!)

Coupled with the mounting work on top of the hilly stuff (not a mountain thank goodness) I have had to catch up on my return those 4 weeks of chilling have paled away into more than insignificance.
I mentioned the other day that I was booked up until Christmas at work, I fibbed slightly as I had odd few days of free space.... today they were swallowed up. I now have 3 trips to London in the next 3 weeks, there and back in a day and to my grumbling disappointment, & on immediate trains back so there is no opportunity to shop at Harrods or Liberty's pre Christmas... it's just not the same shopping online (tsk and double tsk).

Mystic Veg sent me a most fantastic link to Swedish Dance bands of the 70s. OMG they are fabulous or should I say 'fabulous but tragic'!

So thought I would share a few with you... there are loads I could chose and I could give you the link (it is in my comments if you want to peek) but I will use the images along the way as they are so right for here...

Enjoy and cringe lol

Men who wear white pants should not tuck their shirts in ... what where they thinking

Swedens version of the Bay City Rollers maybe??

Wouldn't fancy their chances if they came up against some 'real' Teddy Boys

special flying collars

The names Thor & Eric just don't go together somehow??


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Mystic Veg has got a lot of explaining to do!!!!

On the bright side the knitting patterns are beginning to look more interesting ..... and don't worry about buying all my presents on-line, I don't mind at all .......

70steen said...

aww DP MV is tremendosssss..

[MV if you pop by do you remember the link you sent about an old 70s catalogue? I have tried to find it in my comments and failed :-(.. if you still have it can you send it again :-)]

mm I knew the latest knitting pattern may curry an interest here and there lol

the beauty, I suppose means they can be delivered direct.. not sure if they can deliver to a cardboard box somewhere in the Souff of UK.. they may need a postcode??

fracas said...

{{Psst, sis... you must return that supply of those little blue pills you'd arranged for his pressy, since he'll be getting those free in Mexico come December 1st.}}

Oh, hi there. I must say I agree 140% on that whole white pant/tucked in shirt thing.

Thor and Eric's hair though... rofl. We were a bit daft in the 70's, weren't we?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Just make sure that my wide screen TV is wrapped up properly ....

Anonymous said...

those album covers are hysterical!

I've seen that knitting book on sale here - I LOVE some of the patterns in it, very sexy

John C said...

I tried to crochet a G-string bottom before they got popular.

Each time I held it up to see if the 'G' fit, I never got to finish the string part.

I have as many kids as projects started likewise.

Coincidence or superior craftsmanship?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I think there's a hole in your argument young John ....

70steen said...

Dear Frac {{hee hee on the Mexican freebies :-)}}

I love the hait do's they are just so awful... I hope they don't make a come back lol:-)

70steen said...

DP ~ you don't want a wide TV ... it would ruin your eyes ;-)

70steen said...

NM ~ they are fab I just giggle when I look at them.

I must seek out that book .. maybe Amazon....

70steen said...

John you always render me speechless lol ;-)

70steen said...

DP was the hole in something else???

John C said...

They're not holes. They're preplanned openings to let the ones get away that need to grow up into bigger ones.

You...are a beautiful butterfly. :)

70steen said...

John .... awww thanks :-)