Wednesday, 12 November 2008

12th November

Monday 12

College at 9.00
Bought my younger brother a record rack for Christmas £2.30
Knitted (I wonder what I am knitting?)
Haven't heard from Sam
He is on jury service

OMG I mentioned Christmas!.... I shopped
early for Christmas then? I certainly don't do that now. I do think about and then wipe it out of my head until December. Working in a city centre is an advantage combined with flexible working hours ("I am off shopping see you later") I can pop out and shop when I want to (meetings allowing of course)

It would seem I was far more organised in 1979 because in the back of my 1979 diary is a shopping list with red ticks next to the items as I bought them

Sam - Jumper £7.68
Darts £4.99
Necklace £2.50 (no expense spared on that item then lol)

Mum - Jewellery box £6.00

Youngest Brother - Record rack £2.70 (huh I thought it was £2.30?)

Oldest Brother - Cassette box £2.80 (ahh cassettes.. does any one still play cassettes?)

- Sponge etc £0.90p (etc??)

Mums boy friend - Airball £6.55 (Airball what was that?)
- Screwdrivers £0.50p (quality screwdrivers obviously)

Sam's parents - Phone book and diary £3.75
Sam's sister - bubble bath £1.50 (how much on bubble bath?)
Fi - Umbrella £3.00
'J' - bag - £3.50

Sam's grand parents - Phone book £1.50
Sam's other Grand parents - Phone book £ 1.50
Niece - £5
Nephew - £5

God how easy was Christmas shopping back then ??? Still it cost about 60 quid and I only earned £7.00 a week!!
I should be uplifted by this revelation because if it cost almost 10 times my weekly salary now I would be bankrupt!

However, as a 70s adult, Christmas will not be mentioned again (I mentioned only once but I Howevethink I got away with it).. until it is appropriate.. can't guarantee 70steen won't though!

As an aside ... I bought Sam's Mum a copy of Fungus the Bogeyman in the late 70s.. it is worth around £40 now.. I wonder if she kept it??


fracas said...

A record rack... lol, I remember record racks!

And the record player in the previous post looks kind of like one my mom had. Goodness, I feel young again... and that's pretty darn good for someone recouperating from having a hernia fixed. LOL.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I don't spend that much now on Christmas presents ...... that's a FORTUNE!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

What's happened to your side bar?

nursemyra said...

I'm curious to know what the airball was too

70steen said...

Pleased it is cheering you up dear Frac ... I did consider some jokes but thought better of it with your stitches and all :-) x

70steen said...

DP ~I know imagine spending 10 times your salary mind you there are some eeijits who do spend a lot .... don't go mad buying too much for me this year..... no I insist.

Oh yeah your face has disappeared from my side bar ..... hee hee what happened there?? Will sort it later. I think my sidey needs sorting out a bit anyway

70steen said...

NM ~I think it maybe something like this? Don't get excited in anticipation btw lol

diane said...

How can one of those puffer cleaning things cost £6.55? It cost more than your mum's present!How big was it and what was it used for? The mind boggles.

PS I like The Buggles too!

70steen said...

I knw Diane it was so expensive. All I can think of is that it had only just come out maybe it was one of the gagets that Ronco or who ever they were used to advertise.. you know the must have stuff you can't live without but managed oh so well before.... like I know what it is used for lol
may have to google further ;-)

Oh so Buggles were popular than I gave them credit for :(

Anonymous said...

I would have been about 5 months old but it's good to know darts were £4.99 and a cassette box was £2.80

As it happens I still play cassettes, got loads from when I was a kid an these now live in my car...kinda like the mono quality and the distortion it creates when turned up:)

Stops the flicking in between songs as CDS and MP3 so you get to hear the whole album all the way through....pending on the length of you car journey of coarse!


70steen said...

Bobby hi :-)
How fantastic you still listen to cassettes ..... it is like the effects of playing vinyl, that background sound is so necessary sometimes.
The sad thing is when cassettes snap, many times I have attempted a bad repair job...
if you need any replacements I have a box full of cassettes that have not seen the light of day in years :-)