Monday, 10 November 2008

10th November 1979

Saturday 10
Work 9.00 - 6.00
Babysitting at 7.45
Work = easy but hard on the feet (what time did I go to bed the night before starting a new job? Didn't get home til 2.15 am. Those were the days when I could do that lol. The job was easy, not rushing about, just helping customers find the right size of jeans etc but what I hated was having to stand at the front of the shop for hours as the owner had racks of clothes on the street outside the shop.. it was boring and cold)
Sam = bored as I was working
Baby sat til 2.00 am = knackered (I bet!)
Got £2.00 (was it worth it?)

So who were they yesterday?
Diane was right with her guesses of
Alex Kingston

George Michael

Tracy Ullman

Hugh Grant
The two you didn't manage to get .....


Somnambulist said...

No clue on the missing identities, sorry. However, thought I would alert you to Lynne's comment here:


70steen said...

Hi Somn.. the clue is in the You tube clips ... but I suspect you can't listen to Ypu Tube whilst at work??

Anyway yes I have seen Lynne's comment... my reputation is in tatters once again..... hee hee

Thank goodness I am back at work next week no more partying & back to protecting the nation lol

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I would never have got those in a bermillion years ..... oh well

70steen said...

Really DP?? Francesa Gonshaw and Tony Hadley ....