Saturday, 1 November 2008

1st November 1979

Knitting for your dog!! (quite like the pink number ...)
Thursday 1
Got up at 11.00
Sam rang

Had a bath
Stripped paper off bookcase in the lounge (hey I guess we were coming out of the 70s and a wallpapered bookcase was just not 'in'...... but was it ever 'in'???)
Sam rang again at 11.00 pm
Look forward to seeing him tomorrow

My dairy today 1st November 2008

Got up at 9.00

Surfed the net

Put washing in

Had a long bath, washed my hair
Got the 12.46 train into Manchester

Met up with a good friend

Went to Manchester Art Gallery

Saw a load of great art including a brilliant Holman-Hunt exhibition
(I was haunted by this painting which I hate with a passion)
Also saw a fabulous display of buttons
(I so love buttons, they even had a Donny button.. )
Went to get the 17.43 train home

Passed the Palace Theatre

Saw a crowd gathered at the 'stage door'

Was it ~Mary Poppins'?
No it was someone in my teen years who was second to Donny
A woman (a complete stranger) grabbed my arm (unfortunately it was my right one ... ouch and double ouch!)
'come on girl get over here' and she pushed me to the front
I stood 2 feet away from him

I thrust the programme I had picked up from the Art Gallery in his direction
He signed it and smiled

Bought a bottle of wine from Sainsbury's for the firework party I am going to.

Kissed my good friend farewell.
Caught my train
home (with a load of man united supporters... tsk!)
Went to firework party
(great hotpot!!)
now writing this.............

So who was my 2nd teen hero?

mmmm I will let you guess and will tell you tomorrow ...........
maybe!! ( I am still in awe!)


nursemyra said...

david cassidy?

darlene said...

I would guess Shawn Cassidy!!
Love the pics of the dogs!!..

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Well FREDDIE STARR is appearing soon ....... surely not!!

I'm guessing Jason Donovan .... or the Crankies - tee hee !!!

Mystic Veg said...

Benny from Crossroads?

fracas said...

Simon MacCorkindale?

Kind of far fetched. Could it be Leif Garrett?

You'd best tell us now. I'm wondering if the (I am still in awe!) was referring to the actor, or the fact he was your 2nd teen hero.

Annie Mouse said...

cliff richard

70steen said...

NM & Darlene... nice guesses but he is English .... oops did I not mention that yesterday lol :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ certainly not Freddie as he ate my hamster

Jason Donovan .... eeewww
The Krankies lol that reminds me of a photograph that was featured in a certain Fanzine.... and nope it wasn't them!!

70steen said...

NV ~ hee hee I did like his woolly hat and his fashion sense was next to nobodies.... ermmmm nope!!

70steen said...

Dear Frac.....mmm Simon MacCorkindale.. actually I wouldn't mind meeting him ;-)... but no I am afraid it wasn't him ... and Lief does nothing for me

In awe as to actually seeing a teen hero who I had seen in concert a couple of times in the 70s (swoon)

70steen said...

Annie ~ I just knew you would say Cliff.... now you know the answer to your guess lol :-)

70steen said...

I shall reveal the identity when I post later ... toodles ...

Annie Mouse said...

you jammie so and so, it was david essex wasn't it. my god woman you have all the luck.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

If it was David Essex I'm resigning ....... from what I don't know.