Saturday, 8 November 2008

8th & 9th November 1979

Thursday 8
Cooked this morning
Gave in Sociology as
Sam phoned at 8.15

Talked for about 15 minutes
Did some Business Studies

Watched T.V

Friday 9
Sam comes up
Bought some wool (hee hee)

Sam arrived at 7.30 pm

Went to the Houghton (pub), the Snooty Fox (pub) and
the Sundowner (night club)
Went my brother and his girlfriend = very g
Got h
ome at 2.15 am

I went shopping yesterday and as is my thing I went to some Charity shops.
I love Charity shops. The original recycling plants with
that added thing that others will benefit along the way.

I hit lucky. I found a 70s book and a couple of 80s ones.
I asked the girl behind the till whether they get much stuff like this in.
She said '
oh yes all the time' .. so I have left my number with them for future finds. ( Note to self- I must get some cards printed and a new bookcase).

The 70s find was about the teen magazine 'My Guy' and it cost me 20
p (gawd you can't even buy a bar of chocolate for 20p here now !)

It first came out in 1978 and ran into the early 80s.
I remember buying it the late 70s as it was a bit 'ladette' not the 'cutie' Jackie stuff I was used to. It excelled itself with dramatic photo stories and gritt
y problem pages about losing your virginity etc.. (I do know my Mum gave it a big 'tut tut' rating at the time.)

Many 'stars' of later years had their debut in My Guy's photo must have been great fun to do

Here are a few ... can you name t


diane said...

Not sure about the first two but that looks like Alex Kingston, George Michael (what a chubster) Hugh Grant (nice hair!) and Tracey Ullman to me. How amazing! Never heard of that magazine - what a brilliant find.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Diane knew the one's that I recognised!!! - not fair!!!!

Anyway, about your lost virginity - have you looked under the sofa? .... it might be a tad dusty by now of course.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Where is everybody? I want to know who the other people are ....

nursemyra said...

I don't know who alex kingston is but I recognised the other three that diane named and that's all

sylvie d said...

Hugh looked so young there...I used to fancy the pants off him!

70steen said...

well done Diane with the 4/6.... I just love what George is saying in that frame lol...
yes a great find indeed....I hope the lady behind the till remembers to call me

70steen said...

hee hee DP I am going for the born again approach lol

70steen said...

I will post the answers in a bit with todays page ....

Sylvie I am shocked at your confession ... oh my & thought you were a lady with taste ;-) lol